The Bermuda Triangle

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I feel that there are many triangles around the world but the main one that interest me is the Bermuda triangle. So many ships so many planes lost all for what? Yes some are lost to storms since that is an area that is known for violent storms, tidal waves, and many other happenings. However not every plane and ship has disappeared due to storms. I speculate that something bigger is happening in this area call it a vortex or what you will but people each year disappear and are never found again. I feel that there is a very large vortex that opens up that explains the fog, compass spinning, odd magnetic fields. Many people have survived the triangle and have told stories about the strange whirlpools that try and devour them in the ocean or lights in the sky. Each year the largest carnival cruise ship makes many trips throughout the triangle and even though it is equipped for storms and has a weather station this ship has broke down 3 times in the year of 2002. It broke down twice with no answer as to why another time it lost complete power and sat in the ocean carrying 3000 people. Columbus even made a report about the triangle seeing i believe strange lights in it. So it goes back for more then just one century. Perhaps there is a gateway to another world or perhaps there is a wormhole and you get sucked in and dropped off 5 miles beneath the ocean near Antarctica. Nobody knows maybe some go in it and come out somewhere else and are lost for weeks till they starve or sink. Some say Atlantis sank where the triangle is and what's left is very powerful energy crystals that cause disruptions in the ocean and somehow planes and ships get caught in the middle of it. Once a ship floated back to shore and only a parrot remained on board some think pirates still exist today and make people walk the planks but what about the planes unless the sky pirates are alien in nature. On the other side of the world there is a triangle near Japan with the same longitude and latitude is it possible there is a gateway that is so powerful it sucks anything down its path maybe a tunnel that goes through the oceans floor? We may never know the answers but i do think this is an area with more then one type of occurrence i believe you got ufos, storms, a vortex and much more. I once read that people were taken from the Bermuda Triangle to colonize mother ships and other planets off in space. Why? maybe to be a slave maybe for alien species to learn or maybe its easier to have them travel through a gate to them.

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What theories exist on the Bermuda Triangle?




Many theories have been given to explain the extraordinary mystery of these missing ships and planes. Evil extraterrestrials, residue crystals from Atlantis, evil humans with anti- gravity devices or other weird technologies, and sinister plans from the fourth dimension are favorites for fantasy writers. Strange magnetic fields and stuff on the ocean floor (methane gas from the bottom of the ocean) are favorites among the technically-minded. Weather (thunderstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, high waves, currents, etc.) bad luck, pirates, explosive cargoes, incompetent navigators, and other natural and human causes are favorites among skeptical people. There are some skeptics who argue that the facts do not support the legend and that there is no mystery to be solved, nothing that needs explaining. The number of wrecks in this area is not extraordinary, given its size, location and the amount of traffic it receives. Many of the ships and planes that have been identified as having disappeared mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle were not in the Bermuda Triangle at all. One of the most far-fetched theories is the one that a person claims the missing ships and planes are still there, only in a different dimension as a result of a magnetic phenomenon that could have been set up by a UFO, and extra-terrestrials. Another far-fetched theory is the theory about ghost-ships. It says that ghost ships drag ships down into the ocean.

There are two kinds of magnetic theories, the first stems from the fact that compasses point to magnetic north rather than true north. This making the pilots and sailors to get lost, and disappear. The other theory states that within the area of the Bermuda Triangle there is an unusual level of magnetic activity, which causes compasses to go crazy causing the disappearances.


The Legends

In the past 100 years, the Bermuda Triangle has claimed over 1000 lives. In reality, that is only 10 a year. Though these lives lost are tragedies, this is not that incredible of a figure. It is how they died that have sparked many legends. These flames were given fuel by V. Gaddis article in "Argossy: Magazine of Masterpiece Fiction" where the term "Bermuda Triangle was first used. 

The first legends of the Bermuda Triangle begin already with Christopher Columbus. As a captain, he was greatly respected, and his brave sailing efforts helped revolutionize the world. Much of the information we have about Columbus is picked up directly from his journal, so we are able to trace his footsteps to the New World. His first problem occurred as he ran into the Sargasso Sea. The crew was greatly disappointed when seaweed and land birds were sighted, but after a few days no land was to be seen. Soon after, Columbus reported his compass acting strangely. He did not report this to his crew due to their deep superstitions. Days later, Columbus saw a large meteor fall from the sky. He described it as "a large ball of light fallen from the sky." It is unsure whether he mentions this occurrences in awe, because of its great size, or in fright. Later in their trip, Columbus and a few crew members sighted a few dancing lights on the horizon. They wandered about in the Caribbean for over a week yet before sighting land. 

Since Columbus, as many as 100 ships and planes have been reported missing, taking over 1000 lives. A select few of them are reported here... (feel free to submit your own should you so desire. Please report your sources.) 

