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I wanted to take the time to announce the newest edition on our website. Kind of long overdue I mean I do hundreds of investigations and explorations. Its a matter of getting the content on up live because if I did right now id be the one with a TV show not all these fakes who boast about doing things they really dont do in the paranormal field.

This is a nice little edition it was on my bucket list and I did it back in 2016 yeah long time ago still worthy though of Alton National Cemetery. You can see it directly at but to give you an idea of some of my other editions here is over 70 locations from two of our hubs from some of my latest additions at or so lots of good stuff!

I wish I had more time to put out my work but back in the day I use to put it out all the time shows and celebrities would steal my stuff to profit cutting me out of it all. But eventually ill get the hundreds/thousands of hours of footage, evidence etc up. I do ALLOT of locations I just keep them tighter then I use to just because I cant be at my PC working given that I got an active job, medical issues etc but when I can be here ill keep the good stuff rolling and this is a great cemetery.

With that being said you can visit our site at and you go to the investigation archives if you wish to see various projects, locations etc etc here is whats been added in the archives under:

Gateway 4/Portal 27

Alton National Cemetery Prologue Page
Alton National Cemetery Team Stills
Alton National Cemetery Team Explore
Alton National Cemetery B&W Gallery
Alton National Cemetery Broken Not Forgotten
Alton National Cemetery Civil War Gallery
Alton National Cemetery Most Notable 
Alton National Cemetery Nature Gallery
Alton National Cemetery EVP's
Alton National Cemetery Videos
Alton National Cemetery Investigation 1 Report

You can also check out our last two expeditions nearby at the and also fine additions that I worked on not far from this cemetery. 

I got so much good stuff coming eventually over a thousand hours of footage from urban explorations, paranormal investigations, cryptid research, abandoned places and everything in between. With that being said ill be releasing the Piasa Cave which I hope to start working on in a couple of days etc etc. I do what I can I guess my heart is not in it to add places like I use to do years ago when you get ripped off by producers just fishing for things so they can make celebrities and fakes more money its pointless. Even when I capture ghost on film etc I get people from TV networks trying to buy my rights and its not happening. I work to hard to just make someone else rich!

So have a nice St Patties Day and weekend everyone hope you enjoy and the movie is pretty good to which goes with this all a bit comical but no less it gives the exploration some character! I enjoy to share these places but they only do good when our members, followers etc give us support by enjoying and learning from the things we post through our site! I do not operate off of FB so you wont see everything unless you actually view the additions we post over the years!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder


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