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Two Episodes About Paranormal Bullying & Evan (Fraud, Bully, Children Exploiter, Defamator, Libler, Slanderer & Liar)

Paranormal Wannabe Ass Clowns > Evan - Elmer Fudd, Shrek, Father Fucktard. Homer Simpson and Krusty The Perverse Racist Clown (Beyond The Edge Of Reality Radio and Spring Creek Demon Busters)

ADULT CONTENT - Evan Bombs Our Paranormal Community & Youtube Threatens Sabotage

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In spite of our wishes that Evan cease and desist he continues to harass our youtube channel by leaving rude comments, threatening to blog about us and even sabotage our site. We are entitled to our research just as our right to express our views freely using any means of journalism necessary to substantiate our claims against this individual. If he does not wish to be on theatrical clowns then he needs to quit contacting us and conducting himself illegally towards us on as well as offline end of story! This is taken from Evan's google plus since he enjoys to use it to harass us tonight ill make sure all of you see how disturbed he actually is who does this?

It is very apparent that Evan's delusional rants are all about making threats acting like a tough guy. It first started off with him trolling Brett which commented on a radio show I posted on our youtube the episode is here: its about anti bullying and some of the callers who call in tell their stories about how this clown abused them plain and simple. That is why he feels he has the right to bomb our youtube or anyone in support of this great episode. However after he was done threatening Brett with his I am going to blog about you bullshit he then turns towards me threatening to shut us down and making up a bunch of stories which hold no validation whatsoever through his google+ which I will say is now officially blocked since I finally figured out how he was bombing our videos.

It is very apparent that Evan is stalking our youtube as much as he stalks our group sometimes even reporting me for posting my own UFO evidence SERIOUSLY! It is harassment just as much as him posting lewd images to minors that this is a serious issue. What people need to understand is that if you go through theatrical clowns you will see this individual has a repetitive history of burning folks in the field. Its not just burning its bullying others particularly women and even exploiting their kids by creating sock puppet accounts using the parents kids photos. Evan is a kidnapper end of story we have the records my friend who is a state police officer also ran his record for me and yes he was given 10 years. He pretends to be ordained and the I have a tumor in the head act but the truth is he lies just as he calls multiple male paranormal investigators child molesters while he verbally abuses to hurt women in the paranormal community. So in these series of screen shots lets reveal the real Evan once and for all. Nobody can be upset with me for showing you the terror that this individual continues to cause its evident and the evidence speaks for itself.

Pay very close attention to the highlighted red area now look at the image below!

This image was posted at a site called:

About two weeks ago he sent this image to my google plus paranormal community and yes we have many underage kids who are on it to learn about monsters as well as the strange. Yes he PSP my face to a person bent over since this went out to many underage kids then that must mean we have someone who exhibits pedophilia behavior true or not?

Another rude comment only this time he accuses me of being on drugs and that is the issue. Evan has no proof to back up his claims so what I smoke a joint here and there medicinally. There is no drug charges on my record nor do I have a drug use history nor do I condone or use drugs PERIOD! Another lie that Evan devises in order to run my name through the mud! Words of the wise you dumb ass this is not a teepee and it is on public land I know I took a forest ranger back here because someone was illegally poaching nice try. The Humboldt Toiyabe national forest is just that PUBLIC not native maybe native 165 years ago but Kings Canyon is a hot spot for hikers and the peaks around it are free to climb so right there you been caught in a bold face LIE!

This is Evan bashing Hawk who right now is in the hospital dying of cancer. Hawk never set up Evan if you do not wish to believe what I say listen to this episode Evan comes on the show Hawk was very sincere then Evan calls him a dumb motherfucker. Who talks like that to a radio show host all because they ask an honest question come on people think about it here is the proof which disproves Evan

This is Evan harassing a good member of mine her name is Rebecca and she loves the paranormal. But she does not love the fact that Evan bullies women in the paranormal community. In actuality Evan believes that women should not be involved in the paranormal field or become demonolgist that their can be only one which of course is Evan because he exhibits narcissism. Lets face it Christina is not a thief she is not a murderer she is not a fraud as Evan claims. She helps people all the time for free her lectures are free and she does her shows voluntarily. Evan drags her name through the mud constantly and he has no proof of anything he says. He has no records to show that she is a thief or a fraud other then he is personally pissed off that she is friends with me truthfully.

