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Happy New Year Everyone.....


The holidays are finally over and trust me I am just as happy to take down all the decor as I am putting it on up. Between Halloween and Christmas I went all out! But today ill spend most of my time trying to get it all down inside and out. My house inside looks like the north pole or Santa's workshop seriously! lol  I had picked up some giant totes because every year my decor expands because I go to so many estate sales.

It is a chilling morning 20 degrees no snow but blue skies. I may take down the decor tomorrow when it warms on up. My Christmas tree will be chopped on up and used in the fireplace. I never waste anything but ill tell you what this tree is so huge the amount of fallen pine needles is nuts and it needs to go its lost its lush green color anyhow. But I did enjoy it every evening turning it on just as much as my lights outside. I am sure my neighbor will keep the holidays alive well into Spring lol! Usually with me everything goes down on the 2nd to the 5th every year.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful new year its so important to start off each year on a good note. I was really lucky because my son was the only kiddo to get an overnight pass on New Years. Because most of those kids at that facility have drunk and alcohol issues. So they normally do not let anyone out overnight but my son got out on good behavior and a little persuading from me. So I got to spend new years eve and day with him so that made me really happy.

New Years eve we had pizza, shrimp, jalapeno poppers, wings and seasoned fries. It was really strange but they did not air the Vegas or Reno ball drop with fireworks like they do every year. Last year and previous years I did not go out partying they would air it but this year all they did was replay time square over and over and over even for Nevada at midnight. Honestly, it was a bit strange its like whoa does anyone out west celebrate the new year? Not sure why nothing aired on TV but no less we still counted down at home.

I rather be at home log in the fireplace, toking, sipping wine, eating well and spending time with family then out anyhow. I played carnival games on the ps4, nhl hockey, watched a show and just chilled at home. That is one reason my son had gotten a pass because they told me they really do not trust the other parents but my track record with my kid is good. He is always under my supervision and well he gets away with so little because I just do not tolerate it. I been a dad for half my life now which makes me not only older but much wiser being my other son is out of the house.

New Years Day was nice to well I had to go help out in the morning with something then came back here watched Rampage with my son. We also played Jumanji he got for Christmas, hockey, black ops 4 and had a very nice dinner. I made a herb garlic and Cracked rosemary pork loin, yellow Amarillo rice, garlic edamame and a satin chocolate silk pie. It was a simple yet really great meal to start the new year off. Then last night I dropped him off because he has to be back by 7:30pm came home from Reno played some Fallout 76.

So it was a blessed new year and holiday. I did take some time off for my family just to spend time with those I cared about. Family means everything to me it comes first before having fun with the ladies, chasing the paranormal or even myself. It was a great holiday but man I am broke I spent over a grand on Christmas not just that but even the new year to buy all the food, snacks and treats. I always go all out with everything I do just like the 2018 I had.

My past year was not an easy one for me my health was not at its best but on a good note my ankle made a remarkable recovery. I had to have reconstructive surgery and no way around it the doctor said. But this past half of the year it miraculously healed and my hiking is getting strong again. So I spent months last year rock climbing and navigating the high sierras in search of Bigfoot. I have not really slowed down to say the least. In fact things keep getting better on some levels so I am back into doing extreme paranormal adventuring.

I spent last year on many expeditions in the snow, rain and shine ranging from ghost towns to mines and everything in between. Its hard to believe that in 2001 we opened our doors at PGS. I been around a very very long time doing the paranormal. I am not one for fame, limelight or even attention for what I do. I do what I do to give back and because of it our paranormal group will always shine. Our camping bigfoot expedition at white rock lake was amazing so is the work we did up in Virginia City ion 2018 and some of the most difficult remote ghost towns to get to in the state.

My only regret last year is that I did not add more to our website. I use to sit at my pc over 40 hours a week always working the paranormal and adding cases. But my health is not at its been so only a couple hours a day now which is why we did not add to much to our site. But I hope to change it this year try to get a case every week or two on the site. We have hundreds of places I explored to add along with hundreds of hours of footage and pieces of paranormal evidence. I only can do what my body allows me then I have to lay down for awhile and well it sucks to live my life like this but no matter I always will give it my all to our fans and members alike.

