When we hear gargoyles we think a marble statue that over hangs off a building. But what if there is a story behind them something even greater? The purpose of them is to ward off evil I have even seen them on religious buildings. They are not suppose to be evil however during the night they are said to awaken and when sunlight rises they turn to stone. This is the legend behind them. The gargoyle is more humanoid then anything but has wings. There are sightings of them my theory is that maybe the Mothman is one of these type of creatures. Back in the medieval times there were many gargoyle like creatures spotted in the skies perhaps now they remain very scarce but what were they? Someone must have seen them then tried to depict them on buildings. In 1948 in Alabama there was a gargoyle like sighting not one but dozen had seen it up in a tree then it finally flew away but after that sighting there was a wave of gargoyle sightings afterwards. Birdlike men swooping down with red eyes picking up small dogs etc. This is very hard to theorize on because there is not alot of info on them. Pagans and many cultures worship gargoyles they think of them as deities and Christians put these creatures on buildings yet they are very demonic and grotesque looking. Since most history we look up we find that they started in France WRONG they actually started during the Greek times. But if you look at certain gargoyles from 100s of years ago they do resemble some of the alien races out there and human like birds being spotted again Mothman. The gargoyle however is a crossbreed its said to be half man, half bird and half demon some have said they are part angel. If you notice though alot of have bat like wings so perhaps maybe they are partial bat and demon. All we can do is speculate. These are very real creatures I believe they are real and I also think they have clans and remain extremely hidden.  Since we do not have these creatures in our grasp all we can do is speculate. The Chupacabras acts like one it leaps, flies down and sucks its victims dry it looks like its half bird, beast and demon. There is an old saying I like to use and a simple one " Myths and Legends must come from somewhere" What can become one mans sighting becomes one mans obsession. Meaning you see these gargoyles you start wanting to sculpt them. You see bigfoot you will start to draw him. We still do not know alot about these creatures but as they sit perched on a building they are watching you.

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        History of Gargoyles

Gargoyles were born to Greek architects but had their heyday during the Middle Ages. Gargoyles then had four purposes:

1. Gargoyles contributed to the religious education of an illiterate population by depicting Bible stories and eternal damnation.

2. Gargoyles were put on public buildings to scare away evil spirits.

3. Gargoyles were used to promote conversion to Christianity by combing the rituals of the Catholic Church with pre-Christian symbols,  figures, creatures, and practices.

4. Gargoyles also had a practical purpose. Gargoyles were used on the Gothic cathedrals of Western Europe to spit rain water from the buildings through hollow chambers. Some gargoyles stuck out from the building up to three feet.

Angel Gargoyle Theory

Gargoyles are the descendents of those angels who refused to take sides during the War in Heaven. After Lucifer and his allies were cast down, the Lord turned to those who had insisted on neutrality, and set them upon the Earth as mortals. Their time on Earth would either serve as an act of contrition, or as the final step before eternal damnation. Many supporters of this belief find it ironic that the descendents of these beings, the Gargoyles, have likely become fallen in the eyes of God due to the Tremere (they also tend to take some spiteful satisfaction from it).

The Secret Of Gargoyles'


There is no original telling of gargoyles. At least not in humans.All that is left of the human-known gargoyles are the ones of stones. So-called stone statues and human-made. But gargoyles have a secret. That they are not really “made” of stone. But far from that. However, I can say that I have been told my a true dragon source, that gargoyles are dragons with vampiric blood. Which makes much sense if you think of their build.

The original, ancient stone gargoyles, were not stone at all. There were human-sized, larger muscles, could stand erect or hunched, points ears and long-stretched wings. They came, however, in many shapes, sizes and color, mostly dark colors, silver and such to blend in with the night and be unseen by human eyes.

These large creatures flew around the city and guarded it, protecting for whatever horrors and crimes lurked around every corner. With their small night eyes, they could spot anything from their vigil in the sky. But when then sun peeked over the lands at dawn, they assumed their position as statues, human-made.

And many years after those times, hundreds of years later, humans have made stone duplicates that are just that, stone. Not real gargoyles hidden beneath it’s surface—just stone. And so now no one could find a real gargoyle to a fake, and it may be better that way. Humans would never understand another living smarter than themselves living beside them, in stable protection, more powerful than them. So maybe gargoyles still exist around… but we’ll never find them. At least, no one fro the human race. Humans don’t have enough understanding of other races.

But how did gargoyles come to be? As stated in the beginning, there is no real truth. Since all we have left are fact we know from other than human tellers, there is no way to know more than this. There is very little known by anyone, and so much more to be known. Humans can research gargoyles gargoyles and never learn much more then what is written (er—typed here). There’s no way for one to know unless they are a gargoyle….




Some of these works of art have been carved by a fabulous artist walter arnold.



Are Gargoyles An Alien Race?

