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Each Gateway will contain roughly 280 places investigated this is to help better organize our investigations. However the amount of investigations per place can be unlimited in each gateway so please note this.

Warning: Some of these places are dangerous, some abandoned, some require permission to visit so please use caution. By browsing our portals you agree that you cannot hold us liable or responsible. We will always respect every location and we can only hope you do. PGS does NOT pass out locations so do not ask they are meant to be appreciated and a learning experience for our viewers nothing more nothing less.

As Of November 11th 2006 Our 3rd Portal Page is now open. Below in each portal you will find 40 places that we investigated much like a chapter in our journeys. Feel free to click on a portal button and read all about these places listed below. Some portals will not be open until places are listed in them!

Investigations To Be Found In This Portal

  1.Kinzua Heights 2.Kissing Bridge 3.Old Waterford Cemetery 4.The Eating Fields 5.Lenhart Cemetery 6.Historical Warren 7.Hearts Content 8.Big Bend & The Giants Cave 9.Counterfeiter's Den 10.Warren Oakland Cemetery 11.Oakland Potters Field 12.Warren State Hospital 13.Prairie Lakes Forest 14.Ghost Town Of Kenansville 15.Strawn Historic Citrus Packing Plant 16.Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery 17.Welaka National Forest & Mt. Royal Indian Mound 18.The Lake Como Pomona Park Cemetery 19.Anastasia Island 20.Saint Augustine Bridge Of Lions & Seaport 21.Old Saint Augustine Jail 22.Saint Augustine National Cemetery 23.Zorayda Castle 24.Rattle Snake Island & Fort Matanzas 25.Wekiwa Springs 26.Central Florida Railroad 27.Sorrento Cemetery 28.Rock Springs & Cavern 29.Split Oak Forest 30.Boulware Springs Waterworks 31.The Haile Plantation 32.Devil's Millhopper 33.Newnansville Ghosttown Cemetery 34.Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic Farmstead 35.Owl Island 36.Weirsdale Presbyterian Cemetery 37.Gator Joe's Bar & Ma Barkers Hideout 38.Lake Eaton Forest & Sinkhole 39.Pleasant Hill Cemetery 40.Davenport Cemetery



1.Kips Castle 2.Overbrook Asylum 3.Lambert Tower 4.Pyramid Mountain & New Jersey's Stonehenge 5.Hibernia St. Patrick's Cemetery 6.Hibernia  7.Waterloo Village 8.Whitesbog 9.Atsion 10.Pine Barrens 11.Harrisville Papermill Ruins 12.Estellville Glassworks 13.Weymouth Furnace 14.The Blue Hole 15.Pleasant Mills Cemetery 16.Batso 17.Friendship 18.Hampton Furnace & The Cranberry Ruins 19.Apple Pie Hill 20.Smithville 21.Double Trouble 22.Jumpers Bridge & Munitions Factory Ruins 23.Clinton Road 24.Liberty Island 25.The World Trade Center Site 26.The Doll House 27.Sinking House 28.Lake Dexter 29.Devila House 30.Fort Butler 31.Sanford Police Department 32.Coral Castle 33.The Edward Williams House 34.West Orange Trail 35.Oakland Historical Cemetery 36.Ocoee Cemetery 37.Earlwood House 38.Lake Ola House 39.Bernard House 40.Tangerine Cemetery

1.Zellwood Evergreen Cemetery 2.Disney's Animal Kingdom 3.Sumica 4.Spook Hill 5.Lake Wales Garden Cemetery 6.Fort DeSoto 7.Maximo Beach & Mound 8. Jungle Prada 9.Sunnyside Cemetery 10.Glen Oak Cemetery Mound 11.MGM / Hollywood Studios Theme Park 12.Fort Mose 13.C.W. Parker Carousel Of Souls 14.Our Lady Of La Leche Chapel, Shrine & Historical Cemetery (The Mission of Nombre de Dios) 15.Barnes Cemetery 16.Langdale Homestead 17.Peniel Cemetery 18.Bardin Forest (Legend Of The Bardin Booger) 19.Entoniah Cemetery 20.Providence Cemetery 21.Union Grove Cemetery 22.Palatka St. Joseph's Cemetery 23.Brooksville Heritage Museum 24.Brooksville Historical Cemetery 25.Roger's Christmas House 26.Chinsegut Hill & Manor 27.Old Spring Hill Cemetery 28.Rainbow Springs 29.Rosewood & Shiloh Cemetery 30.Cedar Key Shell Mound 31.Cedar Key Historic Cemetery 32.Cedar Key 33.Historical Savannah GA 34.Laurel Grove Cemetery 35.Savannah Colonial Cemetery 36.LePageville Cemetery 37.Old Fort Jackson 38.Bonaventure Historical Cemetery 39.Savannah Catholic Cemetery 40.Roundhouse Train Museum Of Savannah