Once again calling her a thief and me a drug addict. I do not know where he has any proof I do drugs or that I am an addict. Does someone actually think that I would survive the sierras if I was on drugs look at the places I summit seriously? Do you know who the real thief is? It is Evan he was removed off of for copyright infringements. He went on for months telling others he own Darkside Radio when it belonged to Carol Malone.  Some of you may know her she does paranormal events.

Now he is dissing on Carol accusing her of robbing her clients and she never has once truth be told. But he is now dragging her through the mud because she is the one who contacted blogtalkradio for Evan stealing her logos and using the dark side name end of story.

Then he replies again to Christina's show I have posted on youtube only this time he states that I been arrested in California which is totally bogus. As a matter in fact I am proud that I have a clean lawful record. I am not proud that from 2010 to 2011 I paid over 1000 dollars in speeding tickets that is the truth but not in California lol nor have I ever drove under the influence this is because if you look around our paranormal site you will see we support MADD which is mothers against drunk driving so once again the clown fucked up because he does not thoroughly do any research but instead freely makes up fairy tales. Then again when you have no life and you sit at your PC all day scratching your gonads what else can you expect but a lack of intelligence!

All I can say is that is this guy in the 5th grade think about it yeti love? Yeti's are not found at Scott's Lake they are found in either Siberia or the Himalayas so you already know that Evan has no knowledge of the basics of cryptozoology.

Again harassing my videos this time on Scotts Lake however if you go to our website you will learn the forestry made the lake and that if you go to the forestry site its public land. That is a shelter he commented on not built by natives but by hikers its a local hobby here called Bushwhacking where you build shelters and live off the land its a huge survivalist type of hobby that serious outdoorsmen do. Yet Evan once again says that that is native land not even knowing that the US Forestry has a site, trail maps and all sorts of information about visiting this lake so again another BOLD FACE LIE!

Once again harassing our youtube this time trying to tell me that we are on Indian land when I say in my video prior to this one were on the Pacific Crest Trail which is one of the most famous public trails in the United States which runs over a 1000 miles through all of California to even Canada. This guy does not even know his geography, trails or what is public he just assumes that because we are in the mountains filming that all of it is private land. When in fact this was filmed right outside of Lake Tahoe which is all public hiking grounds including this famous trail my family and I are on.

More name calling and abuse straight up harassing our channel once again no intelligent responses just typical Evan hatred towards another human being!

This is Evans way of trying to hurt my family create a petition to remove my teenage kids from my home. A home that they have love, bedrooms, their own direct tv, pets, father and stepmother that love them, provide them with warmth, shelter, food, clothing etc But you see Evan had his kids taken from him once upon a time so he thinks he is going to scare me with his illegal petition. Technically by law he would have to be able to prove these allegations you cant just hate someone online then decide one day you are going to know what kind of parent they are just because you see photos or someones FB. Despite the thousands of photos of my kids birthday parties, all the doctors they currently see for various issues and all the family events anyone can look at my albums and see that I am a very good father. Sorry Evan you wont get no rise out of me you just look like a bully nothing more. Here is Evans hate petitions ill post all the links this is what he does to people who stand up for themselves! Wait Evan did you not send my son a lewd photograph? Dont worry it was screen capped and sent to the FBI cyber division jokes on YOU!

Although you may not realize this but your petitions do no good especially when I legally have a medicinal license to smoke and even if I did not in the state of NV its just a small citation which I never have had to pay because even the PD sparks up after a rough day on the job so kiss my ass Evan!

As you can see this is just some of what we have to go through daily and endure his harassment from this criminal.

See major kidnapping charges one of his many crimes but still this here does not need to be in the paranormal community being that most parents now involve their kids in it.

Just like John Wayne Gacy dresses like a clown and acts like one more so online.

I rest my case now to tag everything for the search engines below is all of Evan's self loathing fan groups nobody joined he just added most of you without your consent!

Multiple Facebooks we also have an estimated listing of about 35 sock puppet accounts some female or children photos being used these however are for sure all of Evan's and been verified!

These are his pages which he uses to hate on other paranormal groups and people on!

