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Carson Cityscape Nevada 2017 Fireworks Grandstand With Lord Rick


Carson Cityscape Nevada 2017 Fireworks Grandstand With Lord Rick

I want to invite all my friends across the world to watch one of the most patriotic and prestigious fireworks show in the Silver State known as Nevada. This is a twenty minute fireworks display recorded in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a place called Ash Canyon where I backed up my truck set up the tripod and filmed the display over Carson City looking into Eagle Valley which is the state capitol. As your watching the fireworks display ill have a series of different songs and genre playing the background so make sure you have your speakers on its a stellar show. This is the first year I put the cam on a tripod generally I free film it but I only adjusted the tripod twice during the show as the winds are ripping above the city which can sometimes cause technical issues but I managed to get the entire show from start to finish and one hell of a grand finale which includes hearts in the sky even a smiley face. Back on the 150th anniversary they spelled out Carson City in midair so every year is a really grand show especially when I had the best seat in the house which included hot pizza, football, beer, bud and a gorgeous summer night in the mountains above the city. Sponsored by AngelOfThyNight & The Paranormal & Ghost Society next year maybe Ill take on Lake Tahoe or Virginia City as I catch their display from somewhere scenic as well. I wanted my friends to at least be a part of this the only way I can do that is by sharing it with all of you across the smiles and for my local friends who were not able to see what they missed! Ill start off by giving you guys an introduction then their will be the show followed by some more commentary. I put it all together for all of you so please make sure you subscribe and give it a LIKE much appreciated!


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