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Real Talk With Dom LIVE With "Guest Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight" - 3/29/21


Did you miss last nights interview and program? We now have the entire program up on your youtube if you would like to tune in catch the rebroadcast. This is my guest appearance on the Real Talk With Dom show March 29th 2021 as I discuss The Paranormal & Ghost Society along with some of our other functions, Bigfoot, Paranormal research, ghost towns, methodology, dangers of the wilderness, urban exploring, chasing monsters, paranormal television, books I authored and the strange world we live in. This is a very in depth interview with quite a few great questions and plenty of solid on the air discussions through the WLFE-db Radio Network. This episode aired on spreaker, Facebook, youtube, spotify, Iheart Radio, Streamyard and now we can promote it here for our subscribers for all of you to enjoy for years to come. The entire broadcasts is visual with audio HD quality with Dominick Santarsiero, Genevieve Kelly from Jersey Shore Ghost Tours and then me on cam at the very bottom. Just some real open, down to earth and solid talk about what I do and who I am. I always believe in promoting the talk show host who promote us so please make sure you check out Real Talk With Dom as he airs a variety of talented guest on his program. Dom is an author and takes a huge interest in poetry especially if it involved witchcraft and the macabre! Check out how to listen to the show LIVE and of course you can always check out our website as well! This is about as wholesome as it gets no skeletons in the closet just down to earth paranormal blotter and the real deal! You won't be disappointed and if you have any questions feel free to ask them after watching the broadcast!

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