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AngelOfThyNight Radio Presents: "Christopher Misstopher" LIVE With Lord Rick


AngelOfThyNight Radio Presents: "Christopher Misstopher" LIVE With Lord Rick

Lord Rick is back making a special appearance on AngelOfThyNight Radio to give you a roast best served cold "Christopher Misstopher" Geigle as he shares a tale about courage, survival and a near death experience with a backwoods desert hillbilly drunk who misleads Nevadan's into believing he is a survivalist and advanced ghost town explorer then carelessly tries to get them killed. AngelOfThyNight Radio is where comedy meets reality and is for entertainment purposes ONLY! This episode is full of satirical stoner entertainment about the crazy world that I live in and the strange people I meet along the way on my journeys. In addition to our roast ill also give our viewers ghost town survival and safety tips. Will also talk about some of our upcoming projects and previous ghost towns we have added on our site recently. Near the final 20 minutes of our show will be airing a special satirical segment we put together for some shits and giggles! AngelOfThyNight Radio may contain strong language content and is suitable for mature audiences. Lord Rick Rowe is a paranormal investigator, producer, talk show host, comedian, news editor, author, urban explorer, ghost towner, founder of PGS, professional photographer and ball breaker so deal with it! At one time AngelOfThyNight Radio was one of the webs top programs when Internet radio first came out and we sometimes like to come back on occasion to bring our fans some good ole fashioned laughs so soak it up bitches live from the silver state! Hoist those pipes for old times sake! Please give our production a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE show us some love we value your support!


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