"What Separates Mankind From A God? Is It The Fact That One Thinks Of  Survival Without Consequence While The Other Sacrifices Itself For A Greater Cause Which Rewrites An Untold Sorrowful Fate. Unless You Try To Do Something Beyond What You Have Already Mastered You Will Never Journey Beyond What You Already Are. To Live Beyond The Physical Realm &  Soul  Is True Love & Light For The Sacrifices I have Made A Part Of Me Carries On Eternally In Everything That I Touch & A Part Of Me Dies With Each Man Who Causes Sorrow"

By GodOfThyNight-Lord Rick

Quote Dedicated To Ariel Who Left My World and PGS In June 2006



Birmingham Zoo was dedicated in 1955 since that time this historic area and many animals have came and gone. Are animals psychic can they sense impending disaster?  Its also the site of a  century old Papal burial ground. Find out more here as PGS heads to the Birmingham Alabama Zoo!

Birmingham Oak Hill Cemetery is home to the founders of Birmingham and may just be one of the most beautiful burial grounds in the south. With many civil war soldiers, prominent members, and Sloss Furnaces interments this oak draped cemetery is full of cold spots and strange energies. 

Heart Of Dixie Railroad is the site of the Calera & Woodlawn Depots which exported lime and was surrounded by a small German/Scandinavian settlement. Today it is a railroad museum full of many old steam engines, rail cars and history! What mysteries surround this old train yard?


Whistle Stop Museum in the civil war town of Forsyth GA has two depots side by side making them some of the oldest train stations in the State of GA. Once the site where wounded soldiers were brought off the train today a historical site rumors of a ghostly dog have been told for over a century. Come join us as we tour this important piece of history!



Lake Woodruff  National Wildlife Refuge was once home to the Timucuan Indians it was also the site of some of the oldest pottery found. Today what remains are its canals, lakes, and old trails where many alligators infest this secluded place. Journey with us as we travel deep into the swampy refuge! 


Braddock Cemetery rumored to be haunted was created by the first Methodist Church of Pierson. This little burial ground has a dismal feeling to it as it sits surrounded by woods and early pioneers of Pierson's Past! 



The Braddock House sits alone near a cemetery full of mystery and despair. Feelings of being watched, cold spots, and giant spiders infest this condemned home. What secrets reside within?



Long Cemetery a permanent resting place for the early pioneers of the Yearling trail haunt this little hidden cemetery deep in the woods. A strange fog and feeling of a presence surround this historical site. Step on into one of the most eerie cemeteries in the Ocala Forest.

The Bauer House is the most haunted house in New Smyrna Beach. Haunted by a young girl who was murdered there is more to this estate then what is told. Ghostly foot steps, moans, cold spots, and anomalies caught on video are just a few of the odd happenings here! The question remains what really happened in this eerie house?



Smyrna Dunes Park was once the site of famous explorers, pirates and native Americans. Today it is a site of dunes and pristine desolate beaches. There is a gloomy feeling which surrounds this area as the light pulsates upon its shores from the Ponce Inlet lighthouse!


Flagship Harbor Park was the place Charles Lindbergh once landed his spirit of St. Louis in. Today it is a preserve, harbor and park with many scenic trails. What secrets does this gloomy place hold?

Old Salt Park had a resort and golf course built around it. At one time it was the site of a an old confederate meat curing camp. Today on cinnamon beach there is rock formations from the past and a sense of history left behind!

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Park was formed as a dedication to the folk lore singer and railroad tycoon Henry Flagler. Alot of history surrounds this 200 acre jewel.  Do Rogers and Flagler haunt this memorial site?


The 420 House once a part of Deland history now a part of desolation. This house has an odd feeling to it as we explore its cellar and steep stairwells. What secrets haunt this old home?

The Graves House one of the oldest in Deltona was once home to a fire captain. Now with its heavy flooding it sits alone in the growth hidden from birds eye view. A strange noise, feelings of being watched and fog which moves around quickly are just a few mysteries that surround this property. 

The Nicols House one of the oldest ranches in Deltona lays rotting away in the Florida tropical growth. Everything was left behind including a piece of the past such as dresses, beds, plates, golf clubs etc. What lurks in this red wooden ranch house?


The Woodland Complex once the site of 4 apartments, a restaurant, garage, and pawn shop sits desolate. All that remains is its remnants of what it once was!

Wayside Park & Lake Monroe Bridge is the site of Florida's first electronically swinging bridge. Today only half of it remains as a part of St. John's history. There is more to this little park then what the locals realize!

The Whitehouse is one of the most oddest houses in all of Central FL as a fire alarm beeps, lizards are found dead in the drain and giant spiders crawl waiting for there next victim. This house was left and forgotten. 


