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Hello everyone I want to welcome you to our new innovative forums called Forbidden History. One of the reasons I moved our site months ago to a new server is so I could host a much larger database so that we could make these forums a place for our members, friends and fans to stop by sharing a wealth of knowledge within our strange universe. Although our forums are directed towards paranormal discussions and articles I have added many other elements to Forbidden History. That way while your having fun chatting or posting about the paranormal you can stop in some of our other boards that may interest you. I plan on having a chatroom integrated into this in the near future another thing I could not boast on our old servers because it caused lag. I also put an arcade into our forums there are over 120 games if you click on the arcade then sift through them all. That will allow you to compete against your friends and try to beat there score. This forum is directed at having fun you do not have to worry about facebooks rules or some other social media giant. This is a place to kick it and since I OWN and I moderate it everything goes with the exception of abusing or flaming others. This is a place you can enjoy a ride into freedom and you do not have to worry about some higher up power flagging your post. In order to join here you have to register and I will approve you this is to prevent spammers or bots from joining. If you want a youtube video to show up all you have to do is post the link and you can also post images within post. Just keep in mind that after a year or so old post and old images will probably be deleted out of our system as new post make there way to our forums. Since this community is brand new it can only get better so eventually will try to integrate some new features. I might add new profile features or a messenger and other enhancements that may make your experience more fun. Although if you have any ideas you can post them in our tech forum that way I can possibly try to add them. Were here to make our members happy and so if you need something do NOT hesitate to ask. Keep in mind if you flame others or you act like an ass clown ill ban you but if you come here to enjoy the forums, chill out and hit up the arcade I am cool with that. There is allot of folks out in the world who hate on me and they hate on our organization. But we always put out the best work, best forums, best radio shows and best times keep that in mind. You make this place what it is if you want other members to join tell your friends or post that way search engines can pick up your articles and we eventually grow with newfound members. As some of you know I own other communities also like our Paranormal BBS, UEParadise and Theatrical Clowns. Those will also be renovated soon and reopening right now they are up but closed to new members or post. I also am opening up a editorial site soon will be writing our own news articles in the paranormal field. Were always going to move forward Forbidden Universe is a part of that process and we hope you enjoy your stay here.


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