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  • January 23, 2021, 05:39:06 AM *
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This website is focused on keeping the Internet World up to date with Theatrical Clowns which perhaps amuse, entertain,steal,lie,show hatred, harass, libel, stalk, threaten or show obsessiveness towards Lord Rick (Talk Show Host, Founder Of PGS & Author). We are specifically aiming towards satirical commentary about Ass Clowns and the hypocrisy they bring to the Internet community. Feel free to laugh afterall its always free. If you do not want to be on Theatrical Clowns to bad you put yourself here as our board revolves around antibullying the bullies!

It is either the opinion of the particular author, a re-post of their own posts collected, collaborated information, or a commentary about their statements or actions. We make every attempt to post source links, screen shots, and quoted text with each entry. Our agreement is you must be 18 and over to join and view. For entertainment purposes ONLY! However we are a parody site this board is about making press then validating it with any public evidence sent into us based on the interviews we conduct and investigations we do.

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Two Episodes About Paranormal Bullying & Evan (Fraud, Bully, Children Exploiter, Defamator, Libler, Slanderer & Liar)

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Author Topic: Evan Continues To Bully Others It Never Stops......More Proof!  (Read 2352 times)

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Evan Continues To Bully Others It Never Stops......More Proof!
« on: December 03, 2014, 09:45:41 AM »
I see that you have not had enough or learned your lesson wow this ought to be good for business bullying others and talking shit. You see everybody this piece of crap talks about everybody and he does not even have his facts straight.  He bullies people for no good reason other then he thinks by bringing up their names he is going to to become famous!
Lord Rick

Annette never robbed anyone nor did she break out of jail. I looked into it and you have her name confused with someone else. So if your investigating frauds in this field then how can you do it when your claims have no accuracy. See everyone he bullies Annette because she will not cancel Christina's show therefore he told her if she did not he would bully her well here ya go enough said!

This is Evan wanting pity he says he is disabled that is why he sends porn to little kids, bullies others and types like a 3rd grader. Your nothing but a fucktard Evan you cannot use disability as an excuse to break the law. As a matter in fact if my criminal charges go through your going to lose your disability trust me because child porn is against the law you perv! Jokes on YOU!!!!

Just more proof that others on Facebook are not allowed to have a voice because Evan stalks them under his fake accounts then turns them into facebook. So what if she posted the document its true therefore in the court of law she has every right to post it. But you do not know that because your really not an editor, news site or have enough brains to know she exercised her right of the 1st amendment. CLOWN

This is Evan's previous Cohost they quit did not want to be involved in his drama months later he is cutting out there faces and posting them on MEMES just another case of paranormal bullying period! So what if they quit so what if they refused to bully others for his cause. They did nothing wrong to you your just a little pussy who cant handle anybody who does not want to be involved in your bullshit and illegal activities. Jason is a biker and we will let him know this the Motorcycle club can then deal with it from there!!!

Again NOT true at all Rosalind runs her own business she writes about the paranormal she does not go to clients houses or chase cases. She is more of a person who authors paranormal stories and such. She is a good writer much better then Darlene Twatts or Evan the Perverse clown who cant spell worth shit. He has called her queen of the damned and me Satan. According to Evan her and I are now a couple wonder where he got that news? Just another case of more bullying!

Bullying Daniel so what if he canceled the event there are allot of people suing you Evan I know 6 right off the bat. He should sue you too because chances are your harasses his business and organization thus your the cause of loss profits period.

See Evan is so cowardly that whenever you try to contact him truthfully he deletes the messages so nobody else can see them. He did this with his blogs and he did this on his page which he runs. Listen to what Eric has to say I know him he is a very intelligent man and I could not have said it better. You see Evan we have a copy of it you may have deleted it but my site gets more hits then yours so now people will see the truth lol. You can delete shit all you want it will end up here for the world to see rather then your 2 hits a day stupid FB page.

What did you learn from this? That Evan is nothing more then a bully period and ill keep posting his bullying if it means getting him shut down. He is already in trouble for sending lewd images to minors that could spell jailtime in his future. Do you now want to be associated with him think about it real good! I sure would not want my good name tainted by this perv and bully!
Lord Rick


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