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Happy 4th Everyone Here Is My Honest Take For The Day


Man today has been a long day went fishing this morning got myself coffee and pie. I fished the pond was fished out though some big trout jumping but smart not taking my bait only smaller fish. Then I caught a big catfish about to fry him up have a snack. Most fish were small lost about ten fish and about fifty bites.

I drank some brews smoke some bud just enjoyed the morning weather. It was peaceful I mean I always catch fish there. Nobody was out a guy and his son who talked to me some folks around here are nice in these parts. I make new friends constantly.

I then went to get a captain crunch slushee picked up the sons meds came home and here I am. Tonight cooking spicy sausage with burgers that have southwestern cheese smothered on top with maybe mac n cheese and a baked potato perhaps with some cantaloupe tonight.

Not sure about going up to the mountains to watch fireworks below town kind of tired was out all day hiked twice in one week and its nice to maybe stay home put in a movie. I can see the show kind of from the house or hear it but most years I do watch them park on a mountain above town drink a beer kick back and film.

But after filming fireworks the last few years people just do not like my videos or give a fuck. I had a bunch of folks today mock my youtube telling me they are happy I was robbed when I posted a video to find the folks who did it then the dude is mocking how I pronounce the national forest. Then someone else is bitching about a video. People have no fucking appreciate for my research, hard work etc and I mean well and I do good work in my field yet look at Lord Rick he is an outcast so lets fucking bully him and make myself look cool when actually I am an ass hat who trolls people like ME.

I am sorry if that seems mean but people treat me shitty on and offline. I have great friends and I treat others with manners and respect. But if you mess with a bull you get the horns and trust me when people bully me I wreck them and if I see ill intervene even if its on the streets I am not afraid I have rings with horns its for security in case someone robs or attacks me, a gun and I was a wrestler for many years which means ill put you in a lock hold you there till you apologize or your in jail. I get sick of weirdos out there not saying I met weirdos this week just saying people like to start shit with me and they are idiots. As if Ill put up with fucking shenanigans.

The guy that is talking shit I think I was in a homeless shelter back in 2008 and the dude was in a gang, doing drugs and yeah we went to war because he stole from me. He was my friend and turned evil. Same name no photo on his youtube and he probably was the one hanging up by Electra power plant where we fished and were robbed in 2011 at the river when I parked walked down a hill came back found all my shit gone my video of black bears, Tammy's dead grandmothers necklace, wallets, money, backpack, paranormal gear etc.

Guess what I have stalkers and idiots online who say I deserve to be robbed and they are happy this happened to me. I said to them well ill just go up there hide with my sharp sword or gun then when you break into my car they will never find you again because people good people go there to fish down in Jackson and they get robbed by meth heads who later sign online and tell me how happy they are that I got robbed.

That town I lived in had punks I had my windows smashed out of the Subaru. Some people need to be punished and I will punish some of those people and I have punished them that is what some people who commit the act of evil deserve and NOTHING LESS! Do not mistaken me as a bad person I am a force for good because I grew up a hard life as a kid even in my 20s and I wont get into it I have before but I hate putting up with shit and lets face it people can be bad. I see people litter in the sierras hell people start fires and molesters/ rapist/ kidnappers/ serial killers/ thieves go to jail we pay taxes for their incarceration while some run free which they do not deserve the same freedom lets just be honest okay.

Anyhow ill try to relish my day relaxing I have good food and well the valley is under smoke so yeah the skies are full of it today from that fire. I may just stay in for that reason alone I been exposed all morning to it not good for my lungs really. Things are quiet son is busy on his PC I am going to play some PS4 maybe a new game like the new Far Cry and ill cook later chill out.

My life is not full of drama minus that I have issues with my kid right now. Other then that I live each day and I blog, film, photograph and have a ultimate site with so much on it to educate you guys I have a mission. I work with schools who use our site for historical info the paranormal and other things are just a part of what we do to also make others aware were not alone in the universe and much more remains to be discovered on our planet. I use science but also I am down to earth when I do this and I take my time to make sure its done right.

On top of it today my good camera broke ill send it in for a repair it cost me nothing I payed for a protection plan but it will take a week to fix and get back they guarantee speed. Also if you notice I take more cell pics and mark where I am at this basically is for my family and friends to follow my journeys. Its not meant to be egotistical or cocky its for my friends to see I am okay doing well and alive. Its also so my friends can see the places I go so they can go to these places too some day.

My travels are like Mark Twains I follow his path around too. But the west is my home and the things I see or do is amazing. I mean a few days ago I was in a ghost town or abandoned hamlet and resort exploring stone buildings and looking for strange tracks in them mountains. We visited two ponds, two lakes, stone ruins, two sets of falls and I search many muddy areas. It was great and its important to enjoy this stuff before its truly gone.

Well folks I am starved time to carve up this big cat fish fillet it so ill write more or post more later my friends its a sizzler today 95 out blah lol. I got the air on and well I am comfortable in my underwear relaxing and I have ice cream cones with chocolate inside yum yum. Happy 4th everyone remember if you go to Tahoe for the show its a long journey home they say the pass has hundreds of cars which takes hours so you may not want to go. People act like idiots you got all of Reno coming to Carson Tahoe and things get really congested just sayin so be safe.

We often take our freedom for granted. I am not happy with America for many reasons. We give money other countries yet we do not take care of the homeless or the ill or the elderly or our vets. It is not right and I can name fifty other things. I want to run for senate or president I do but you see folks I have a few exes who would smear me tell lies and ruin my good name. Folks make up lies online saying I am some molester or crack head. I am nothing more then a dad all I care about our my kids and making sure I please all my friends by providing them with something that cost nothing. Do you know what that is? KNOWLEDGE! Which is priceless worth more then gold with knowledge you can unlock the keys to the universe!
Lord Rick


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