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Lord Rick vs The Outlaw In Who Cut The Wood & Who Lost!



This was my first experience with the Outlaw Remington Chainsaw what can I say I like a little danger who cares if I almost cut my foot off you get to see this industrial marvel in action. When a tree fell on my property it needed to downsized for firewood I took the task on. In this clip my friends will get some wood burning tips and learn how to cut up a 30' tree/limb in about an hour. The tree fell a few weeks ago during a wind storm I stripped the limbs that way we can get straight to cutting up the entire log. It almost fell on my dog kind of ironic that now this wood will be used to get us through winter. You will see toking, smoking, slicing, dicing and of course some of my own personal chainsaw pro cutting tips. We start cutting at about sundown and then finish up the next morning. The Outlaw may even come in handy during the zombie apocalypse you never know but one thing is for sure it gets the job done. Follow some of my tips and you will be golden then again this clip is purely out of entertainment purposes only therefore you should never try anything I do at home lol. No less I get to show everyone my new toy which I plan on using in the high sierras in the future to fill my fireplace for these cold winters in the mountains. The clip is a bit satirical so there will be some humor yet some tips from the good Lord himself while partaking in the 420 lifestyle. Although my methodology may differ then others the Outlaw is so simple that my sons had gotten to cut some wood also. This is a really great chainsaw it does the job and it has a 20" chain designed for cutting larger trees with ease. Ill give you some safety tips, show yo how to start it and you will see the hazards as well if you decide to use one. I do recommend this chainsaw to my friends and those who have always wanted to use one but perhaps were hesitant. I think this is a great chainsaw to take on the zombie apocalypse after you see me cut up this wood you can form your own conclusions. Crazy is as crazy does!!!

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