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New Addition On Our Site "Lindsey Lakes Monster Expedition" FINALLY!


I have been wanting to add this for awhile but everything I add I try to go big therefore things take time. As historically significant this area is its also very scenic and beautiful. Id much rather be here then here any day of the week especially to do research and explore.

I know its been awhile since I added videos or editions on our site but after this one I should keep them coming. I have hundreds of hours of footage, locations and content to add. Problem is I explore faster then I can add some of these places and I am always doing new projects here out west.

This is a special place really its in one of my more favorite regions of the high sierras and certain times of year you can find yourself in desolation especially if your like who enjoys to go primitive. I do not need no trails or compasses I just like to see where the journey takes me.

So its finally here I been telling some about it but now those will be lucky enough to see it and enjoy it. Everyone is so stuck on social media nobody goes to sites like mine and really my site only exist to host my videos, photos, reports, research, history and all the perks of exploring. So do not be afraid to check it out, explore and learn about the hundreds of fantastic places we go we do this as a public services.

You can check out the Lindsey Lakes Expedition directly at I highly encourage it because the work that gets put into this certainly allows you to enjoy it from home with very little effort into comparison to the effort and countless weeks to hours I put into this. Here is what has been updated you can find over a thousand places in our archives on our main page and can be found in:

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Lindsey Lakes Expedition 1 Report & Finds

Also make sure you check out some of our latest editions this is the link just to give you an idea of the last few at the next location ill add will be from Lake Utica then ill be adding things from my trip up to Missouri and Illinois just bare in mind everything I am adding right now is from five years ago yes because I am running five years behind on the site. So when you see something its from years ago and its better that way. Because when I use to add sites the same week I explored them they ended up burned down or other groups taking the credit. By the time I figure I add them they wont be around anymore and I wont have to worry about vandals or other groups trying to live off of me and trust me they do and have for years.

Therefore ill keep working on each location add it when I can that is between work, exploring, medical issues and family. I am constantly busy but I am happy to finally put this out because it was a really great project. The area back in the 1800's had logging, mining and cow camps. Today most of it is all gone but the old dirt roads in the area still remain which gives us great accessibility to a place like this.

I take great pride in the projects I work on sure I am a paranormal research but for me history, nature and scenery always come first. I got tons of ghost towns, mines and other good stuff coming to in the future. Some years I have easily done a hundred places so yeah the work of it all getting the content onto our site content you wont see in our groups or on my social media because again that is what our site is for which has been now here two decades. So please give us likes, enjoy being a part of it and thank you for all your support!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder


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