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1.Universal Studios Florida 2.Volcano California 3.Messa Brothers Mine 4.Argonaut/Kennedy mine 5.Moore Mine 6.Amador Stonehenge 7.Pardee Lake 8.Indian Grinding Rock 9.Jackson California 10.The Historic National Hotel 11.Electra Road & Moke Hill River 12.Tiger Creek 13.Mark Twain Cabin 14.Sloth Canyon 15.Las Vegas Woodlawn Cemetery 16.Las Vegas Mormon Fort 17.Mount Charleston NV 18.Lake Mead/Hoover Dam Railroad Tunnels 19.Wild Wild West A UE Of White Rock 20.Valley Of Fire 21.The Lost City 22.Lone Mountain 23.UE Craig Pet Cemetery 24.Bunkers Memory Gardens 25.The Meadows 26.Eden Vale Cemetery 27.Dead Poets Books 28.Palm Mortuary  29.El Dorado Canyon & The Jubilee Mine 30.The Pittsburgh Mine 31.San Juan Mining Camp 32.The Gettysburg Mine 33.Skull Mine 34.Tule Springs 35.Rachel NV-Area 51-Groom Lake 36.Tempiute Mine & Ghost Town 37.Crystal Springs Casino 38.Sheep Mountain/Gass Peak 39.Southern Nevada Railway 40.Boulder City Power Complex



1.Boulder City Cemetery 2.Ethel M. Chocolate Botanical Cactus Gardens 3.El Dorado Canyon Boathouse 4.Nelson Hilltop Mine 5.Goodsprings 6.Goodsprings Mining District 7.Alice Mine 8.God's Land Copper Mine 9.Yellow Pine Mill 10.Goodsprings Cemetery 11.Decatur Palm Cmetyer 12.Cathedral Canyon 13.Chief Tecopa Cemtery (NV) 14. New Tecopa Cemetery California 15.Tecopa Townsite & Mine District 16.French Mountain Exploration 17.Wintry House 18.Blue Diamond 19.Goffs 20.Mitchell Caverns 21.Providence & The Bonanza Mine 22.Kelso 23.Grapevine Canyon & Spirit Mountain 24.Mount Potosi & Mine 25. Eldorado Hills & The Coloado River 26.China Date Farm 27.Gypsum Queen Mine 28.Noonday & The Anaconda Mill 29.War Eagle Mine 30.Dublin Gulch & Shoshone Cemetery 31.Robbers Roost 32.Searchlight NV 33.Searchlight Cemetery 34.Duplex Mine 35.Hobson House 36.Good Hope Mine 37.Shoshone Mines 38.Mount Zion National Park Utah 39.Three Lakes "Legend Of Montezuma's Gold & Curse" 40.Escalante National Monutment - Robinson Homestead - Aztec Treasure Caves - Gunsmoke Movie Set


1.Mount Carmel Cemetery & Stone Church 2.Grafton Utah 3.Harrisburg 4.Silver Reef 5.Silver Reef Protestant Cemetery 6.Silver Reef Catholic Cemetery 7.Old Iron Town 8.St. George Historic Cemetery 9.Meadows Massacre Site 10.Modena & The Lund Hotel 11.Modena Cemetery 12.Richardville Cemetery 13.Alamo Cemetery & The Pahrangat Refuge 14.Fletcher Springs & Canyon 15.Columbia Copper Mine 16.Argentena Mill & Mine 17.St. Thomas Nevada 18.St. Thomas Historic Cemetery 19.Nickel Creek Plant Ruins 20.Hidden Valley Homestead 21.Moapa Post Office 22.Hidden Valley Dairy 23.CCC Dam 24.Gold Butte Nevada 25.Southern NV Mine Company 26.Cyrus Nobel Mine Camp 27.Quartette Mine 28.Kay Manor 29.Delamar Cemetery 30.Delamar Nevada 31.Magnolia Mine 32.Lovell Canyon & Anniversary Mine Ruins 33.Black Mountain 34.Cottonwood Cove Cemetery 35.Chloride Arizone 36.Santa's Land 37.Cerbat 38.Mineral Park 39.Death Valley 40. Bellarat



1.Ballarat California 2.Aguereberry & The Eureka Mine 3.Sedona Arizona 4.Montezuma's Well & Castle 5.Tuzigoot National Monument 6.Jerome AZ 7.Palatki & Honaki (PGS RELOCATES To Lake Tahoe Area Feb. 2011) 8.Empire Cemetery 9.Ormsby County Poor Farm/Fuji Park 10.Devils Gate 11.Dayton Consolidated Mill and Mine 12.Carson City's Lone Mtn. Cemetery 13.Silver City Nevada 14.Silver City Cemetery 15.Gold Hill Nevada 16.Caledonia Mine Works 17.American Flats 18.Gold Hill Masonic Cemetery 19.Gold Hill Catholic Cemetery 20.Virginia City Nevada 21.Silver Terrace Cemeteries (Mason's, Pacific Coast Pioneers, Order Of  Odd Fellows, Knights Of Pythias, West End, Fireman's, Red Men, County, Silver Terrace, Wilson Brown and Mt. Saint Mary's Catholic) 22.Mt. St Mary's Cemetery 23.Storey Count Public Cemetery 24.Ancient Order Of Redmen and Wilson Brown Funeral House Cemeteries 25.Exempt Firemen Cemetery 26.Devils Gate Mine 27.Lake Tahoe 28.Emerald Bay/Eagle Falls & Vikingholme Castle 29.Cave Rock 30.Donner Lake & Memorial Site 31.Rancho San Rafael 32.Pyramid Lake 33.Wadsworth Historic School 34.Berlin Nevada 35.Pleasant Valley Cemetery 36.Grimes Point 37.Washoe Alpine Cemetery 38.East Carson River's Diving Falls 39.Markleeville Ca 40.Kongsberg and Centerville Flats


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