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  • January 23, 2021, 05:14:35 AM *
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This website is focused on keeping the Internet World up to date with Theatrical Clowns which perhaps amuse, entertain,steal,lie,show hatred, harass, libel, stalk, threaten or show obsessiveness towards Lord Rick (Talk Show Host, Founder Of PGS & Author). We are specifically aiming towards satirical commentary about Ass Clowns and the hypocrisy they bring to the Internet community. Feel free to laugh afterall its always free. If you do not want to be on Theatrical Clowns to bad you put yourself here as our board revolves around antibullying the bullies!

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Two Episodes About Paranormal Bullying & Evan (Fraud, Bully, Children Exploiter, Defamator, Libler, Slanderer & Liar)

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Author Topic: RIP Brett Watson & Evan Dragging His Name Through The Mud....PROOF!!!  (Read 4335 times)

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First off my condolences go out to SIN Australia and Brett Watsons Family. Brett and I so most of you know did not start off as friends it was because Evan was lying to him about me. Brett had gotten coaxed or manipulated by Evan. You see Evan plays with peoples lives he plays the pity card then when people find out who I really am they find out I am not such a bad guy. Brett found the light within me and eventually we became friends as well as allies. I even did a show in his name which will be posted above on our pages so people can view it and I am sure he would be pleased with it if we were still here with us. Brett loved his kids very much and the ocean however Evan prior to his death would not leave him alone.

Evan was making videos about him, filing rip off reports against his demonology school, making shows, writing blogs, memes etc against Brett all prior to his death. After his death then Evan pretended like they were best friends yet during that episode Evan was bad mouthing him and saying that he should get all the credit for Brett's success. I just feel I had to say it so everybody knows that Evan is a piece of lying trash who dragged Brett through the mud then played the besty card after his death to cover up all of this. So I am posting some of our conversations here so you can see I am not twisting anybody's thumbs that indeed Evan was harassing Brett before and even after his death.

Evan is a felon anotherwards people a criminal who was convicted of kidnapping and other crimes. He is a sociopath and a liar more so he attacked Brett because he did not like the fact that he had a demonology school. Brett's friend was working on this prior to the murder because Brett knew that Evan's hugest supporter was shady. Brett's school was not shady you knew where he came from and what he stood for but with Ron it was about the money. Brett tried to expose this and also quit as his cohost for Beyond The Edge Of Reality then Evan went on a full out assault. So now all of you can get the whole entire story because I am posting it publicly for all to see. Yes Brett was being stalked constantly daily by Evan and people have a right to know. He was attacking SIN Australia just like he does with our sites and doing anything he could to shut down the demonology school which I do support because even my group has needed help with demonic possessions in some cases. I will miss Brett he was a pretty funny guy besides the fact that our friendship was starting to bloom and now he is gone. Evan however is going to fry since Brett cannot fight for himself in this matter I will fight for him!

See Evan is just making up shit if you want to see the news video I have it right here. Brett was not murdered over cyber bullying bold face lie he is just trashing him after his death. He was murdered by his exwife and her bf then shoved in a car and left in the middle of nowhere. This is the article again unlike Evan I support factual information with links and documents!

Both Evan and Darlene wrote this it does not hold any truth. Brett started his own school this pissed Evan off because he wanted Brett to be under Ron Feyl its to bad people do not realize that Ron runs a business not an actual school. Therefore when Evan did not like that he started libeling and slandering him on blogs even his own show all the way to ripoff report!

A conversation between Brett and I. Brett even admits that Evan is obsessed with him he is right Evan is a stalker he also has allot of fake accounts on FB which were being used to watch Brett. Eventually Evan started blogging about Brett and attacking him for no good reason other then the fact that he would no longer get involved with his drama. Obviously Brett did not want anything to do with Chuck considering he had a warrant out for him and of course Evan loves dealing with shady people. Remember when Evan was involved with that sex offender John Baptist? Just another prime example!

This is Brett and I discussing the issue as you can see Evan put his school on Ripoff report out of spite to get back at him.  The only time a person should ever use Ripoff report is when they are frauded themselves. Evan had no involvement in his school therefore the report on Ripoffreport is NOT valid. Brett is the new owner of Crisedu and Evan knew this. Thankfully as far as I can tell RIPOFFREPORT removed most of the content that was up there about Brett and put down its under new ownership. However prior to his passing Brett really was upset that someone could do this to his school when he worked so hard to help others.

Kenneth asked Evan to remove the bullying, hate blogs etc about Brett instead Evan writes another one. Brett is no longer here with us there is no reason at all Evan should ever be even writing about him period. Evan claims that Brett wronged him and even though due to his passing it does not change a thing. Therefore Evan has resentment and hate in his heart thus that makes him not a true follower of God. Because even though I am not religious I do understand the bible and what it teaches. Thou shall not hate and that is what this is pure hatred for even a man who is no longer here with us. At the bottom of it Evan puts himself under an animated waterfall pretty lame if you ask me. Evan if I were you I would remove all the hate you have done towards Brett or your going to have a problem once people see this! To support my statement check out the link

Lets not forget this blog either at this is nothing but a bunch of garbage. Let me tell you something I talk to Chad and Evan is constantly bullying him. He also drags his name through the mud making up lies and Chad is a really nice guy. Evan was jealous because Chad invited him to be on his radio show therefore he wrote a blog about it. You have the link but in case it comes up missing you have the blog. I only cut out half of it the other half hates on Jerry Williams who has taken over the school for Brett in his honor. Evan also hates on Jerry to making up lies and I believe there is a pending law suit for libel/slander pending.

And for the grand finale of it all watch how Evan talks to me on youtube and Brett did help defend me so you can read what he told Evan at this link:

Lord Rick

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