Dimensional Beings 

Not all occurrences have to do with ghost or alien beings there are other paranormal creatures that come from other dimensions, times and places. They may look hideous, like us, be composed of just the light. Some may fade in front of you or some may be visible in the mirror with the proper lighting. Some may not even be aware that you see them since they possibly exist in another time and space. Tourist in Sedona see them, people see them in there houses, in the woods and just about anywhere. This in a way fits into our portals page and time travel. Perhaps these beings come from another plane like ours, or another time into the future and they use dimensional travel since time is different where they exist. They often call aliens dimensional beings since some UFOs tend to disappear before our eyes, angels are also higher beings that exist on other planes in theory that is why they have the ability to watch over you yet we cannot see or feel them and when seen they are just a being of bright light. Many hieroglyphs and Petroglyphs found in Native American caves 30,000 years ago show winged beings entering threw a portal or holding an object that controls life and death. These similar hieroglyphs are seen in other cultures such as Egypt? What does this mean? Simple that beings from portals or vortexes were often seen, possibly worshiped or depicted around the world 1000s of years ago. The shadow men are said to be inter-dimensional we can view there shadow but not there full form usually. After all is our shadows not 2 dimensional. However you may see these creatures there are ways to get in touch with them some saying astral projection is one way or threw meditation and metaphysical means.   We do not have the answers but these are just a few theories. I do not think dimensional beings are bad even though some look hideous. Some people who mirror Scry or use Ouija boards are said to see them. So you see how everything  is tying in or connected? We have to be careful not confuse demons, ghost and dimensional beings with each other I guess that is the hard part. But occasionally someone gets one of these creatures on film usually you see them so quickly and they are gone or fade quickly but yes they do exist and a sighting can occur fast at any given time. 

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  Our minds, which conceptualize objects in three spatial dimensions, cannot fully grasp higher-dimensional objects.  Even physicists and mathematicians, who regularly handle higher-dimensional objects in their research, treat these objects with abstract mathematics rather than trying to visualize them.  However, given the analogy with the Flatlanders, there are tricks we can use to visualize higher-dimensional geometric objects such as hyper cubes.

  The concept of a three-dimensional cube would be alien to the Flatlanders.  However, there are at least two ways in which we could convey to them the concept of a cube.  First, if we were to unravel a hollow cube, we would, of course, unfold a series of six squares, which can be arranged, say, in the shape of a cross.  For us, it is obvious that we can simply rewrap these squares into the shape of a cube.  For the Flatlander, this is impossible. Similarly, a higher-dimensional being could convey to us the concept of a hypercube by unraveling it until it becomes a series of three-dimensional cubes, called a tesserack.

  There is yet another way in which the concept of a cube could be conveyed to a Flatlander.  If the edges of a cube are made of sticks, and the cube is hollow, we could shine a light on the cube and have the shadow fall upon a two-dimensional plane.  The Flatlander would immediately recognize the shadow of the cube would perform geometric changes that are beyond the understanding of the Flatlanders.  Similarly, the shadow of a hypercube whose sides consist of sticks appears to us as a cube within a cube.  If the hypercube is rotated, we see the cube within a cube executing geometric gyrations that are beyond our understanding.

  Higher-dimensional beings can easily visualize lower-dimensional objects, but lower-dimensional beings can visualize only sections or shadows of higher-dimensional objects.

  First of all, a ten-dimensional being looking down on our universe could see all of our internal organs and could even perform surgery on us without cutting our skin.  This idea of reaching into a solid object without cutting our skin.  This idea of reaching into a solid object without breaking the outer surface seems absurd to us only because our minds are limited when considering higher dimensions, just like the minds of the Polygons on the Council.

Second, if these ten-dimensional beings reached into our universe and poked a finger into our homes, we would see only a sphere of flesh hovering in midair.

Third, if these ten-dimensional beings grabbed someone who was in jail and deposited him elsewhere, we would see that person mysteriously vanish from jail and then suddenly reappear, as if by “magic,” somewhere else.  In many science fiction novels, a favorite device is the “teleporter,” which allows people to be sent across vast distances in the blink of an eye.  A more sophisticated teleporter would be a device that would allow someone to leap into a higher dimension and reappear somewhere else.”