The word “gargoyle” shares a common heritage with the word “gargle”—that is, gargouille, the French word meaning “Throat.” It is only fitting then, that gargoyles are seen throughout French cathedrals such as those at Notre Dame, and other sacred or honorable places around the world--Duke University and Princeton, for example-- spewing out water drainage from the roofs. A gargoyle which is not acting as a water drainage spout is called a Grotesque. Usually when people see statues of Grotesques, they mistakenly call them gargoyles. Gargoyles serve the immediate function of releasing rain water from rooftops, but why, you may ask, if they are adorning Christian churches, do they look so evil? Why were they chosen when simpler or, perhaps, less foreboding sculptures could have been constructed? To answer that, a little history is needed.

Gargoyles served numerous purposes outside of water drainage. Peasants were told that they purified the water falling from the skies to prevent disease. Peasants also were very reluctant to live without the symbols and idols from their past beliefs. Idols from their pagan religions were there for security. Removing that security from them would not convert them any faster, so instead of getting rid of them, they were kept around to “ward off evil spirits.”

In a large amount of gargoyles, the most common theme running throughout them are their open mouths. A mouth that is pulled open is a symbol for a devouring giant, and placing smaller sculptures near them only intensifies the concept of unseen forces at play, in waiting, and ready to devour unsuspecting passerby's. A not so gentle reminder of the evil in the world. Perhaps depictions of gargoyles in more ancient cultures were there to teach a moral lesson about the evils that lurk in the world.

In essence, many cathedrals ordained with these unique structures were built on top of important pagan sites dedicated to pagan gods—possibly depicted as grotesque gargoyles?—so that pagans would more fully accept Christianity. Their idols might not have looked the same as the gargoyles, but they may have been depicted that way and told they represent their gods, in order to more fully accept the more beautiful God given to them by the missionaries. As proof of this, in a letter from Pope Gregory to St. Augustine who stated how difficult it was to convert the pagans, he wrote:

"Destroy the idol. Purify the temples with holy water. Set relics there, and let them become temples of the true God. So the people will have no need to change their place of concourse, and, where of old they were wont to sacrifice cattle to demons, thither let them continue to resort on the day of the sint to where the Church is dedicated, and slay their beasts, no longer as a sacrifice but for social meal in honor of Him whom they now worship."

Hence, let the pagans continue to feel as if they were holding patronage to their gods when actually they were honoring the Christian God. The gargoyles were thus meant to make the pagans feel at home in the foreign religion of Christianity.

One small problem with this theory, however, is that gargoyles can be found as far back as the Greek empire in Athens where they adorned buildings as well. So, although it may be fitting to say that they assisted in the conversion of pagans to Christianity, it is not as easy to say that this was their SOLE purpose in all cultures and times.

Perhaps they WERE depictions of the pagan gods, without any influence of the missionaries. It has been known that when the tidal wave of Christianity swept through the world, it left nothing in its wake, causing the loss of much knowledge from previous cultures and religions. Perhaps some of the only surviving remnants of the past adorn those cathedral walls, in the form of spouting beasts and angry griffins.

In the paranormal community, however, gargoyles and grotesques are often accepted to be symbolic depictions of pagan gods that missionaries, in fact, allowed to be incorporated into their churches—the wings, scales, and wide gaping mouths are clear indications of a reptilian breed and its influence over world culture and religion. Smart, calculating, and frightening, gargoyles are associated with demons, as are unexplainable incidences which happen to people today such as abductions, horrifying experiments, and missing fetuses. Is it then possible that gargoyles are symbolic depictions of a reptilian race—spoken of and worshipped by the pagans-- that has abducted and manipulated mankind from the start? Not demons, per se, but aliens that they pagans adored? UFO researchers call them reptilians, Christians call them demons. Are they one and the same? There is not enough room to justify this argument and I’m not even going to attempt to do so, but it is something to think about.

In the conspiracy community, these two types of sculptures depict reptiles—more specifically, flying serpents and dragons. They were created by the masons that built these structures, and so there must be some connection between these masons and the symbolic depictions they have created throughout the world on building after building, and cathedral after cathedral. Is it perhaps something that masons adore, are worshiping, or are keeping from the world at large? Many believe so. Freemasons hold the seats of power throughout most, if not all, countries, and seen in their family crests and national flags you will find winged griffins, flying serpents, and other scaly creatures. It is the common theme that runs throughout time. Why? Eve was tempted by a serpent, and Satan is often depicted as one as well. In light of other evidence in addition to this, many believe that gargoyles are creations of the freemasons, relaying to the people at large secret knowledge they hold concerning reality, if not their own beliefs. Is this saying freemasons are Satanists and they have infected all of the world’s sacred sites with sacrilegious depictions of their own idols? Maybe one day we will know. But until then….