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NEW Edition On Our Site "Seven Gates Of Hell" Urban Legend!


Its about time I know right? But its finally here and I love adding places like these to our site because really they are endless amounts of fun. While I do not believe that hangings, gates to hell and other tales told here are real this place is super creepy to explore so it was worth my time. This was our first place I did when I visited Illinois a few years ago.

Funny how when I add things to our site they are from years ago but that just tells you how busy I am of a person exploring hundreds of locations. This was a great way to kick off our trip here and I went back twice once at night then once during the day so I could get the content I needed.

You can see this edition directly on our site at and if you want to see some of the latest editions that can be found at but this little gem is worth checking out. Their is not enough lifetimes for me to check out everything I want but if you happen to go out to Collinsville this is a pretty huge thing locally. Therefore, here is what has been added as of this afternoon from our investigation archives area of our site!

Gateway 4/Portal 27

Seven Gates Of Hell Prologue Page
Seven Gates Of Hell Team Stills
Seven Gates Of Hell Team Exploration
Seven Gates Of Hell Flight United
Seven Gates Of Hell Railroad
Seven Gates Of Hell Dark Forest
Seven Gates Of Hell Harris Cemetery
Seven Gates Of Hell Gilead Cemetery
Seven Gates Of Hell Dusk
Seven Gates Of Hell Nature Gallery
Seven Gates Of Hell Videos
Seven Gates Of Hell EVP's
Seven Gates Of Hell Exploration 1

Its not the biggest edition on our site or case but it was a fun little project. I would have announced it Friday but I just been so busy went to the Camel Races in Virginia City. Ill be posting the event on our youtube channel for those that want to see some of our local culture up here where I live.

The next edition that will come on out onto the site is the McPike Mansion up in Alton. Honestly, at the time the mansion was not open so I could only do the grounds but still its a fine piece of Midwestern heritage and it deserves to be up on our site for the world to enjoy and dream.

Please help show your support by subscribing to our youtube channel, liking these editions and checking them out. Blood, sweat and tears goes into the work that I do and nobody pays me a dime unlike all these fake psychics that now are in the paranormal community who pretend they are something they are not. No psychic or money makers here just good old fashioned urban exploration and paranormal investigating.

Lord Rick
PGS Founder


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