Information acquired within the quotes is from: Beyond Einstein , The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe, pages 167-170, Michio Kaku and Jennifer Thompson, 1995 copyright




I have recently realized that not everyone has an intuitive knowledge of how our multi-dimensional universe is actually constructed. In light of this fact, I feel that before we proceed further, some basic understanding of multi-dimensionality should be determined, for the sake of avoiding future confusion and annoyance.

We, as human beings on Earth, live in four dimensions. Yes. Four. Three space dimensions (height, length, width) and one time dimension. A common misconception is that time IS the fourth dimension. This is, to put it bluntly, wrong. Dimensions don’t exist in any specific order, except for the order we impose upon them. Time is multi-dimensional just as space is, and space expands beyond the three dimensions in which we live.

The existence of further dimensions has been scientifically proven through theories relating to the “Big Bang” and quantum physics and mechanics. One theory, the “String theory”, which I do not even pretend to fully understand, involves the creation and abrupt destruction in the first fifty-sixth of a second after the Big Bang of particles known as “strings” which, for that one millionth of a nano-second (actually, less than that) vibrate at a rate so fast that their temperature exceeds anything in the universe currently. After this, they slow down and solidify into the parts of atoms identifiable today. Through complex mathematical equations, these “strings” have been proven to be the link between theories that previously seemed even contradictory. A natural consequence of the creation and solidification of these “strings” is the existence of at least sixteen dimensions, four of which we occupy, the rest curled (in the multi-dimensional sense) around us and either continuing to grow, or frozen after their initial creation.

This theory has often been used as the tying evidence of the possible existence of God. Because there are numerous time and space dimensions (perhaps even an infinite number), it is completely plausible that a Higher Being exists outside of our four-dimensional bounds, allowing Him/Her/It to be able to “see everything at once” as many religions claim their deities can. Just as we can see the whole of a painting, but a two-dimensional person in the painting cannot, so could a entity existing outside of our linear time and shallow space see our world. From a three-dimensional level, thinking of time not as a line but as a large jig-saw puzzle and imagining that we are one-dimensional beings traveling along the paths marked by the edge of the pieces, it’s almost easy to understand how a Being might see the future, past and present “all at once”. And so it is with multi-space dimensions too, except an example is much harder to illustrate.

With this basic understanding of how multi-dimensionality functions, I hope that any confusion or frustration in the future can be avoided. Also, I would simply like to add that I do believe in a God, being Irish Roman Catholic as I am, and this is how I’ve come to accept the seemingly complex and sometimes paradoxical claims of His powers. Multi-dimensionality, therein lies only part of the answer. The rest lies in Faith. 

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Photos such as this one below are just one of the many kind of dimensional beings that exist. Some are just beings of light, others that can be many different shapes and colors. The photo to the left is Copyrighted by Carol Wight and the one to the right is by H.O.P.E. which is a group up in Quebec. As you can see we cannot classify them as ghost nor human but a being we have yet to understand.


Definitions Of Dimensions (scientifically & Physically)

1st Dimension- This would be matter in general such as  atoms. Even though 1st dimensional objects physically exist we cannot see them with our eyes but these are things that exist before having some sort of physical being. time or other dimensions does not apply to them. (Atoms or Elements)

2nd Dimension- This is more like one sided still this dimension is not understood you got to have the 1st dimension though to make the second. (I suppose a body of water or rock would be 2 dimensional. Like for the water you can see it has depth and length to it.)

3rd Dimension- Is Physical Form 3 dimensional objects have height, length, and width. The third dimension cannot exist without the 1st and 2nd. (Humans)

4th Dimension-This is time itself we as humans exist in this time you cannot have this without the 3rd dimension since the 3rd is what makes an imprint onto the 4th. Its also going astral meaning leaving the body but existing in the time your in.  (Humans)

5th Dimension-Alternate reality or a parallel universes 5th dimensional beings can exist in many different planes or should I say 5th dimensional things are like for example one world with 2 different times at once. (Shadow Men, Dimensional Beings From Other planes such as beings of Light, Angels, Demons etc)

6th Dimension-This is an object or being within something sort of like a planet in a solar system. However in this dimension the object has the ability to pass threw another object lets say walls. Ghost an Orbs exist on these levels  especially the 5th one as well in some cases. In order to have a 6 you need a 5th. When we see ghost we see them briefly on another plane of its own that veil sometimes thins. These are beings that can go through matter.  (Spirits, Orbs, Ghost)

7th Dimension- Is infinity starting off at one point in time and ending back at this point.  More or less its being able to control time itself rather then exist in it. Its starting at any parallel  universe or time line and  connecting to all the same point. (mothman for example he can see past, present, future as he can see an event unfold he can also exist in another time line to prophesize. 