This is not all of them and of course his blog he makes up the lies Darlene puts them into writing. Just remember its okay for them to libel other groups for self gain but its not okay for us to expose their wrong doings within the paranormal community just as libeling or falsely making up things about others to ruin their reputability in this field. The blog is at: and in one article he calls some gothic woman Satan while at the same time he calls David Rountree the devil another very reputable person in this field both good people.  Now also keep into mind that I am not posting this to bully Evan but rather to show you that we put up with constant malicious attacks from him everything you see here is HIS words all I needed him to finally say on the record is that its his goal to sabotage our paranormal group more or less which he did with a LMAO remark at the end of it.

Evan lives in Milwaukee Oregon he claims he is the owner of Beyond The Edge Of Reality Radio but he actually had gotten the idea from another show started in 2007 even if the names are slightly different. Spring Creek Demon Busters has no website its not even a real group since he uses his group to now taunt other paranormal groups. No Evan was not trained by Lorraine Warren as he claimed just as his very own friend said he makes up demons at clients houses in order to swindle them out of money. More then likely Evan is not ordained just as he does not tell clients that he is a felon and was charged with the kidnapping class a felony then later charged with attempted kidnapping as you will find in our threads.

We put two and two together when we found out that Spring Creek Demon Busters is actually named after some apartments in the hood of Portland called Spring Creek Apartments no worries your apt number  is safe with me. Point is that people need to be aware of this individual and our site raises nothing but awareness but it also shows the illegal activities that this individual continues to portray like threatening to shut us down or have my kids taken or bombing porn to a child friendly paranormal group.

The only way this is ever going to stop is with all of you joining hands and taking a stand against a bully. One that has made multiple females in the paranormal community quit out of fear because he told these women they would be sorry. More then likely its my expressive opinion that Evan may be a serial killer and possibly a child molester. Just due to the signs he continues to exhibit and the fact that we were given a statement that he took a gun to his commander in the military. Also what is even more strange is that Evan said he was in the Seals they were written and they have no record that he ever served as one. Maybe I can share those documents with the public some other time. We must also consider the fact that he randomly trolls individuals like Rebecca, Brett Sin Australia and of course even me just randomly.

This is Evan with a cross holding a bible however on 9/11/13 he reported a memorial post I made to the victims of the world trade center which had nothing to do with him. Just as he was going crazy reporting all my other post to that included paranormal news, my own youtube videos and even our own evidence. However lets face it with all the hate speech, name calling and even lewd images do you actually think this cross or his bible means a thing to Evan? Somebody of true faith who claims they exorcise demons would never in a million years conduct themselves in this manner but this individual does.  Is it just a front to gain someones trust maybe enter their home? His pages, groups and even blog are ways for him to gather information about you that way if you do not conform to his beliefs he can take your information using it to prank you or send pizzas to your home well to a home but it was not mine but again he assumes what he wants. Just ask the 150 plus victims who been stalked, taken, lied to and had their names ran through the mud from this clown seriously the list is that huge including me to add to it!

Lord Rick Rowe
Chief Editor

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From now on were hosting Beyond The Edge Of Reality Radio screw you Evan you have no legal rights to that name and we just took it over. I mean since you taught us its okay to sabotage peoples paranormal groups were reinventing your show thanks will take it from here! I may even play the Evan part wear my ogre mask and say my name is Evan during the broadcast LOL.  Much funnier then your pity party commentary!!!!!

I can tell everyone why Evan is a sicko most people who do not like a person walk the other way yet Evan keeps coming back to me because he is obviously A. In love with me B. A STALKER C. Obsessed or jealous or just D. Psychotic

Its okay because this morning we had quite a few people outraged by this childish mans behavior and I guess Evan would call them bullies to all because they will not condone him sending porn to kids or trying to trash our educational community.

It is not me that is the problem when I was away in the sierras for days camping Evan was online making Lewd photos of me and going around saying I am a drug addict. If he truly had any sort of real man inside of him he would not stir the pot while I was away without ever giving me a fair chance to defend myself.

You heard me Krusty your a spineless coward who is a BULLY but I wont be bullied I am NEVER going away deal with it or get out of the field princess! I can take satire I am a public figure people are going to talk about me that does not mean I am going to taunt them, threaten or harass them daily as you do me!
Lord Rick


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