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NEW ***Edition*** On Our Site: Utica Lake Reservoir Adventure


I know its been awhile but ill try to keep editions on our site coming. While some of you run everything off of social media we do not. We work hard at the locations we do then they eventually get logged on our site like the Utica Lake Reservoir I did in the fall of 2016 so when you look at my stuff your looking at projects I did years ago. Just as a few years from now you will see projects that I am currently working on.

I am pretty excited to put this out because now I can get to working on some of my stuff from when I went up in St. Louis. I did want to get this out there prior to adding unique projects coming up. This is an area I have done some camping, hiking and exploring in. Utica and Union Reservoirs both side by side really were built to sustain the mining camps in the area such as water, floating logs down stream for housing construction, hydroelectric power and hard rock mining.

People always see the basic things when it comes to the wild west like saloons or lawlessness for example. But without these reservoirs or harnessing the power of the tributaries throughout the high sierras the towns in gold country would not have existed. You needed to be able to harness the water for power to operate the mines and equipment. But water was important to for drinking and ranching in the region. In a sense these old walls and dams built in the 1860's are somewhat historic!

This is what was added just a few minutes ago fresh off the press lol and our site operates based on portals because we do so many places. Portals are found in the archives on the main page of our site however ill always provide a direct link to each place as I add them at so this project can be found at or within the archives of:

Gateway 4/Portal 27

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The next edition on our site will be from a location known as the seven gates of hell. Its not a huge one so it wont take long to get that out next week. Only it will only be posted to certain groups I run not all though. This is a great edition lots of video footage, pictures etc Just remember you will never see half of what we do if you don't get familiar with our website. The only reason why its been running twenty years is to provide our viewers with over a 1000 places and soon ill have a 1000 more so make sure you keep up with it all lol. Have a safe and sound weekend everyone!
Lord Rick


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