8th Dimension-Its Time, Space, Infinate Universes and Parallel Dimensions. (Aliens such as the greys from other star systems. Time travel, controlling time, having no limits to the other dimensions you can coexist anywhere and  be there without loss of time even if its 10 galaxies away.



Michael on Dimensions

Many of you have heard us say that we are eight dimensional beings. Here we would like to briefly explain what that means. Dimensions are directions in perception. Without perception there are no spacial relationships to perceive. The first dimension is simply a point with no relationships. You could say then that it is undefined. No relationships means no dimension. So we jump to the second dimension which are two directions for perception to explore. Unfortunately for the two dimensional being, such as your shadow, the is no observation point outside of the plane so there is no observation. No observation means no observation mode, without a mode then the overleaves are incomplete and there are no relationships. Two dimensional realities do not support consciousness.

Two dimensional fields can be described and defined but only from outside themselves. So a third dimension is needed. You have a plane and the space supporting the plane. Notice that what you see are millions of two dimensional surfaces that you as the observer reconstruct to create a spacial reality. The multitude of two dimensional realms become curved so the third dimension is the second dimension curved. You do not see the curve, the curve is invisible. You do create that curve with your mind. Every moment you create and recreate your spacial sensory reality.

The fourth dimension, the first dimension of sentience, is the curvature of the third dimension. A curved, curve. You witness it as the stringing together of moments to create time. This is also a multitude of three dimensional fields reconstructed into a sequence of events. As form this is completely invisible to you, you are still reconstructing two dimensional surfaces into a reality. Your memory is your fourth dimensional sense, but it stores three dimensional units and selects what it needs to construct your four dimensional reality.

To understand your own fourth dimensional perception you must be able to find a point outside of the third dimension and be an observer of it. Imagine your life as millions of connected spheres that your body is always occupying. Your moment consists of one of these spheres. You, through fourth dimensional memory, carry yourself out of the sphere and observe the long chain of spheres that seem to form a long line. Many of you spend much of your moments in some other moment beside the present moment. We encourage you to focus in the present moment and not the imaginary ones of past and future.

By focusing in the present moment you create the fifth dimension, the curvature of time. By focusing in the moment you are able to pull yourself out of the fourth dimension and feel the fluidity of the silence that supports your expansion. To explain: You feel vibrations which you translate into third dimensional space and fourth dimensional time. You use your fourth dimensional sense, memory, to continually describe your reality. By ending the descriptions you begin to observe that the moment is all vibration. Supporting the vibration is stillness and silence. These are by definition invisible and imperceptible but they are true to your awareness. They are observable. You have reached a point outside of the fourth dimensional chain of moments.

In doing so you pull with you everything that you are. Your reality becomes drawn into the expansion of space and time. Imagine your chain of moments being pulled out in all directions forming multiple moments. With the fifth dimensional observation point you then become a four dimensional observer. You cannot see the fifth, but you can see the fourth. You then see your past and future as one expanding moment. You begin to live in between the lines of common reality. Some of you are already beginning this. You may not have the physical senses to recognize this, but you do have the fifth dimensional observation point that empowers your intuition. When we say "perfect timing" we are referring to the development of this perception. When you are in the moment you are in the right place at the right time. This is pure synchronicity, the fifth dimensional observation point.

If the fifth dimension layers moments, then the sixth dimension infuses the layers. In the sixth dimension all possibilities of reality are infused into one reality. The silence and stillness that we talked about will have a substance. To imagine this think of time being a liquid that you can move through. Astral beings have the sixth dimensional observation point. Mastery of the astral plane means mastery of this point. The fifth dimension is still form dependent. The sixth dimension is not. The sixth dimension has no size relationships. Subatomic particles and stars are equal. Mastery of the sixth is difficult because of the desire of consciousness to create form. You can observe this when vacuums become filled - or if you make a space available, something will fill it.