1872: The Mary Celeste is lost
1945: The disappearance of 5 Navy avengers - Flight 19
1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda.
1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives. 
1948: DC-3 lost with 32 passengers and crew. 
1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes. 
1950: Giant US Air Force Globe master lost. 
1950: American freighter, SS Sandra (350 ft), sinks without a trace. 
1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 aboard. 
1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation vanishes with 42 aboard. 
1956: US Navy seaplane, Martin p5M, disappears with crew of ten. 
1962: US Air Force KB-50 tanker plane lost. 
1963: Marine Sulphur Queen vanishes without a trace. 
1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost. 
1970: French freighter Milton latrides disappears. 
1972: German freighter Anita (20,000 tons), lost with crew of 32. 
1997: Passengers disappear from German yacht. 

Other people believe that the Triangle houses the famous lost city of Atlantis. No evidence has been brought forth to prove this theory, but many claim to have seem or "felt the powers" of the lost city. Other people look at the lack of information and mystery involved and turn to the only other possible solution--Aliens! Again, there is little evidence to show any sign of UFOs in the area. Several people have claimed to have made UFO sightings, but even popular UFO experts and enthusiasts do not support the photographs involved.

Perhaps the ocean is to remain a secret to man, a mystery, to keep us away from the power nature truly has over man. This mystery can serve as a warning and to inspire awe into men's heart, looking at the greatness and power this great Creation. 


Some of the Most Popular Theories:

Atlantis: To some the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is related to the remains of Atlantis. Edgar Cayce believed the remains to be somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Others such as Aaron Du Val believe that stones of the coast of Bimini are proof of Atlantis (http://www.great Dr. Ray Brown supposable visited an Atlantian pyramid while scuba diving. Inside he found a crystal that he claims hold mysterious powers. Geoffrey Keyte believes that damages fire-crystals from the collapse of Atlantis emit energy rays that can turn ships and airplanes into energy.

Electromagnetic Distortion and the Hutchinson Effect: In the Bermuda Triangle, electromagnetism has been said to cause unusual fogs, equipment failure, flashes of light, and other odd occurrences. John Hutchinson has been experimenting with electromagnetism since 1979. Hutchinson states that the effects of electromagnetic energies are unpredictable (usually there are o effects). However, Hutchinson claims he has seen objects levitating, metal being bent, melted, shattered, and magnetized, water become agitated, and fires start all due to electromagnetic energy ( The__Triangle__Machine_/the__triangle__ machine_.html).

Gulf Stream: This stream flows northeastward from south of Florida to England. Sailors in the Bermuda Triangle can be pushed along the stream, thus being thrown off course. Attempts to move against the stream can cause engine failures and confusion to inexperienced sailors. The Gulf Stream also affects the currents of the Florida Keys and Bahamas causing daily current changes and storms ( currents.html ). Debris from wreckage can also move along the stream causing wreckage from the Triangle to be pushed into the deep Atlantic (Anon 1996: 42).

“Ocean Flatulence Theory:” Methane hydrate, which is frozen on the ocean floor, can release gas causing thousands of bubbles to rise to the ocean’s surface. The gas causes the water to become less dense, thus sinking boats at the oceans surface (Anon 1995: 8). Some believe this is impossible while others believe if the gas rushed to the surface so would water, which would keep a boat afloat (Merchant 2001: 12). This highly combustible gas could come into contact with airplane engines causing and explosion. Methane hydrate, however, is found all over the ocean floor and the chances of a gas eruption hitting a ship are near impossible ( _Hydrates/methane_hydrates.html).

Spatial Distortion: Spatial Distortion occurs when a pilot believes he/she is flying level and straight when they are not. The pilot can be mistaken because his/her body becomes use to the tilt or curve of the plane. If the pilot straightens out it feels as if they are now turning and tilting. Many pilots become disoriented and get lost or crash into the ocean (

True North vs. Magnetic North: Compasses point to magnetic north, which is located in the Northwest Territory of Canada (1,500 miles from the North Pole). Sailors and pilots are use to correcting for the difference between true north and magnetic north (which can be up to 20 degrees). The Bermuda Triangle is one of only two places where the two norths are the same. This leads navigators to become confused and believe their compass is failing (

True_North_Magnetic_North_/ true_north_magnetic_north_.html).

UFO’s: Alien abduction is the most common UFO theory about the Bermuda Triangle. However, some believe that there is an underwater power station, which can sucks ships and planes under the sea or just simply disintegrate them (http://www.fortunecity. com/roswell/Warminster/167opinions.html).The Triangle is even seen as a passage between an alien world and Earth (

Weather: The area of the Bermuda Triangle is known for all types of weather disturbances such as: waterspouts, short-lives and intense storms, large waves (possibly from underwater earthquakes), hurricanes, high winds, and sudden calms (which can strand wind powered vessels out at sea ( triangle/truth.htm).

Wormholes, Vortexes, and Other Dimensions: Ed Snedeker believes that funnels, invisible to everyone except him, pick up ships and planes, transporting them to unknown places. Others believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a gateway to hell and that there is Biblical proof that hell is located there. The Bermuda Triangle is also considered a gateway to other dimensions, worlds, and parallel universes ( roswell/warminster/167/theory.html).




