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[1] Forget the cash back, using the Citi Double Cash welcome bonus for travel is a better value

[2] The $339 Kindle Scribe is the first Kindle for writing — and it's up for preorder now

[3] My 5-year-old daughter confirmed our decision to leave China

[4] Why GOPers won't stand up to Trump

[5] GOPer is metaphor for party's stand on abortion

[6] Amazon's new Fire TV Omni QLED is up for preorder now, and it looks like a big improvement

[7] The new $49 Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) is here — and it can double as a Wi-Fi extender

[8] Ring's Spotlight Cam line gets a new design and improved motion detection

[9] I reversed my diabetes. Now I want to help America get healthy


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