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[1] Gladiator 2’s emperor actor teases the "wild" sequel and how his character is surprisingly inspired by punk star Sid Vicious

[2] The Acolyte’s [SPOILER] look was inspired by a Guillermo del Toro horror movie and Gollum’s early designs

[3] World of Warcraft and other MMO veterans form new studio to make something that combines "cozy escapism and true crime"

[4] DC Comics is going All In on new story arcs for its entire lineup including Batman and Superman this October, but stresses that it's "not a retcon or reboot"

[5] Watch out, Dune 2 – Alien: Romulus is a new contender for this year's best popcorn bucket

[6] The Rings of Power showrunners tease the introduction of Tom Bombadil – and reveal a quarter of his dialogue is straight from Tolkien's books

[7] I thought my most-anticipated Zelda-meets-Ghibli game was already locked in, but now it turns out that this Kiki's Delivery Service-style adventure was also inspired by Wind Waker

[8] Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 dev confirms major leak spoiling "many of the surprises we worked to keep secret," but says the build is almost a year old

[9] The Rings of Power showrunners tease season 2's new characters, including a popular Lord of the Rings character


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