Welcome to our directory which will explain all the various buttons throughout our site in the menu bar and front page at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/main.asp I did the site directory so people can get a better idea of how to move around our site rather then guess at what is what. Some areas need updating and ill be sure to put hyperlinks eventually in to each area for those out of the country who use older browsers.... but I do updates to our site  when I can because as a founder I often get busy with other projects pertaining to the paranormal so bare with me. Our most important part of our site that takes up 85% and should always be checked out often of is.....

The Investigation Archives: A very large area containing photographs of from our Para-adventures....EVP...Some Video....thousands of photos ghostly...UFOS....Bigfoot Evidence Etc.  Also it states how many investigations complete and how many places our team has visited. 



Contact Us: Use the contact button if you wish to contact us it may bounce back but we still get the email most of the time there are many other ways to get in touch with us on the site.

Our Awards: Visit some of our website awards and review some of our recognitions.

Paranormal Superstore: If you wish to purchase some of our paranormal equipment for sale this is where you visit to do so. Our Equipment Guide: Although outdated it gives you the basics of what you need for the amateurs who wonder what they need.  

Paracomedy: This contains all our bloopers and entertainment from our investigations well worth the look. One of the most favorite areas of our site. 

Friendship: This is basically the area where you can find our photos from all our crazy parties. 

Our News: Read about what is happening around our society such as future investigations, next meet up date, events etc. Theory &  Facts: This covers various paranormal topics we would love to add to it if you have good information.   
  The Graffiti Wall: Just a way for me to vent and bitch about our society in general. You can read some of them. Hot Links: This contains various links to other paranormal sites and groups. We do link exchanges here. 911 Memorial: Just a memorial dedicated to those who lost there lives. A random act of kindness goes a long ways. Truth: Various facts on the paranormal based on our assessments made during our journeys.   
Conventions: Updated once a year has a listing of all sorts of events such as Cryptozoological conferences...paranormal conventions etc. check our listings. 

Organization History: A brief history about our organization and some of our achievements. 

The Team: Meet our team and apply for positions on our team through here.  See my bio and other member bios.  About Us: Learn about who we are...what we offer this is more in depth information. 

Our Logo Wear: Our shop sells it all T-shirts, mugs, hats, backpacks etc with various logos of ours on it collect the merchandise over the years.

Armageddon: Information on the apocalypse and theories. Are we facing the brink of extinction? Chapters: We are going to rework this but have none at this time. If you wish to be a chapter we can work out something.  Polls: Outdated but this is where we can post polls if you want me to post one for you here just let me know.  
Sponsors:  We will list anybody who sponsors us here such as heavy donators...businesses...or anybody who promotes us.  Chatroom: Our own chat room however its almost oblivious as my forums and such contain chatrooms now.  Message Board: You can click it to join our forum however on the main page further below their is a listing to all our other paranormal forums we run. Protocols and Rules: A listing of our rules for investigators, forums, and so forth that pertain to our site.
In The Spotlight: We will have photo of the month, year...etc posted once a year here. Anotherwards I chose a few great photos each year and post them on this page. Donate: You can donate to us currently we only take money grams, money orders and donations through mail till we reopen our paypal account.  Membership Cards and Cert: I can certify someone who investigates for me and of course if you want a membership card just let me know the donation really is to show your a member its all good fun. 

Classifieds: A section made just for me to post what sorts of equipment I need or assistance as well as positions.

Poster Store: You can purchase odd posters here through us.

Video Store: Some paranormal videos that are for sale or that are out needs to be updated.  Bookstore: Need a paranormal book...eventually we will be selling various books we are in and write here.  Para-Music Store: Want some UFO music or paranormal cds? check it out!


Spells & Protection: I do not use them but other members might find some of this useful on their jaunts. 

Member Of The Year: Each year I pick a few people as member of the year and guess what? They get a gift from us or some logowear.  Wall Of Horror: A little information on those who have thieved us or have caused us discomfort over the years they will be listed here with information.  PGS Personals: I am currently running a personal ad service it works if you use it and you donate. We had over a million hits last year put yourself out there try your luck. 
AngelOfThyNight Radio: This banner will take you to our radio show which is generally about the paranormal and way to speak to those who browse our site. PGS Phantoms: Our very own sports and recreational league its still in the works but will develop it out west more.  Client Services: We provide many services to our clients like investigating, cleansing and more read about it here.  Gators Dockside Meetups: Want to attend our monthly meet? Info is available there!
FFTF: Means fight for the future just some facts and links educating you on our government and its conspiracies going on. Needs some updating. PGS Musicians and Artist Page: We now sponsor bands find out how it works if you own or belong to a band. PGS BBS: If you visit your BBS you can register for a profile with us. Only donators and personal friends are being let on as of now but its owned by us. Stetson Ghosttours: As of now we are not giving anymore tours or historic ghost walks due to the lack of local interest and relocating soon.
PGS Mailboxes: We do offer subscriptions to mailboxes they are limited so get one today its professional and a great way to support our society. If you are on the team or Lord Rick Fact/Myth: With the rise of false rumors, splashing, hate sites etc let me tell you what is true about  your founder and what is NOT. Media Guild: Its an area for writers, producers, radio show host to get involved with a program where they host us and we sponsor them.