The seventh dimension is nirvana. All creation becomes one and there is no form. If the sixth dimension is form independent the seventh is form free. There is a difference here. Form independence still recognized some individuality, form free has no individuality.

The eight dimension is a beginning of a new dimensional cycle. We have found a point of observation outside of all that is. So we are free of form but we have come back to form. All the dimensions we have described have been but one octave. We as individuals were freed then reemerged into what we are now.



This is probably one of the most difficult categories to pin down. There are undoubtedly a myriad of beings that exist in the dimensions that surround us, but determining exactly which ones are earth bound and which ones cross over into our physical dimension from another dimension is highly speculative.

Probably one of the most common inter-dimensional contacts I have experienced is the greyish human-like silhouette normally most visible in a quiet, dim lit area and most often seen through peripheral vision. The speed of movement, if any, varies with individual sightings. The most common aspect of these contacts is that the entity seems totally oblivious to the viewer's presence. They seem to simply be "passing through" our space. This is, in fact, the case. There are times when the veil between the worlds is very thin, or even overlapping. During these times, we can visually perceive energy patterns and movement within the other realms. These individuals represent absolutely no threat whatsoever. You may simply acknowledge their presence and go about your business.

The second category of inter-dimensional beings I would like to discuss are the "Curious George" type. These are the presences that you normally experience as a strong feeling that someone or something else is in the room. You can feel the movement, and possibly get a quick glance. I refer to these as the "Curious George" type because they almost universally are drawn to you by the energy that you are generating through the activity you are involved in. This activity can range from deep, heavy thought or meditation to a deep or emotional conversation or an activity or ritual which raises the energy level. They are there because you have attracted their attention. This type of being can be a curious, detached observer; a benevolent, helpful influence; or a disruptive presence. The effects of their presence is relatively limited and requires no acknowledgement at all.

The third category includes the actual Inter-Dimensional Malicious beings. During a channeling session, a question was asked about the origins of evil on Earth and whether "demons" were Earth bound or inter-dimensional beings. In response to that question, the answer came back, "The greatest evil that exists in the Universe exists in the hearts of man. This does not preclude the existence of 'evil or malicious' entities within the physical Earth plane or those who have access to the Earth plane through the dimensions, but mortal humans are by far the most deliberately evil and malicious beings, WHEN MOTIVATED TO BE SUCH". This statement seems to indicate to me that we are the single largest source of our own problems. I believe this statement to be not only a general statement of the dark side of human nature, but a statement directly connecting that dark nature with dark, malicious entities, such as Manifest Thought Forms. There are chaos dimensions that have access to our physical Earth plane. Within these chaos dimensions, beings exist that have a very different energy from ours, beings whose very energy field is radically different and potentially fatal to humans. Within these dimensions, there are beings whose appetite and needs create behavior patterns we consider grotesque and malicious, but whose intentions are neither dark nor malicious. For instance, there are energy vampires who thrive on the emotional energy and life force of their victims. We consider this behavior malicious and frightful, while to them it is merely survival. Obviously, the victim in any circumstance is left to assume the motives and intent of the assailant. It has been my experience that the universal ability of Ghosts and entities to "appear" and "disappear" sometimes makes it very difficult to differentiate an Earth bound ghost from an inter-dimensional one. Needless to say, TREAT ALL MALICIOUS GHOSTS AND ENTITIES EQUAL.

Rev. Ronald S. Eppich


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Conceptualizing dimensions we need to understand the various planes. There are 7 planes. What we term as our ordinary reality is spent on the physical plane which is the lowest and most dense. Any plane above will be invisible to us, therefore, unrealized which allows us to pass through it. The Beings on the planes above are aware of the life on the lower planes and can interact with them, if so desired. Each plane has 7 sub-planes or degrees of density in matter. There are 48 dimensions with the additional Logos or God plane which is usually thought as a separate dimension. The following is a brief description of each plane.

