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[1] It's been 42 years since 'The Hitchhiker's Guide' answered the ultimate question

[2] 'Dune': A sweeping, spectacular spice-opera — half of one, anyway

[3] Hollywood crew members reach a tentative deal with major studios, averting a strike

[4] The joys of surprising yourself with 'The Last Duel' ... and 'Succession'

[5] What's making us happy: What you should watch, read and listen to this weekend

[6] 'The Last Duel' is a 'Rashomon'-style #MeToo story — and a messy medieval epic

[7] Todd Haynes' new film takes us deep into The Velvet Underground

[8] New film follows the divers who risked it all in the Thailand cave rescue

[9] Ruthie Tompson, an animator with the longest history at Disney, dies at 111


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