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Due to our host having a server issue they deleted this past years content on Forbidden Universe. What happened was I switched over to linux thus Forbidden Universe was running on the old server and when they deleted it it wiped out everything on our forums from June of 2017 till Feb of 2018. What this means is all post between that time were deleted and any users who signed up to be a member here also were deleted. If you are reading this message users will have to resign up unfortunately. I am a bit upset that this happened because everything I posted is gone but shit happens. Its not a big deal will get all our members back onto Forbidden Universe and rebuild our forums once again. The nice thing about joining here is that you have more freedoms here then you would per say on facebook or some other site. This is a very open, free, fun and innovative board which offers our users not only a arcade you can compete at but a profile and many topics of interest. Eventually ill also be getting UEParadise, Theatrical Clowns and our Paranormal Bulletin Boards up and running in the future. I am just swamped with so much work and when my host deleted the old Forbidden Universe it caused allot of errors on this one which was moved to Linux. But I believe I have gotten most of them fixed as for a few weeks Forbidden Universe was down and I was able to fix the errors on my own. My host could not figure it out but I spent time this past weekend getting it up again and hopefully we no longer have any other issues. You have to be a rocket scientist sometimes to fix the coding and trust me I was pulling my hair out. But all is well Forbidden Universe is officially back open, operable and ready for all my friends to sign on up and participate. Thanks for taking the time to read this have a great day and remember you need to sign up also let me know who you are so I know your not a spammer or fake account. Peace Out
Lord Rick


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