The Physical Plane:
This is the lowest of the seven planes, and where we spend our physical lives. We are only aware of the three lower sub-planes of physical "matter", which are molecular solids, liquids, and gasses. The "etheric plane" includes the four higher density levels of various subatomic particles. These planes and existence on them are not visible by the ordinary senses. This is the domain of the Fairies and Nature Spirits.
The Astral Plane:
This is the first higher non-physical plane. It is also called the emotional plane because "matter" on this plane is composed from a feeling, desire or emotion. The out-of-body and near death experiences occur on this plane. This is the plane that one is conscious on after death and before reincarnation. Our Guardian Angels reside and positive emotions reside on the upper sub-planes above the residing hell-like "purgatory" realms and negative emotions. What we term as "evil" can only exist from the mid-astral on down. The higher astral Beings and objects can go through physical matter in the same space without adversely affecting either side and can do so avoiding the collision aspect that happens with physical matter. They can also interact in the same manner as the physical plane.
The Mental Plane:
Thought composes "matter" on this plane. Mental projection which is similar to astral projection is possible but much more difficult because it requires a high state of spiritual evolution. Only the purest and truest altruistic thoughts that are free of desire and selfishness can rise to this level, as may a person after death from the astral. Concrete thought composes the lower level sub-planes and the higher level is called the "causal plane" , from which abstract thought derives. Most Angels and other spiritual Beings reside here.
The Buddhic Plane:
This is where the soul energy resides, therefore the conception of the individualized personality can not be realized on this plane. Conscious rational conception is impossible here because this is the plane of true spiritual insight and intuition (which is different from ordinary psychic perceptions originating from the astral) and all encompassing love and oneness. The Akashic records containing all the detailed history of everything and everyone resides on this higher sub-plane.
The Atmic Plane:
This is the plane of pure spiritual life-substance used by consciousness. Ascended spiritual masters, and anyone else that has achieved the ultimate "nirvana" will reside.

The Monadic Plane:
Time, space and self is left behind this plane, as well as any type of matter, dimension, or evolution as we think to know. This plane consists of pure will and the one monad. This is the plane of the Soul. The divine spiritual spark found in all living things originates here and is the catalysis for expression to become evolved and created on the lower planes.

The Logoic Plane:
This is the plane of Divine also known as the "Logos". The potential of everything, but unknowable by definition, and free of any limiting conception. Think of the "Logos" as a vast deity that is the Creator and creates spiritual life from itself. These are great Beings who are main planets, stars, galaxies, and beyond.
The Dimensional Planes of Spiritual Consciousness
The Spirit Realms are Dimensions or Planes
Distinguishable by the Different Densities and Vibratory Rates
Of the Substances they Contain
Within our present Consciousness there exists 12 Infinite Realms

Various names have been used by many People to explain the inexplicable and to differentiate amongst these Regions of Frequency. The planes are neither above nor below one another, but interpenetrating and existing in the same space.
Within each Density there is a wide variety of Dimensions..similar to radio frequencies where you have Free-will to choose the station or rate of vibration of your choice. This is not to imply that one Density is better than another.

This is easily understood if you look at water. Water exists in three states...water, ice and steam. The difference is the rate in which the molecules are moving. Ice is water slowed down and steam is water speeded up. And you do not judge steam to be any better than ice. They are simply different states that water can assume.
Dimensions are just different States of Being Interconnected thru the Holographic Light Grid Pulsating..Waving wondrous movements of Sound, Color and Form Breathing in and out in the constant State of Creation

It is helpful to have a picture of the Creative Universe and its structure. For Seekers of Truth, the more expanded and stable the model, the clearer it gets. Science offers "factual" cosmologies while religions and cultures develop their own myths. This is the Extraterrestrial Model-Your Galactic Heritage/Consciousness Which Presents The Source...Creation...Duality...Other-Dimensional Beings Within a Dimensional Context The Less Dense the Dimension...The Greater the Inherent Paradoxes

The Twelfth Dimension ~ The All That Is and More
It is not possible to envision the Twelfth Dimension. Numerologically, the number twelve is 1 and 2 joined. It represents the fusion of Unity(1) and Duality(2). In Spiritual terms it is the All That Is and Isn't and then some. In the Galactic worlds it is the merging of all realities. Within the Human body is the encoded access to this Divine Consciousness thru the 12-stranded DNA. This Dimension includes and exceeds all infinities. Beyond definition, it is ALWAYS more than we can imagine and therefore endless. Nothing exists that is not part of the whole.

