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Author Topic: Karla Homolka: Murderess  (Read 2985 times)

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Karla Homolka: Murderess
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:45:40 PM »

Karla Homolka seemed like a normal teenager. Who could have guessed that she would become one of Canada's most infamous murderers?

Karla Homolka was born on May 4, 1970 to Dorothy and Karel Homolka of Port Credit, Ontario. She was a pretty girl with blonde hair who did well in school. She had loving parents and the family grew to include two sisters and several pets. She was brought up in a nice home in a middle class neighborhood.

Karla was very popular. Her friends flocked to her house where they sat around the pool, listened to music and talked ?girl talk.? Karla seemed to be a normal teenager. There were never any outward signs to indicate to those that knew and loved her that she had a psychopathic personality.
In October 1987, Karla met Paul Bernardo at a pet convention in Toronto. The couple engaged in sexual intercourse the same day. From that moment on, Karla was obsessed with the handsome, young accountant. Paul quickly took control of her life, telling her what to wear, what music to listen to and what she could and could not do. What Paul said was law. Karla seemed to be happy with this arrangement and once stated that she would do ANYTHING to make Paul happy.

It has never been divulged whether or not Karla was aware that Paul was committing a series of rapes in Scarborough at the time. Karla did know that Paul wanted to claim her younger sister Tammy?s virginity. Karla stole Halothane, an anesthetic used on animals, from the veterinary clinic where she worked. She was prepared to fulfill Paul?s fantasy.

On December 24, 1990, Karla administered Halothane to Tammy while their parents slept upstairs. Both Paul and Karla had intercourse with the fifteen-year-old and video taped the entire episode. But something went horribly wrong! Tammy died on her way to the hospital one week before her sixteenth birthday. The official cause of death was aspiration. Tammy had choked to death on her own vomit. Karla grieved her sister for a short period of time but soon her thoughts were completely filled with her upcoming wedding.

Leslie Mahaffy was fourteen when she met Paul Bernardo prowling in her backyard in the early morning hours of July 15, 1991. She was an only child and quite rebellious. Paul lured her to his car under the ruse of giving her a cigarette. He pulled a knife, held it to her throat and drove away. He and Karla held Leslie hostage in their home in Port Dalhousie, where they raped her. The sessions were video taped. She was never seen alive again. On June 29, 1991, a couple canoeing on Lake Gibson found Leslie?s body encased in cement. The braces Leslie wore on her teeth gave a positive identification.

On April 16, 1992, Kristen French was abducted from a church parking lot in St. Catherines Ontario, on her way home from school. Paul and Karla took her to their home. Leslie knew where the house was and could identify them. She would have to die.

Karla and Paul made Kristen their sex slave. They tortured her unmercifully in ways too horrific to mention. These indignities continued for several days. The couple killed Kristen on Easter Sunday, before Karla?s parents came for dinner. On April 30, Kristen?s body was found in a ditch not far from the grave of Leslie Mahaffy. Her beautiful long, dark hair had been cropped. Because she had not been dismembered, police didn?t link the two crimes.

Paul Bernardo?s name continued to surface time after time in connection with the Scarborough Rapist. In February 1993, a blood analysis done at the forensic laboratory in Toronto pinpointed Paul as the perpetrator. Had the forensic team tested his blood when it was first taken several years before, Paul would have been in jail when the girls were murdered.

After the blood analysis, the police put Paul under surveillance. They learned that Karla had filed assault charges against him. Paul continued to physically abuse his wife. Karla left him in January 1993.

In February, the Ontario Green Ribbon Task Force, which had been formed to solve the ?Ken and Barbie,? murders as they were dubbed, decided to interview Karla. They took her fingerprints and questioned her about a Mickey Mouse watch in her possession that was very similar to the one worn by Kristen French when she disappeared. She was detained for five hours. At this time she realized that investigators had linked her husband to the Scarborough rapes.

Karla knew the jig was up. She told her uncle that Paul had committed the rapes and murdered Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. She failed to admit that she was an active and willing accomplice.

In mid-February, Paul was arrested on both the rape and murder charges. On February 19, armed with a search warrant, the police searched the couple?s Port Dalhousie home. They found a video of Karla engaged in sex with two women. A week later, Karla?s lawyer and a plea-bargain specialist for the attorney general cut a deal with her. She would be sentenced to twelve years in prison for the deaths of each of the girls. The sentences would be served concurrently. It would prove to be the worse plea-bargain in Canadian history.

In exchange for the reduced sentence, Karla agreed to tell the absolute truth about what had occurred in the wood frame house in Port Dalhousie. Prosecutors didn?t realize that the entire plea process on Karla?s part was a blatant lie.

Paul?s trial didn?t take place for two years because he had placed his lawyer, Ken Murray, in an unethical position. Paul had given him the videotapes that he and Karla had made of their sexual escapades. After Ken Murray was removed from the case, he turned the videotapes over to police. On September 1, 1995, Paul was convicted on all counts. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for twenty-five years. Karla was sent to jail to serve her twelve-year term. Paul?s appeal was set for 2000. Last year, the appeal was denied. Karla was eligible for parole in 2001.

On March 8, 2001, Karla went before the National Parole Board after undergoing psychiatric evaluation. The findings were exactly the opposite of what was found when she was first arrested. Experts testified that they believed Karla was a psychopath. She has shown no remorse for any of the crimes, including the death of her sister, Tammy. She still portrays herself as a victim.

The National Parole Board denied Karla?s application for parole. They ruled as follows: ?The board believes that, if released, you are likely to commit an offence causing the death of or serious harm to another person before the expiration of the sentence you are now serving.?

In 2005, when she has served her full sentence, she will be released without being eased back into society. Under Canadian law, she cannot be kept in prison indefinitely. A psychopath will once again be free to murder, torture and rape.

"I've seen now what I have to become to stop men like him."


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