I have no plans on stopping I got good things planned in 2019 ill try to get up to San Diego to do some paranormal work and take the train out to Elko to explore the Ruby Mountains for ghost towns, bigfoot and even giants. I am free to travel believe me and id like to do some this upcoming year to work on new paranormal projects including a haunted ship. I work at the paranormal all the time this is a way of life for me and I am old school which still fascinates some perhaps because many of the new paranormal groups are more driven by fame and money. I am more driven with seeking out the truth then sharing it with everyone so that they also can learn about the strange world we live in.

I know my world is strange in 2018 my father contacted me who had been missing 31 years. Sad to say by the new year and holiday things already had soured. It was hard to cope with that at least for me because he has not changed one bit he walked out of my life at 12 and then last summer I get a message on FB from him. I tried to make it work and got stiffed on the holidays which for me is hard to understand. I spent 2018 trying to make another munchkin no luck but I hope in 2019 if I do not with Tammy that I do with someone who can do that for me. The best family you will ever have is the family you build yourself trust me on that I know my sons mean the world to me.

I know this is not much of a new years blog but it is me speaking from the heart and soul. I hope to make more friends and I think after being years stung by others ill open up to PGS bringing on two to three new team members to be part of our upcoming paranormal cases. I mean we are still one of the top paranormal groups in the world but we do not flaunt it or embellish we work hard visiting at least 100 locations per year give or take. Our site has nearly been around twenty years and I pay for that out of my pocket its not cheap but I do it for you guys folks I never even met so just put that into perspective every time we add photos, videos and locations to our website, forums or social media.

I also won my court case in 2018 against my ex which was beneficial to my son. But anytime I can win in a courtroom full of women is quite the feat just something for you dads to think about. Knock on wood that in 2019 I never have to deal with family court or my ex again. I say that every year then I get served with more BS. But to turn around and never look back is a damn good feeling. Now every new year I say to myself I should have never met my ex because almost every year near the holidays I deal with her drama. Ill be happy that this will be the year she cant take me to court because my son this year turns 18.

I cant wait for 2019 not that 2018 was bad but like any given year it has had its fair share of ups and downs. 2018 was very hard for my son he struggled very much so with anger and rebellious tendencies which landed him in jail and eventually a group home. I hope that this year when he gets out of the group home and comes back to live with me he can use the tools given to him to cope with things so that he can stay out of trouble. It has not been easy with him being gone for the past few months but I will continue to be there for him into this new year. Having kids and being a dad is not easy you always have to make the best choice for your kid to make sure he is on track even if that right choice means giving him tough love.

No less 2018 was a great year it was full of movies like the new Halloween, Quiet Place, Deadpool, Solo, Venom and the Avengers, good eats like at Mimi's for example, road trips, paranormal experiences and good times with many of my local friends. My son is also engaged and well his fiances family has not become part of my family too so in a sense our family is really growing recently which is great. As a dad I cant ask for more to see my son be happy, doing well and to want a family of his own brings tears of joy to my eyes because it lets me know I did something right in life and that matters to me as a person.

I am looking forward to making 2019 even a better year want to get our sports team going but also hope to continue my paranormal research. I did not spend much of 2018 on tv or doing radio shows maybe that will change. I see so much fakery, drama and cocky people in the paranormal community that I tend to stick to myself stay away from it all. I feel less talking and more doing is a good quality to have so our work speaks for itself. But because of all the talking such groups like ours often get missed or passed by which is unfortunate.

I still feel no less accomplished because I know myself what I achieved and the journeys taken. I can only hope to carry this into the new year. I mean last year I had plenty of luck winning money, traveling to some cool places and lasting a year in this home I live in which has nice views of the mountains has been lovely. My life is simple and I prefer to keep it that way all I can ask is for good health, family and great friends nothing more nothing less.

I did the one thing in 2018 I said I would not do which is create an instagram and since then I am hooked just like anything else I get involved with. But I hope others will continue to enjoy our sites, social media, writings, photos and all that comes with the Lord Rick saga lol. Communication is important for me that way I can talk to all of you as a whole but allow others across the world to instantly enjoy what it is we do. Our mission is always to bring history, great adventures and good times to those who are with us all the way. That will never stop unless I fall super ill or I die ill be pushing on. This summer will do another 50 to 100 miles of hiking to maybe this year will get that squatch finally on film eh?

