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Lord Rick's 2018 Great Christmas Tree Hunt Of Holiday Bewilderment



I meant to post this yesterday but I had gotten very busy with my family so I finished uploading it this morning. Every year I post video from our annual Christmas tree hunt where I go into bigfoot country cutting down a beautiful tree for the holidays. This is a tradition we have done for a few years and others seem to really enjoy it. In addition to the tree ceremony their is a video gallery of nearly everything I have done over the holidays ranging from adventures to ghost towns to moments from my own personal life with my family and friends. I really hope everyone enjoys this video its a little something for our paranormal members, friends and family to peer a little into the life that live and the world around me inspiring those that watch it.

Welcome to our spirited annual Lake Tahoe Christmas tree hunt starring of course your host Lord Rick as we find the perfect holiday tree. A mix of comedy, entertainment, holiday fun, family and a look into my world experiencing life in the mountains. After the hunt take a stroll with a photo gallery which takes you on a journey with good times and eats along with scenic photos and adventure. You will see locations like Nightingale, Leete, White Plains, Huxley, Virginia City, Old Storey County Firehouse, Winter Wonders, Holiday lights and so much more ending with clips from my sons play. Every single year I try to do a video such as this as a virtual card and a way to wish everyone a happy new year. But I also do this for my friends, members and family so they can get a birds eye view into the traditions, cultures and world that I live in. So sit back get a chuckle perhaps learn a thing or two and come see what the holidays are truly about. You have not lived until you really live and the holidays are the busiest time of year especially for The Paranormal & Ghost Society! Its the most wonderful time its the most wonderful time of the year!


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