One of the nice things about our organization is that we enjoy a good laugh. Its never good to take things too seriously especially when you are dealing with ghost and UFOs. Learning to have a positive fun attitude will make positive things happen for you. We have had some pretty funny experiences now I look back and laugh at them. 

I will share some funny paranormal photos here over the course of our investigation and years, as well as comics and funny things that have happened to us. I will update this page every week to monthly. You can click the buttons above to see the funny occurrences for that year. I may also add occasionally a funny picture to this Para-comedy page further below! So Far the 2002-2005 Para-Comedy pages are activated! Warning if Bare Ass offends you don't go to these pages.

Join the team and form friendships and memories that last a lifetime!



Is This Why We Do Not Raise The Titanic?


Pickled Aliens Anybody?

I cannot wait till I die woohoo! Ghostly Benefits!!!

Enter The Door To See The

Steve Irwin Video!!


Where can i find this Starbucks? FAR OUT!!!


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