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Title: **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Ghost Town Of Mason & The Bluestone Mill"
Post by: AngelOfThyNight on May 28, 2017, 10:44:57 AM
**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Ghost Town Of Mason & The Bluestone Mill"

I worked hard to get this out to our viewers for Memorial Day Weekend so I really hope you enjoy this very scenic breathtaking ghost town. This also completes for now our research and journey along the old Copper Belt Railroad.

Mason was a very rich copper mining town even today some of the mines are some of the largest in the country especially the Mason Valley Mine which is gigantic. Other towns we worked with nearby Mason are Nordyke, Thompson, Ludwig, Wilson Canyon and Hudson so make sure you check them out to our research is quite extensive with Mason being the finale to this project.

The man that really founded the town also founded Delamar also called the widow maker because hundreds of men died there leaving behind children and widows. Delamar bought many of the claims built a mill even a smelter. This town had stores, houses and even a 6k tram system with electric locomotives which brought the ore to the train cars so copper could be smelted. Really this project for me was a dream come true I spent a few years waiting to get back to this place and now not only is the project done but its on our site for years to come for you guys to enjoy.

I have so many other ghost towns coming to you guys in the future on our site problem is I been so busy I have not had time to add much. For one I am packing my house up and in the middle of moving for two I was gone most of last month traveling. I can imagine when things get more settled ill be pumping out locations like these left and right onto our site.

The most monolithic site to see in Mason is the Bluestone Mill at this site and the mine is pretty cool to explore to. We had some minor paranormal happenings at the site but nothing major which is typical of many of the ghost towns I explore. The Singatse Mountains are quite amazing full of ghost towns, deep mines and stellar views I love this part of Nevada. Plus with this addition your going to see some gorgeous cityscapes of the town below, black n white shots, desertscapes and so much more its a gorgeous addition really all around.

If you want to check it out directly you can do so on our website at or you can visit the epilogue in our investigation archives in the following section:

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Not much remains of the town but this is just one of many of the copper towns that resided up in this hills Mason really was the terminus for the railroad which connected all these towns surrounding it back in the day. I mean how can you not love Nevada in all it has to offer this is the reason I live where I do. Now if I can find a new place to live given how crazy the housing market is that would be the best birthday present ever.

Our next addition will come out next week its another great ghost town I did research at called Rockland its wild man almost died during a flashflood up there my jeep was skidding along a steep ravine as rain and ice were washing out the road but I made it out of there alive. Rockland actually is not far from Mason so ill be excited to also get that up on our site. But for now I am going to go enjoy my special day I rented The Wall a monster action movie then I am going out to dinner and having cake n presents after. Simple can sometimes be the best of times in life.

Last night I did have a major UFO sighting I was working on my videos to go with Mason before bed. I went past my great room window looked up seen a massive object lighting up my back area to my house I was like what is that because it was silent. It had this giant bright blue light on top it hurt my eyes to look at but the bottom half of it was red but strobing it looked to me like a disc like object moving south of me.

I ran grabbed my cam I wanted to film it but I shut it off because it was set wrong because it was in my backpack. So I turn on the cam again trying to film the object but it was just to far away and fast. Its like it hovered here for a couple minutes then in a matter of seconds zipped 20 miles to the south so that all it looked like is a small light off in the distance. Best birthday gift ever I have always felt connected to visitors from other worlds now if they would just take me to there's I would never come back here all that great knowledge other alien races possess of our universe that is phenomenal including exploring the stars.

If you live in Reno, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Carson City etc let me know last night if you seen this giant ship. I know what I saw not sure why more reports are not coming in then again not many people look up at our skies enough. The more you look up into our sky the more your going to find that its full of UFOs and other phenomena that simply defy reasonable explanation!

Well its time to jet my family is not happy with me that I want to spend my morning doing laundry but in between I am going to play some Tom Clancy Wildlands go get some fresh eggs from the coop perhaps to cook up for breakfast and hit my bong maybe load it up with some of my finer but some Reserva Prevada or Northern Lights. Enjoy this addition on our site people want to know the type of projects we do or where I go well once places like this get added on our site you really get to delve into our adventures a bit more therefore I give to you today Mason Nevada & The Bluestone Mill!

Have a safe and wonderful memorial day weekend my friends pretty soon will be back out there in the mountains visiting more ghost towns and chasing bigfoot. I still am in the middle of moving saving my money for a house so it will be a few weeks more bare with me. Until then in between ill continue to add places to our site like Mason and our viewers should be quite enthralled by it! I know its been awhile since I added anything but things are getting back on track so I have about 150 locations coming so do not count me out just yet. Peace,

Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
PGS Founder