"Above A Mass Of Entities Taken At A War Of 1812 Cemetery Taken  By AngelOfThyNight"

"To experience life you first must taste death but to become one with immortality you must journey beyond both"


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Instone House built in the 1800s and was enlarged and built into an ancient Indian Mound which still is very well in tact today. A ghostly woman standing in the doorway, red orbs, moving cold spots, and the feeling of being followed in these 3 stories of Victorian architecture are just a few of the supernatural occurrences. Step right into one very haunted house!


Seminole Rest Caretakers House was once a post office and a place where local residents could maintain the various shell middens in the area. Near by is a non-historical pier and garage as well. A strange presence lurks in a dark upstairs room. This gloomy cottage overlooking mosquito lagoon is full of many surprises. 

The Charles Dummett Grave is now surrounded by a riverside park, quiet little shops, streets and docks. Once a place where a plantation once stood the young boy mysterious died in a hunting accident and was buried where New Smyrna sits today. What really happened can we uncovered this mystery? 



Lake Beresford Trails & Plantation is one of the oldest plantations to the Deland area. A sad tale of a disaster which struck the plantation occurred in the 1700s do the ghost roam its present day site? A ball of light, strange screams in the night, and being followed is just the beginning to these haunted trails. Journey with us as we seek our Lord Beresford's mansion!

The Deland Amtrak Station site dates back all the way to the 1800s when some of Florida's first rails were laid out along the St. Johns River. Today this little station in the woods is full of history and tragedy as some have boarded their last train. Take a stroll along the midnight express as we journey down these lonesome tracks in the Florida swamps and woods.

Big Tree Park is a place where ancient trees still mystify the world today. Strange movement in the woods, noises, ice cold spots and the feeling of great knowledge surround the area. Today one of the largest/oldest bald cypresses and trees in the country lives to tell a tall tale. Walk with us as we journey into the woods in search of The Senator & Lady Liberty Trees!



Candyland Park a place where baseball dreams come true is a very gloomy place at night. A place where many ballparks and perhaps even haunts reside. The cemetery nearby tells us all as somehow their is a connection. This place should be called deadland!


Longwood Cemetery is a place where many prominent individuals are buried from Longwood Florida's history books. This was also the place where two of the oldest stones had baseball symbols engraved upon their grave! What haunts roam this little cemetery after dark? 


St. Luke's Cemetery is a mere symbol of the early Slavia colony settlers to the Oviedo area. Rumors of being scratched, feeling watched, and much more are said to reside here. Do the early Slovak remain restless at this little country cemetery?



Celery Fields Of Chapman Road was once part of a colony named Slavia. Today all that remains are a well, shack, barren fields, trails, woods and a few private homes. Rumors of a man with a suitcase and ghostly children are said to haunt the dirt road and celery field. Who are these ghost? Colonist of Slavia or early pioneers of Oviedo?


Boston Hill Cemetery is an old black cemetery dating all the way back to the 1800s before white settlers moved on into the area. Rumors of strange fog, cold spots, a hanging man, and praying woman are just a few stories told here. Walk with us as we investigate the weathered upper burial graves of Boston Hill!



The Oviedo Ghost Lights perhaps are one of the most mysterious phenomena in the state of Florida. Locals have passed on stories about strange glowing balls of light seen along the Econlockhatchee river, road and bridge. Some say swamp gas others swear its the supernatural. Journey with us as we investigate the River of mounds and a bridge said to be haunted by a man. The glowing green ball of light and green eyes reveal to us the truth!


Chandlers Place sits in desolation at this complex once was a thriving duplex. Now all that remains are the sounds of ghostly footsteps, cold spots, and remnants of the past. An eerie energy seems to lurk is this abandoned structure.

The Monastery once a place for monks to pray then a golf course club house has many haunted tales. Stories of frying pans flying off the walls, ghostly voices, and a strange presence in the kitchen. Take a walk with us as we roam the gloomy halls, courtyard, and sanctuary of this paranormal hotspot. 



Flagler Beach & Pier was built in the 1920s and has seen a long history of hurricanes and even deaths on this quite red sandy beach. Many battles were fought and ships sank off the coast during the sieges of Saint Augustine the oldest city in the nation.



Flagler Palm Gardens Cemetery has a sad presence which surrounds many young graves. Feelings of being watched near piles of stones and a playful ghost are just a few of the occurrences in Flagler's most elegant and largest cemetery!


The Eatman Family Cemetery is an extremely secluded burial ground with almost 200 years of history to the palm coast Flagler area. Lots of ghost haunt this small little cemetery nestled in the woods who are they?

Washington Oaks State Park & Gardens was a place where a relative of George Washington our nations first presidents descendant resided. With a few hundred years of history its gardens have been preserved for almost a century. Washington Oaks is a place where love, tragedy, life and even death have all come together.


Lake Mary Cemetery has many prominent burials from early settlements within the area. Many sad stories are told of its permanent guest. The glowing eyes and teddy bear near the woods make the imagination wander is this once neglected cemetery.

Gemini Springs was once the site of a cattle and crop plantation in the 1800s. Near the grand Debary Hall these springs have a long historical significance to the area. Today a gloomy feeling resides over these twin springs. Many different ghost haunt the wooded paths surrounding this ancient place.