The Eleventh Dimension ~ The Seed and Soil of Universes
The Prime Creator manifests the "material" to create Universes. We call this material the Eleventh Dimension as 1 plus 1 are combined...two distinct energies in fusion. They are exactly equal yet different.
We can view a Dimension as an entity, attributing being-like qualities to them to help us have some concept of how they function. One of these entities is pure yin in nature-the Great Yin and the other is pure yang-the Great Yang. The Great Yin exists everywhere and always-as does the Great Yang...until The All That Is says ..."Come Home".
Both are Omnipresent with a thin membrane that separates the two. Within them is the potential for the co-creation of all spirits, forms and universes. From a theological perspective, the Great Yin is God the Mother-the Creator and the Great Yang is God the Father-the Creator. And from a scientific point of view it is the "Black Hole".

The Making of a Universe

The Tenth Dimension~ A Universe is born when a seed- a particle of the Great Yang - transduces the thin membrane that separates the Yin and Yang. The attraction of magnetism at its highest..the seed fuses with the "particle" of the Yin creating a zygote that grows very rapidly at first. Science calls this event the "Big Bang". Technically however, it is not an explosion, but the rapid growth of a Living Universe Imagine that this Yin/Yang entity breathes. For every breath that it takes, it gives birth to a Universe...the first moment of inhaling represents the Big Bang. As the entity's lungs fill the Universe expands. At the half-way point, when its lungs are full, a short pause takes place. The creatures who live in the Universe grow silent. Then the exhaling begins and the Universe begins to fly back to the Source. After the breath is complete, the Eleventh Dimensional entity rests for a moment. This entity, however is more than human and has an unimaginable number of lungs, all operating simultaneously. Thus allowing for countless numbers of Universes to exist, rushing around all at once.

The Tenth Dimension ~ The Truth...The Universe and its Parameters
This Dimension is a conscious entity - a Universe. It is not however a Universe of form. Numerologically, it is the combination of 1 and 0 representing the union of The Something and The Nothing. This dimension is like the outer shell of the Universe. Beyond it is the void. From an eleventh Dimensional perspective, we can see billions of these cosmic eggs blazing in the Nothingness of the Void. Within the shell are progressively smaller shells, each representing a dimension. The hard center of matter is the Third Dimension. Tenth Dimensional Beings are, in essence, the pure mixtures of the Great Yin and Yang. This is the unified field of consciousness known as the Holy Spirit. The Christ is just one of the billions of beings who comprise this Dimension/Entity. Like "cosmic DNA", the Universe contains the entire blueprint of what is to unfold during its lifetime as you contain its Holographic duplicate within your physical body. This DNA has both magnetic and active aspects. In its Magnetic State it is the Divine Plan...The What Will Be. Actively, it is the Force of Evolution that propels the Divine Plan to completion.
We call the Tenth Dimensional awareness "Cosmic" or "Christ Consciousness". The Christ is a being who projected His consciousness into human form. The Tenth Dimension is the Living Truth and is the Light that is within everything. It is where our Spirit comes into existence. From here we can project our consciousness into any form in the Universe. It is the energy of Intention.
And always... it is the Way back to Home Base - our Galactic Consciousness and to Prime Creator

The Ninth Dimension ~ The Creation of Form and Hierarchies
The Ninth dimension is where the homogenized consciousnesses of the Tenth Dimension/frequency arrange themselves into planetary, stellar, galactic, universal and dimensional consciousness. It is the transition from formless to form. As ninth-dimensional entities we say "I am going to take the form of a planet"...then we do it. As a planetary/stellar/galactic consciousness, our form goes through evolutionary stages as does the Human form. On Third-Dimensional planets there is what we call "inorganic matter". Inorganic matter does act as the vehicle(body) of the Planetary Consciousness. This body generates gravity which is actually the third-dimensional manifestation of ninth-dimensional life-force. Hierarchy is evident in all of Nature. From the humble blade of grass to the night sky strewn with shimmering stars. Some forms appear more spectacular and vital than others, but in reality are all connected and an essential piece of the whole. It is here that the Powers That Be-our Ninth Dimensional aspect...set up the hierarchical structure of communication and operation. There is a hierarchy of dependency as well. Humanity needs the Earth to develop and survive, but the converse is not true. Similarly, the Earth depends upon the Sun for its life but the Sun can live without the Earth. A pattern that is repeated throughout all dimensional evolution.