I had a fire near my house in 2018 also not one but two lucky it was put out or my view may have lacked seeing the national forest. Fires were bad last year ago entire towns under smoke for weeks including mine. Hell, I even lost a chicken because of the air quality. This should be our year though were going to start soon shopping for a small farm so I can grow my own food, have a killer man cave with a mini bar, raise some livestock and have my own peace of mind. That is one of my goals this 2019 is to begin looking at houses which are starting to go back down and well maybe will get lucky.

With that being said I wanted to wish all our fans, members, friends and loved ones a very awesome upcoming new year. We all have much to look forward to even on the darkest of days at least a new year means a fresh start. I plan on being me like I always have been and ill keep being me. Trust me I have my fair share of stalkers, haters and trolls online. People tend to get jealous of others because they are different or everything that person will never be.

I have no idea what the new year will bring but I hope it brings many adventures, good times, friendship, family and good health. I have this spring a very special backpacking trip planned so this spring cant come soon enough. I have two homes the one I live in and the one in those mountains. I also hope that this year I spend more time with my friends. I did not spend as much time with friends in 2018 as I would have liked. But I always know how to have fun concerts, mini golf, arcades, movies, bowling, sex in my truck, offroading to nowhere, cooking good food and so much more.

I will carry all of that over into the new year and I hope to finally see some of my longtime friends online. I also cant wait to see the new Avengers and Deadpool coming out and ill make it a goal in 2019 to put tons of great stuff on our website of many locations we adventure at. It wont be easy I am two years behind but that is my resolution because I am proud of the hard work I do and to share it is even better.

I am very thankful for all your support and we hope to carry that on over. You have to take a positive outlook to things in life if you want to succeed. I hope that my journeying, writing and sharing a huge part of myself with the world will change it even if its making an impact on a few of your lives. I give all I can give and I help when I can help. Last year through my parent group I made new friends, volunteered as Santa delivering gifts, donated to the fire victims and donated to the needy clothes. We all need to do our part especially with the way the world is it only gets worst so it takes each of us to put a little light into it.

With that being said my friends have a great upcoming new year and please continue to follow us. Ill try to do a few special radio shows in 2019 I know some of you miss AngelOfThyNight Radio so for you guys I can do a few. Ill keep the pictures, videos, adventures and website additions coming. Ill also try to make the paranormal conference in Virginia City get a booth and maybe do a lecture. I should be public speaking more but sometimes due to my health and other things going on I am a recluse married to my research and adventure. I do plan on for sure making it down to the Asian massage parlor to get some cute little 18 year old to rub out all my physical pain I have dealt with last year ago so that is on my bucket list of sure things besides running a booth lol.

Ya know you wont meet many paranormal adventurers like me who go deep down underground alone or into the wilderness. We are certainly a rare breed and I feel lucky enough to just be alive to continue the journey because in 2018 I had some close encounters yet I still am here and that should never my friends be taken advantage of. We must be thankful for those that remain with us and are here to enjoy at the moment! I wish all of you success in the new year when I am not here I am maybe there or here or just gaming on my xbox and ps4 relaxing with good 420 and food. But I am here for all of you and hope you will make some room for me as well. While I have no resolutions I always try to give it my best in everything I do including with the paranormal and hope you do too! Personal growth is important but so is valuing those we love and care about each and every year that passes by us.

So this was my new year post I wanted to make more in depth. I just did not have the time because I wanted to be with my son and devote my time as a dad to him rather then sit at my PC or on my phone or laptops all day. It is nice to get away and important to take a time out to show someone you love and care about them. So I have learned the past couple years to spend less time with technology and more time enjoying the simple pleasures in life with those I care about most. So I will not change that in 2019 I want to continue to worry less and relax more because the online world takes away from those special moments that you could be playing football with your son or sitting down watching a movie with your family so this year ill be here and try to be more active in my forums but I also will not be here all the time and either should  you because it is important to experience the world and take life head on!

Peace be with you and cheers,
Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
PGS Founder, Author, Talk Show Host, Producer, Journalist, Dad, Paranormal Investigator and Urban Explorer

PS Google plus will be canceled in 2019 so for those who are following me or in our paranormal group your going to have to join one of our other functions elsewhere and find me on facebook. I just want to give you all a heads up since I found out two weeks ago that by end of winter maybe its early Spring it will be no more so will also try to find a work around for those that were part of PGS on google+


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