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**NEW** Edition On Our Website "Mount Haskell" The Bigfoot Kill Zone!


I am really excited to put this case out on our website its a good one. Haskell Peak has the second best view in the region so your going to see some awesome scenic, nature and primitive photography. I think we did well on this case found some great evidence and its in an area we work with a couple times a year with other nearby sites. One day I want to camp near this peak then I can really do some stellar work but for now you guys get a great edition to the site which should keep you busy during the Covi-19 outbreak.

As some of you know Haskell Peak is the area where supposedly Justin Smeja killed two bigfoot like creatures. He was the individual who had the bigfoot steak analyzed by Dr. Melba Ketchum which turned out to be black bear. I hate scammers, liars, frauds and people who lie just for personal gain. This moron gets invited to conventions, bigfoot reality TV series and awarded for being a serial poacher. I know he still is because a couple years ago he was arrested for it yet the cryptozoological community continues to reward him for it. Which is not fair to guys like me who have devoted their entire life to researching such creatures which roam our planet and remain elusive.

I do want to get it out there prior to the weekend starting there is so many cases we have to get on our site and although far behind ill keep adding great stuff just like this. So remember if you fail to check it out its your loss because I do not post my work through fb never have never really will. That is why we own a site because that site boast what we do to its entirety really and you can see it directly at or you can view it in our archives while stopping along the way at some other locations along the way which can be found in the investigation archives at:

Gateway 4/Portal 27

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Also make sure you watch the movies four and half hours of footage from the expedition you wont get that from any bigfoot site because most of them people are what you call vehicle researchers and if you want to study unknown animals you have to put in the effort to do so just as we do with every single case we take on. So this is a fun edition but it offers some incite into the type of work we do and have done for a couple decades now.

Our next edition on the site will be from a place called Lindsey Lakes which was an awesome Bigfoot case we did and includes a variety of other locations. It will take time to work on this because it will also be a large edition even bigger then Haskell Peak so state tune for announcements like this when I add content like this because that is where its at. Anyhow, please everyone stay safe and enjoy!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder


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