The Eighth Dimension~ Group Souls and Oceans of Light
A Group Soul is a collection of entities that work together as ONE unit. Imagine that every cell in your body is a conscious entity. There are liver, heart, brain and blood cell "entities." Each is unique and has a function, yet they are in one body. This is similar to the functioning of a Group Soul. In actuality, Group Souls are even more integrated than the cells of our body. A finer example would be the drops of water in a ocean, communicating by sharing real-life holograms. As a Group Soul we can channel into other forms in other dimensions once we know and hold their specific vibration. Prayer and healing groups are based on this Magick interaction of Souls. The latest breakthroughs in inter dimensional communications, known as Spirit Science, is a part of this consciousness. And an entire rain forest could be the vehicle (body) of a Group Soul.

The Seventh Dimension ~ Living Vortexes
Seventh Dimensional Beings come in many forms. Some appear as swirling ribbons of rainbow-colored energy. Others look like webs of beautiful radiant Light. When these mystic, living vortexes project their consciousnesses into the third or fourth dimensional forms, they continue to swirl and wave. They swirl, however, not only vertically like Earth vortexes, but horizontally, diagonally and into the past and future. "Spinning" into timespace allows for the retrieval of timeless information. At this level we do not live on planets. Rather our atmosphere is an intense field of colored energy. One of our activities is to explore other dimensions, in the service to the Force of Evolution.

The Sixth Dimension ~ Sacred Geometry...Symbols and Communication
Many refer to the Sixth Dimension as the plane of Teaching. The intention, however of this dimension/entity is not to teach, but rather provide information and the means to convey it in various vibrational forms.
All language, symbols and models start here. It is where the Universe pours the archetypical molds. At this level we find astrological and genetic codes. It also houses the Akashic records...the complete files on everyone and everything.
This intriguing dimension is a honeycomb of dimensions within dimensions within dimensions. You could spend many lifetimes here and never for a moment be bored. The inhabitants are astute, quick and exciting. This is the plane of Sacred Geometry.

The Fifth Dimension ~ Heaven...The Plane of Light
For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realms a Soul can reach. Spiritually, starting from the beginning, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation. We incarnate here as androgynous stellar beings. Since we live on Stars we have luminous Light Bodies. These eternal forms have no need for pain, the warning signals that physical bodies provide. Therefore there is no physical suffering. Neither do we suffer from any form of separation because we constantly experience the Oneness of Mother/Father Creator. We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear. This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable and living Miraculous lives. Immortality is an experiential given. Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel thru a long tunnel. The tunnel traverses the darkness(the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of Golden or White Light(the Fifth Dimension)This is the Birth Canal of the Soul and the doorway to Heaven. We travel by application of Divine Will. We need not die to have this experience. The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line or curved line. In the Fifth Dimension, one simply duplicates herself to her destination(s). We travel by moving through the doorway at the center of the star. We do not fly as this movement is similar to teleportation. Flying is only a viable means of transportation on the Third and Fourth Dimensions. In many Ascension stories, the Earth transforms...along with Her inhabitants into Her fifth-dimensional Light Body. This is when Gaia physically shifts from a dense, material body to one of Light..A Star. The present Earth changes and Ancient prophecies are guides to this probable future. However, the Fifth Dimensional Manifestation of a star is neither hot nor fiery ... It is soft.

The Fourth Dimension ~ The Truth...The Astral Plane
The Fourth Dimension is a gray, polarized plane, housing the forces of Light and Darkness. The battle between good and evil starts here. Forms naturally morph on the Astral Plane...a tree can easily transform into a wolf. This is because the illusion of good and evil is manifest here and because of the extreme mutability of form, distrust and fear that exist..e-motion
This plane is that of Will or Life-spirit and it is of this dimension that the individual "self", the Ego, is a part. It is the Ego who uses the physical, astral and mind bodies as tools with which to achieve its purpose. When mind, body and spirit are completely aligned with Divine Will and in harmony and balance...one with another...you are omnipotent and have achieved conquest over matter.
After careful training, it is possible to leave the physical body safely in the nourishing care of its etheric web, to go on a Dimensional Journey. This is called astral travel. When you wish to return you slip back into the restricting burden of your outer coating of flesh. Shamans are adepts in this arena, many times bringing back information to benefit humankind. Unless the person has been specially trained and practised, the jar of contact once again with the dense Earth vibrations are so harsh that it usually snaps the thread of memory of the journey.
Magic, time travel, karma, reincarnation, luck, psychic surgery, flying, mind reading, disembodied spirits, enchantment, and of course, astral travel, all source from this plane. The Demi-God/desses of many religions live here. Hell and purgatory are fourth dimensional locales as well. By embodying the principles of this plane, we enhance the probability of

