To our newest and hottest addition to our site for our fans and members of the PGS organization.  If you are in Carson City Nevada or surrounding areas we are looking for others who wish to get involved with us recreationally and be part of an actual team all year around with various activity such as hockey, bowling, basketball  etc we are currently looking for other paranormal sports minded members to sign up for the Phantoms Floor Hockey League and in other activities. 

Currently we are looking for 12 to 15 people to get involved every couple weeks with sports and recreational activities this goes of course with who we are and what we do locally in the area. Once a solid core is established we will be signing up at the YMCA and other recreational sports centers registering our team. I will not be doing this alone I will be looking for Co-captains, Organizers, Recreational Groups and others to get involved with planning the events out. I need others in the area who are sports minded and can look for various events that the Phantoms can sign up for!!!

Year to Year I will include photos from our recreational events and if we play in any tournaments I will put that information up such as stats, records etc etc. If you are in the central Florida area and want to help us win a championship get in touch with me. As your captain and coach as well as owning my own hockey team years ago I plan on taking my experience to the game!! Keep in mind The Phantoms will be relocating out west in 8 months so hurry and get in on the game NOW!!

Click Here: Contact Me For Details Or To Sign Up!! Or  AngelOfThyNight@ParanormalGhostSociety.org

Lord Rick


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