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62nd Annual Camel Races Virginia City Nevada - 9/11/21


The camel races are a longstanding tradition in Virginia City Nevada last year they did not take place due to covid this year though they had them and they were rocking. This is a pretty cool video I made of the 62nd annual races you will see camels, zebras, emus and ostriches race. If you have not seen this you will want to its pretty cool although some of the animals seemed agitated and uncooperative.

I filmed about 95 percent of the event at least did the best that I could seating is all bleachers and people tend to crowd on in. But you will see a beer goggles competition, hula hooping, a crazy clown hosting the event named mojo, coin toss game, YMCA and even Sweet Caroline being sung. We were in the first set of the bleachers so we wont most of the contest and won free fudge from grandmas fudge factory. Although they took away our win because they said we had more people I think they did that on purpose because VIP sort of gets favored because tickets are more pricey lol but we still got some free fudge so I am satisfied no less.

What I was not satisfied is how they dismissed Covid and I realize that this is Trump country but still lets keep in mind that its still out there and people are still dying nothing to make light about. You will also hear the National Anthem being sung by a country artist and even an accident which delayed the show for about a half hour. Their was actually two incidents one guy had fallen off a zebra then had a seizure the other person fell down the steps in our bleachers. Besides the mishaps the show was full of contest, races and loads of fun. They even had the kids chasing chickens and emus around so plenty of laughs cute children making jokes on the mic and a good time to be had.

The only other issue I had is the first hour some guy in a gray hat sat right in front of me against my knees I am tall he could have sat below or even a foot over so then I had to spread my legs while this dude sat between them no consideration so you can blame is head getting in the way as I did not want to stand and get in anyone's way with the folks sitting behind me but all the races did get recorded so I pulled it off. Once the ambulance came the gentlemen left and Big Tex sat in front of me with his big cowboy hat hitting my knees standing up constantly. People can be rude truthfully you see I am filming this event and I am super tall give me some space their was plenty of it where we were sitting.

Anyhow, it was a fun event we did a paranormal investigation of the Comstock Gold Mill which sits above this area which was once all part of the mines that were here. You can also see and hear the ole Virginia Truckee Railroad Train which every hour departed and came back into VC to pick up more passengers. Kind of like stepping back in time! But what is their not to like so many pretty ladies, beer, races, music, comedy and of course being in Virginia City my stomping grounds. I have lived up here nearly 12 years and have done nearly everything Virginia City offers including climbing the mountains in the area except the Camel Races and the Train. So you will get to see some of the scenery I love it up here and I will miss this place. People have always been fantastic to me in Virginia City and I have met so many great folks partying up here.

I'll hit the train this winter before I move out of state so this was a nice treat being that I got to attend this cultural event but also that I could film it for all of you in 911. I had a good time filmed myself vaping my bud walking back to my truck in Virginia City after the event. People are very vocal and free up here smoke bud in public, drink beer, party and just have a great time that is what its about really. You will get to also see an old wagon some scenic photos even a picture gallery with music at the end of the video I put together from the event and of the Comstock Gold Mill.

This is very special and I filmed it for truly my friends and subscribers who may never have a chance to see such a unique event! I event met a couple hot girls from the local brothel they told me I was the most normal guy attending this event ill take that as a compliment I make friends wherever I go what can I say! I did the best I could with what I had so I really hope others can see how entertaining this is and share something tradition from my neck of the woods!

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