Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Tonight's Investigative Reports  
Date: 1/18/2004 4:01:06 AM Eastern Standard Time 
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Griffis Sculpture Park

We had to get out of Zoar Valley and it was rough the gas tank was almost empty nobody was on the roads and it was a pretty rough road all the way out to a much larger town where we were able to get some gas with luck. We then headed off to Sculpture Park which by then the snow flakes were pretty large. 

We found the road which pointed to the park. A mile and half steep hill which with the snow coming down harder and harder we were getting no traction. The car was just sliding backwards. So I rolled back down the hill then cranked about 80 mph we rolled up half way then after that went about 3 Mph till we reached the top of the hill. It took us awhile believe me but once we made it to the top it leveled off and we were able to get to the park from there.

We noticed the park by a sculpture near the road.  But it was getting rough there was hardly any visibility, the road was covered in snow a few inches and I had to turn around so we could get back down the road and down another road which had the steep hill. Again we got stuck just turning around I had to have Mark push and I gave it all I had and we managed to back ourselves out of it. Then we hiked on into the park.

It was snowing so hard it was quite frightening we only went a little way in and could not even seen the cars 4ways blinking.  The sculptures were not even showing up on digital cameras. We hiked in a little ways to a pond with a few sculptures and a few on the grounds. The snow was way past our knees and it was almost impossible to walk threw but we did go in pretty deep took a few photos. It was pretty hard to focus and I was frustrated because honestly I could not find the sculptures I really want to take photos of. Maybe down the road is where the sculptures are that you can climb in. But the clock was running against us. So Mark went back to the car and I walked the road to another part of the park across the street. I seen sculptures that reminded me of Easter Island so I walked up to them and noticed the car was out of site hell even 15ft in front of me I could not see it was almost a white out.

I took a few photos then headed back to the car at this point out of over the 200 sculptures I only went up to about 25-30 and realized we had to go or we would be spending a cold night on a dark road with no houses around. I captured a few ghostly photos when walking back to the car. The ghost photos were very far and a few here although we caught a few and basically that was my goal to show the ghost that roam this hidden jewel nestled in the hills. We then headed out of there pretty quickly to the main road. I did notice that from the woods I felt watched and almost felt like some sculptures had life to them as if the entities were hiding within the sculptures itself just watching us. But with the snow storm and deep snow we were just glad to be able to capture something. I stopped at one of the signs even by the road and captured ectoplasm manifesting into a larger mass with faces.

Our ride home was rough it was snowing and driving was very slippery which as the night went on it did not matter how main the road was the car would fishtail constantly. But we made it home in one peace after being caught with a train standing still at the railroad cross, taking the wrong exit to get home because of the snow cover and of course exhaustion.

As far as the final thoughts go we worked hard on these investigations.  Nothing ever comes easy with any investigation a lot of time, energy, dangers are involved. Many do not realize the team work; the struggles we face and sometimes some just think its about going and taking photos but there is more to it then what others see or read about. But when you consider the driving, hiking, weather conditions, insane people and tribulations we face it makes it a lot easier for others to understand how committed we are to bringing you the stories. I am disappointed at times that we do not have more assistance if we did perhaps we would have that extra person to help push the car or that extra person to help take photos when we need to warm our hands. But with every investigation comes a lesson a morale of the story and tonight's was not giving up. Being tenacious and never giving up means you means even though the trials and tribulations have won the battle in the end you win the war. We caught some nice ghostly photos, a variety of activity, and we visited 3 unique places. Tonight was very adventurous and although it was rough we pushed on and succeeded. This is what makes it all the more worthwhile knowing you came you saw and you conquered. 


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