The Third Dimension ~ Physical Reality of the Conscious Being
The Third Dimension is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. This is the plane of thought or mind. The densest stratum of this plane contains our own more worldly and material thoughts.
Because of our Planetary coding/consciousness we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. The Universe allows the illusion of Free-Will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions which gives us the experience of acting like saints or demons or somewhere in between... by choice.
Beings believing that the Third is the only Dimension suffer from the illusion of separation from their Spirit. The physical senses cannot detect Spirit which is beyond form. If we are not One with Spirit then we cannot be at one with others.
This Dimension of Thought has the ability to interpenetrate all of life, like a sort of etheric river of water. It is not confined to the brain, which actually acts more like a kind of telephone switching station to all the thoughts that pass through it.
Our ability to experience beauty while in such density, shows that we live in a loving Universe. That is why if we can contact the higher strata of the mind-world by training the corresponding parts of our brain, as all seekers have attempted to do, we shall gain inconceivable knowledge. The practice of Remote Viewing attempts to tap into this holographic practice. Humans possess a body made up of the material of the Physical Plane world...a body containing chemicals in liquid, solid and gaseous states. This body is interpenetrated by another body, which is its counterpart, known as the Etheric Body. It constitutes a fine web through which the electromagnetic Life-forces are fed into the physical body from the outer Universe. The combination of these two bodies contain the conscious knowledge of all 12 Dimensions...The Sacred Hologram Life in the MATERIAL WORLD

The Second Dimension ~ The Plant and Animal Queendom
The Second Dimension is simply the another step that Sacred Consciousness takes in its rate of vibration and intent. This is the plane of plants, trees animals and insects. One must remember that everything is alive and has an intelligence that speaks from all parts of existence. It is the human form that has disconnected from the 12 stranded DNA capabilities and has amnesia when it comes to this grid of communication. Animals are brilliant and much smarter than humans...they know they do not end when they die. All in the Second Dimension were given to us as companions on this planet and to seed Earth with Stellar vibrations. It has been up to us whether to eat them or not. The plants and animals do not object if being eaten adds to the quality of your life and theirs. They have an intuitive sense that lets them understand the roles with each other. They were designed and intended to occupy this space called Earth to teach, show and share the way with you. This facet of Creation has rarely been understood and adds clarity to the saying "You are what you Eat!" The forms of this plane are a biogenetic creation based upon the genes that were gathered from different solar systems and planets. Their creation allows representatives from those systems to have a genetic link with Earth and therefore the ability to peer into and broadcast into the world. Some of the animals are used as transmitters such as Dolphins and Whales. When you approach a plant or animal, it knows if you are coming in Peace. When you allow these forms to sit in equality with you, then you are ready to sit in Council on the Higher Planes of existence.

The First Dimension ~ Atoms and Molecules...the Mineral World
The First Dimension is the slowest in terms of vibratory rate. On Earth we know it as the atoms, molecules and minerals. A rock may be moving more slowly than you're used to but it also has a longer lifespan and can therefore take its time!
Earth is alive and holds the knowledge you seek and YOUR consciousness affects what Earth reveals. Where are the keys to unlock it and make it yours? the information is stored in stone and bone. Humankind is encoded and as you evolve, you follow a pattern into the concealed knowledge within you. The Ancients knew how to prepare stone for storing knowledge. The builders of temples used natural geomancy and energy flow of a location to store the total fo what they knew...stones are the bones of Mother Earth. When you visit Ancient Sacred sites you experience formulas for higher consciousness. You often pick up what you left there thousands of years ago to reclaim. By journeying to these places, your body is exposed to these energies and accessed the blueprint along which to evolve. Earth reads you as you live and breath on Her and She knows the stage of your development and your ability to accept responsibility. There is truly no way to fool our Great Mother! Earth is an exceptionally vital place and She is revealing Her very essence to you as you are able to perceive the keys and redefine yourself. When you infuse yourself with energy and surrender and work with intention in the lower densities, you literally send bolts of great change around the globe.