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Season 1 Episodes 1-20 (2007)

"To The Moon & Back"

Disc: $11.99

Tune in to AngelOfThyNight Radio Season 1 Hosted By Lord Rick of The Paranormal & Ghost Society. Collect this first addition of the pilot series as it starts off prerecorded based on the founders crazy life and his adventures.

Enter a whole new frequency and a new age of paranormal radio the first of its kind brought to you by Lord Rick only to give you a surprise ending in this special feature!

Some key episodes on this first feature at the NJ Pine Barrens, WNY Catacombs, Shadowmen, St. Augustine Florida, Strange Kinzua and Birth to Stoner radio!

The gift that keeps on giving Lord Rick Radio to the Moon & Back!

This disc includes the contents of Episodes 1-20, Uncensored Bloopers, CD Artwork & Two Bonus Features. You can do whatever you want with each episode put them on your Ipods, PC Playlist or burn them so you can tune while throwing a party or driving home from work. Hours upon Hours of Radio. Each season will grow and get better!

Season 3 Episodes 33-41 (2008)

"And Justice For All"

Disc: $14.99
AngelOfThyNight Radio is back for season III in our series called "And...Justice For All" one of the most appalling radio shows your ever going to listen too.

Sit back and hold onto your seats because it is going to be a wild ride as this disc has everything from a drunk Santa Claus to Girls Gone Wild! Lord Rick gives a whole new meaning to the word justice as he gives deliverance LIVE, RAW and SINFUL!

What your about to hear is some of the best radio in history. Episodes 33 to 41 on this disc contain almost 40 hours of PURE craziness like you never seen it live from Las Vegas. This disc contains all episodes including one bonus feature and the CD's artwork. Feel free to use the episodes on your Ipods, Mp3 Players, Burn them for use in your cars or radios. Not for resale!

You will literally piss your pants, cry and weep. Their is your justice then their is the good Lord's justice!

Season 5

"Age Of The Ass Pirates"



Season 2 Episodes 21-32 (2007-2008)

"A Legend Is Born"

Disc: $13.99

"Lord Rick" is back for his second installment of AngelOfThyNight Radio. Tune in as things heat up with Live, Raw & some of Lord Rick's most sinful episodes yet in the world of radio!

Everything from hookers, cops, fights to even hungry mountain lions. Thus "A Legend Was Born"!

Episodes 21 to 32 will make you laugh your ass off so bad you will need to take a leak prior to listening to the contents on this CD. This disc includes all Uncensored Bloopers, & CD Artwork. You can do whatever you want with each episode except resale. You can put them on your Ipods, PC Playlist or burn them so you can tune while throwing a party or driving home from work. Over 35 hours of the good Lord himself.

The second season is more interactive and extremely filled with loads of adult content. These series of episodes are 10 times more fun as all of them are LIVE and RAW!

Season IV Episodes 42 - 50 (2009)"Kill The Clowns"

Disc: $14.99

Step right up step right up to the greatest act on earth....Season IV "Kill The Clowns" with Lord Rickof AngelOfThyNight Radio along with many other numerous guest!   Episodes 42 through 50 contain everything from Irate callers to pure roasting ofsome of the greatest ass clowns to ever live. This is one season that will keep you guessing to the very end with over 50 hours of extreme radio with episodes like Spring Break With Lord Rick, Titanic, Friday The 13th, Lord Rick's Easter Bunny Bash, Interview with Hollywood & Troy, and the birth of Winters Thrall morphed into this season.   The last episode is contains our new and improved sound quality that will be used in all future episodes to bring the listeners better quality radio then previous episodes. Kill The Clowns is fully loaded with RAW comedy, contest and clowns that will literally make you piss your pants!   This season and its sound files are must have! AngelOfThyNight Radio is for Entertainment Purposes ONLY do not try this at home!  

Season 6


Coming Soon!