The Purpose

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The "Bermuda Triangle" and an area in the Pacific ocean, has long been associated with "missing aircrafts, watercrafts and people." Anything caught in this yet unexplainable phenomenon, vanishes forever. Where do they go? The disappearance of people along with their craft, is "trapped in-between time dimensions," of which there is "no way out." These disappearances are accidental and not intentional. The victims were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

The "Bermuda Triangle" is one of two portals, used by the "human-like" aliens, to travel from their planet to ours. The "Bermuda Triangle" is not actually a triangle. When it is "in-phase," it is constantly in motion and in intensity (between one to one and a half mile wide). The disappearances occur when caught in the center or within the first two outward radiating rings.

The occurrence takes place 25 times a year and lasts for 28 minutes, for the "Bermuda Triangle." The "Pacific Triangle," takes place only 3 times a year. The "Bermuda and the Pacific Triangles" are linked to other triangles that exist throughout the universe. The "human-like" aliens technology enable them to use "time compression, solar power and the ability to reduce friction," for traveling across vast distances. It takes them approximately 24 hours to travel from their planet to Earth.

These "time holes" can be described as an "accordian in motion." When the "time hole" is compressed, the craft enters one end and when the "time hole" expands itself, the craft is at the opposite end exiting one "time hole" and entering another. The "human-like" aliens know exactly which "time hole" is compressed, at any given time.


Here is 10 triangles around the world notice how symmetrical they all are. They say the Bermuda triangle comes out near Australia and if you look outside Australia there is one. So its very possible that these triangles cause disorientation when you travel through them. Notice there is only 10 triangles listed here the other 2 i am not sure of there location i think the 11th triangle is in lake Michigan which is called the great lakes triangle and the 12th still may remain hidden. All triangles have one thing in common they all match up to 666 this is why we call the devils triangles because they are suppose to be where the beast comes through a gateway to hell and maybe its not hell maybe an alien world will use these to there advantage either way all of these triangles are deadly if you are in them at the wrong time. Below is a listing of some more triangles keep in mind there are some other ones as well. These triangles may not always be large some may only be one mile vortex that opens up a few times a year.

The highest energy areas seem to center near the 31.7 degree (Positive) or 25 degree (Negative) parallels - North and South:
There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 25 North that may be doors to other dimensions, often called "Vile Vortices" (Vile may be too strong a term):
Bermuda Triangle (planes & ships disappear in green fog),
Algerian Megalithic Ruins (South of Timbuktu),
Karachi (Pakistan) [site of Mohenjo Daro - Rama culture, the ancient origins of Hindu culture],
Devil's Sea Triangle (near IwoJima,Japan) (planes & ships disappear - Japan officially calls dangerous), and
Hamakulia,S.E. Hawaii(heaviest volcanic activity) - actually, the focal point is in the ocean, more to the SE of Hawaii. It is in the Ocean, where some ships and planes have disappeared in the past.

There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 31.7 North that are Positive healing Energy Vortices:
Between Sedona,AZ & Sonora, Mexico (31.7N 112.8W) - Hopi & Yaqui Indian, Hohokom waterworks, Sedona Healing Vortex, - (& magnetic anomalies at Torreon, Mexico?). The calculated Vortex Focus is near the Papago Indian Reservation, W of Tucson, AZ, S of Pisinimo/W. of Cowlic/Vamori/Little Tucson. According to Ken Eagle Feather, in "A Toltec Path" p.11, Castenada's Books on Don Juan (Matus) were centered here.
(mid-Atlantic, Atlantis per Edgar Cayce - "the position ... Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico ... and the Mediterranean"),
Egypt - Pyramids (focus Energy), Mysteries, Rites, Energy, Egyptian Book of the Dead
Himalayas, N.E. of Lhasa(Tibet) - Center for Tibetan Enlightenment - also, not far from Xi'an Pyramids in China. Home of the Panda and ancient irrigation systems
and Midway Island.

Further North, near 50 to 55 North, are some well known Vortices:
Findhorn, Scotland: Key Celtic/Druid Ley Line: Calendish megaliths, Loch Ness, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodger
Kiev (Ukraine, Russia) - Key Eastern Orthodox Religious Site
Buffalo Lake (Alberta Canada), major Indian Medicine Wheels
Hudson Bay, Canada north Magnetic pole, Ugansk Bay, Eskimo Art, Chubb meteor crater
Lake Baikal (Northern Mongolia): Meteor Crash? - unique soil, strange plant & animal genetic changes

In the southern Hemisphere, there are also 5+5 areas, near 25 & 30 South, (most are in less-traveled ocean areas), some of which are the:
Megalithic structures at Sarawak (Borneo),
NanMadol (Pohnpei Island, Micronesia),
Incan Culture in South America,
Easter Island - Megalithic Statues, many of evil Cthulhu - culture degraded to cannibalism, then enslaved,
Gabon(WestAfrica)[alleged natural Atomic Reactor 1.7million yrs ago??]) / Zimbabwe Megaliths.
(Most of the Southern Hemisphere is under water and distant from ship and plane routes, so less is known.)