Debary Veterans Memorial Park is a place where many local heroes perished in various wars. Now a place of memorials, an anchor and fighter jet a sense of sadness surrounds this little park. Does the veteran's who once were wander the lonesome hill or does something unknown surround this place of remembrance. 


Volusia Memorial Park is a place of gardens, memorials, and many new burials. What ghostly secrets walk within this extremely large burial ground? A very eerie feeling surrounds the many mausoleums here.


Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery a place where many confederate soldiers are buried as well as many unmarked burials. Only under the oldest tree tells all tales in this rumored to be place of the supernatural. 

Ormond Beach & The Birthplace of speed was the place of the first auto races in the country as many records were set marking a new age. Many disaster have befallen on this quiet beach for over a century. Now a place of energy many tragedies and mysteries surround this beach as once a boy was killed here and a giant UFO hovered over its waters. This beach is full of events!


Ormond Gethsemane conditions are deplorable and deteriorating. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair lurk amongst the high grass and weeds covering most graves. Many stones are badly vandalized and even one the coffin is almost exposed. The unseen is left to roam giving us signs of where they were buried in the many unmarked burials here.


Holly Hill Shady Rest Cemetery is a very tree covered place where the deceased can watch from the darkness. Cold Spots, A Banging Coffin and intense feelings near the eerie Mausoleum are just a few of the wonders here. Come walk with us around this shady place of the departed!

Espanola Cemetery is a place of various  tall tales. Erected in 1875 many different unseen friends roam amongst the forested graves including many prominent names to the area like Pellicer and Moody. Many high EMF readings, strange scents, and even a sense of being touch are just a few of the occurrences at this horrifying cemetery!


Princess Place once known as Cherokee grove is the place of one of the oldest standing structures in Flagler county known as the Princess lodge and one of Florida's first in ground swimming pools. With over 2000 acres of woods this eerie jewel near the historic Old Kings Road is a place of love, tragedy, life and even death. What supernatural mysteries uphold this land once owned by the Spanish?

Mala Compra Plantation at Bing's Landing has two centuries of history as this one grand farming community fell to the Seminoles. Much history surrounds this place as Hernandez a part of Florida's history lived out his years here. Who is the ghostly child and the man by the Matanzas River?

The Maple House a historical home is a place of many spirits which roam its dark halls. Once a place of a fire and a gun shot suicide this place will send chills down your spine. Who is the lady that hides in the dark corner of a room? Footsteps and doors closing are just a few of the occurrences here so Take a stroll with us as we tour one of the oldest haunted houses in Sanford FL.


The Deland Old Masonic Temple has a long history of events such as it once was a Masonic lodge, bus station, furniture store, and many other things over the years. Rumored to have a dark history of hangings, murders, and even tragic deaths this historic haunted building is home to many different ghost!


Ravine State Gardens is an example of Florida's ancient history as a small creek carved into the earth a world of its own. Once a place of a Bartram's headquarters, then a mill and today lush gorgeous gardens this ancient location resembles a Jurassic Park like setting. Journey with us as we travel deep down into the ravine and stroll threw the haunting gardens if you dare!

St. Monica Catholic Cemetery is a place of many early Palatka Pioneers. Many stones remain worn, broken and surrounded by rusted wrought iron. Once a part of Westview Cemetery the site of a fort rest nearby. St. Monica's Church one of the first catholic parishes in the Palatka area bought these burial grounds in the 1800s for the deceased to roam amongst its old graves!


Westview Historic Cemetery is a place of archaeological finds, Seminole Battles and Prominent Burials from Florida's history. Today amongst the graves a tomb is found open, stones are leaning, and only the departed from the beyond know of its tales. Much history and unsolved mysteries remain in this place that once was more then just a cemetery.


Bronson Mulholland House & Putnam Historic Museum was the site of Fort Shannon during the Seminole War and The Civil War.  Now two of the oldest standing structures in Palatka. Many different spirits haunt this place of the past watching from its windows at its curious visitors!

The Old Bostwick Schoolhouse built over a century ago served the Bostwick Baptist Church locals for many years. Later it became abandoned for only the unseen children to wander its halls. Much mystery surrounds the woodsy grounds of this schoolhouse and church. 



Edgewater Cemetery is a place of many early pioneers for the town that once was Hawks. Does the founder still wander this monolithic graveyard? Much remains to be seen as many New Smyrna and Edgewater residents made a permanent stay here. 

Sea Pines Memorial Cemetery is a place of many World War Veterans and their families. It may look peaceful but that is deceiving......especially around the All Faiths Mausoleum where a strong presence lurks around ever dark corner. Take a stroll with us amongst Edgewater's Heroes.

Spruce Creek Park & Preserve has one of the most important Timucuan Shell Middens in the state of Florida. With many trails, swamps, woods and history this is one place you do not want to spend the night. Once the site of an Indian village, Plantation, & Historic Hunting Lodge this preserve has many stories of ghost even a giant alligator named Old One Eyed Joe! Join us for this mysterious journey!


Fort Cooper sat along a vital military road during the civil war. It boasted hundreds of troops which fought off the Seminoles during the second war that broke out. Many skirmishes led to death and only today the ghost of the past roam this haunting forest.



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