The Rose House is a historical home once housing a business. High EMF readings, cold spots, and a very pushy ghost are just a part of its history here. Take a walk with us as we tour one very creepy home!


The Holiday House is another historical house that once was a crafts store. What mysterious surround this energetic place. Crafts are not the only thing happening in this quaint little house.

The King Forest is an eerie little place outside the town of Cassadaga. In this special investigation we will share the sad story of Joshua Bryant and Lillian Martin. See what you can do to help and learn about the abandoned road that cuts through the heart of this dismal forest. 

Speer Park was once the site of a great fort and Orange Grove Plantation. Today its a historical park and surrounded by one of Sanford's oldest housing communities. Some of the material from Indian Mound Village was used here to fertilize citrus. Journey with us on this historical tour. 

The Celery House once a place of country living now a place of burnt soot has many unsolved mysteries such as who perished in this place? Why are children's toys unscathed by the flames? and what watches from the barn out back?



Indian Mound Village is an ancient site with many important relics to native American history. Mammoth Teeth, Pottery, Beads and Bones have all been discovered at this desecrated tomb discovered in the 1700s. Now a housing community surrounds this mystical place and guarded by a strange white feline with watchful eyes!


**Special NY Investigation**

The Great Iroquois Catacombs & Mines remain hidden from public view nestled in a haunted forest where Indians once had a village. The locals pass rumors around about people disappearing inside never to come out, miles of maze like tunnels, and other strange things. Journey with us as PGS returns to NY to bring you one of the greatest investigations in the history of the organization. Many ghost lurk these dark damp place!


Boggy Creek Cemetery a family owned cemetery sits nestled in a quiet neighborhood. Changing names many times this eerie little place has many unmarked graves. What secrets await in this haunting place where the Boggy Creek restless roam? 

Rose Hill Cemetery is the largest cemetery in all of Osceola County providing burials of politicians, many civil war soldiers and residents of Kissimmee an old cow town. Take a stroll with us into history as we tour this beautifully large place of the deceased. 


Osceola Memory Gardens is a fairly new cemetery with lush gardens, a giant tomb, and many memorials. A strange presence lurks near the last supper and in the great tomb. There is more to these gardens then you will ever realize. 


The Hell House once a horse farm with green prairies now a place that looks like hell is rumored to hold secret rituals and spooks.. The once quaint farm house is now a place of bones, splattered blood, bats, and lurking things around each corner? Come right into The Hell House!


Dead Man's Oak one of the most famous haunted places in central Florida is said to be cursed by a headless rider on a white horse. The oak used in various rituals is said to be more then strange. But what is even stranger is the screams heard in the woods, reports of a monster in the woods, and paranormal happenings in the area! Is this an urban legend? Or is something sinister happening surrounding this woodsy area?


Shingle Creek Grapefruit Plantation a place of history as early pioneers planted fruit trees, raised cattle and survived deep in the Florida backwoods. Today this desolate place shows remnants of the past as antique cars, a well, old farm tools grace the property. Rumors of strange paranormal occurrences are said to take place back in the groves behind this plantation!


Babb Ranch is a place for many locals to gather and mingle. Surrounded by the unseen this horse ranch has a very eerie feeling and its overgrown by lush brush. Consumed by arachnids, vandalism, and cold spots its apparent more then horses roam the ranch. What is in the drums out back? Why was this place left abandoned? Many mysterious surround this location. 


The Prince House unfit for a prince was laid abandoned only for vandals to take swings at its windows, van, and interior. A strange scent lurks in the area as the dearly departed careful watch us explore the property. 


Shingle Creek Cemetery is home to many civil war soldiers and early pioneers of the local Methodist Church. A eerie feeling lurks around the dead tree. This cemetery belongs in a horror movie and we bring these chills to  you!

Warren State Hospital Cemetery contains many burials from the nearby asylum. What mysteries does this cemetery on a hill hold? Only a few graves remain out of the 900 burials. Have an ice crisp walk with PGS as we revisit Warren PA.


Chapman Dam is an area full of UFO sightings and Bigfoot activity. Lots of history surrounds this area including an old mill. Once the area of a cover-up now a place for hikers Chapman Dam holds many secrets around these woods. 


The beautiful Clarendon Hills overlooking the town was once the area of a lonely bigfoot. Strange screams are still heard in the night near a pit with no bottom. This brings a whole new meaning to The Hills Have Eyes. 


Hermit's Den is a small tectonic cave where a hermit lived just outside a small lumber camp and town. The question remaining is whether he chose to permanently stay! Climb into a very dark place with us. 


Marshburg Cemetery contains many pioneers from the nearby town of  Marshburg. Sitting on a woodsy road their is no doubt that this place is quite eerie once the sun goes beyond the mountains.








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