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Two Episodes About Paranormal Bullying & Evan (Fraud, Bully, Children Exploiter, Defamator, Libler, Slanderer & Liar)

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Author Topic: How far is to far when it comes to bullying within the paranormal community?  (Read 2609 times)

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How far is to far when it comes to bullying within the paranormal community?
Editor: Lord Rick Rowe of PGS

As the paranormal community continues to grow so do higher amounts of frauds, bullies and some who will do anything to destroy it from within. Being myself a well renowned paranormal investigator I have come to realize that paranormal television breeds an entirely new type of individual to this field. The type of individual who will hurt reputable groups for there own game while others do it for fun. Hurting others and finding it fun where I come from is sick.

We live in a world of bullies wars age across the globe some day one may be waged against other worldly visitors and man. This planet is heading towards a dark place and bullying within the paranormal community is on a rise. Whatever happened to people just having a good time not those who want to become a celebrity or famous?

Unfortunately some people think the paranormal is about how much you can make while others who are well seasoned in this field understand that its about giving back. This week along I have met so many folks who give back and thought to myself it is awful what they must endure. Such as having their children exploited, identify theft, threats, CPS calls and even fraud against a harmless mother with children.

I myself a long time ago made a vow that the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to one. Just like the saying goes in most newspapers across the globe on gun control is "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" we live in a free country. We are free to make press, speak our public opinions and also defend ourselves. Our work, integrity, years spent building, researching and helping others. Only to have adults older then me the editor acting like they are in grade school in the yard taking kids change.

I guess the premise of this article is to help inspire most of you to stand up to these people but also for one another. It is important that if some of you decide to join a group on facebook do your research about the person and group your getting involved with. This certainly will protect you just as many of these bullies create fake facebooks using children's and other women's photos.

One thing I learned is in all of the years of doing this type of work I have seen in the past year more bullying go on then my entire life. The people who are doing it is a much smaller group which consist of kidnappers, drunks, felons, violent offenders and serious mental issues.

I learned allot that when you defend yourself against a bully because by law you have a right to defend your integrity and reputability. You can also too that with validation something a bully never has. They believe they are using the 1st amendment but they are abusing it and misusing it. Accusations like we know you do drugs such as LSD or were sending the federal agents after you then going as far to attack another man's children is really the most disgusting behavior I have ever seen online by people that think they are paranormal investigators. More like paranormal bullies trying to ruin good names for their own financial gain.

I was reading in the news this past week can you imagine four bullies were arrested on counts of defamation, fake facebooks used to troll innocent victims, fraud, bullying etc etc the list goes on. To a bully they feel we have no voice that we are the bullies for speaking the truth. Its a very narrcistic disorder about control telling others who you can or not be friends with.

The work we do with the paranormal must be done with integrity treating others with love and kindness not any sort of malicious intent. Like for example today my wall was bombed with porn by a fake account and its ha ha or we are getting you back. It does not take much as over the years I have proven time and time again a bullies true colors. You cannot deny what you see as journalism requires validation something we can always give showing that this bullying really goes on.

Just as last week ago founder Evan of the Spring Creek Demon Busters posted PSP porn photos of me being raped to a PG rated paranormal page that gets 30k views a week and says it is funny. Then there is going around writing other peoples personal friends lying to them saying I hurt animals or that I am a child molester total defamation and lies. I can always and all of you should be able to lay the cards out on the table.

Take the time to know your paranormal investigator do not just let someone add you to there groups or you like a page that is just a front for bullying. Personally if you ask me when you have a few friends who nearly killed themselves because of paranormal bullying it is very sad to see that their are real people with real feelings getting hurt.

The best way to stop bullying is to stand united against it so we would like to work with FB administrators on cleaning up these types of individuals to help keep parents in the paranormal community safe. When I say safe not have to worry about them calling CPS on you just to hurt your kids to hurt you. Threatening law suits that are not real or talking big like the FBI works for you.

We must always remain vigilante but most of all intelligent you must understand that the same bullies who were arrested are connected with the ones doing it now. You and I we can stop this we have that power they do not have which is unity and even if were strangers how does one not look away. Would you not stop a kidnapper on the streets from taking someone's child? Would you not stop a child molester? How about someone who would exploit or threaten your kids? Would you do anything in the world to protect those you love?

I have dealt with bullying my whole life it never did just exist in the paranormal community it was brought here. Prior to that it existed in schools and still today it occurs. Its very sad that people who are much older then me have to post my photo to a pornographic picture, threaten my family, tell me how to live, what to do and who to be. Then we must remember most of their lives were spent behind bars or abusing a substance therefore you have someone who is now not mentally competent they are so miserable they want to pull you down the dark rabbit hole.

We had many great groups leave the field because someone who is NOT a paranormal investigator thought it was okay to use his show to slander them. Also using threats of intimidation but who have the right to judge how someone looks or their methodology to their research? When the person doing it has no research of their own and has been known to fraud the public for his own personal gain?

We as a paranormal community must remain stronger, closer then ever before and always stand up for what is right.We must remain strong do not ever quit doing what you love because someone else's misery! They can threaten to ruin your name, slander and libel you. But in the end it is you who prevails because they will never be what you are that is why they do the things they do!

Look at the rest of the world their is children dying, women being enslaved used in sex houses, wars but also their is a problem one that we can fix which is bullying. Creating facebook pages, bombing them with porn, exploiting there children and bullies doing personal attacks beyond online is a sickness that needs to be purged from the community period does not matter if its paranormal pages this occurs on or through peoples blogs to me being evil to someone else is mans greatest sin.

Sometimes bullies get a computer it goes to their heads they think they are the king of the world the most powerful person of all. The greatest power I have is to keep doing what I do which is educate and bring you real paranormal. It is so sad that some people waste their time on others instead of focusing on the research that they do. Which technically makes them useless in the field and in a group of their own kind. A group that stalks, harasses, lies, bombs youtube, threatens, libels, slanders on their shows, steals, exploits and even violates the law. This is why over my years I had so much success because everything I do fixing cemeteries up or whatever was not about glory or self gratitude I did everything I did in the past voluntarily.

Most groups see this field as a competition little collaborating or working together ever goes on anymore. It is all about who has more likes or if you do have a great site/community you will have that bully attack it because this may not be the right field they are in. I never realized in my life that this type of behavior is acceptable and it should not be.

The paranormal should be not just about how many people you add to your group just to use it as a front to bash someone. But it should be about learning, teaching and most of all having fun doing it. Go look for bigfoot take a few shots of whiskey enjoy the butterflies or smoke one after celebrating a great investigation. Real paranormal investigators know what we do is about living it does not matter if the world hates us because we love the world if that makes sense.

I will never admit I am perfect but I someday hope to change the world. I am not ashamed to run an anti bullying movement even if that means making press about the stupid things people do that attack us but most of all our friends. The same friends who bare witness to similar attacks even if you are civil and say please go away you get threatened that your going to have your life ruined.

Maybe what it is were not dealing with bullies but rather monsters. There are other things scarier then bigfoot or aliens out there do you know what that is? MANKIND! How far is to far until someone gets hurt or ends up killing themselves because nobody stood up to that bully. If man is to survive then all of us must give back just like we do when we fix a cross at a cemetery, take in a rescue dog, bike ride with your kids, donate clothes, cook for someone or sacrifice all you have just for the greater good of bring the light of truth to the people.

I think the paranormal community is failing we have news sites who suppress good UFO evidence or even Bigfoot proof. While we have bullies trying to have our educational communities shut down. Imagine behind the scenes what someone like me or them feel each night we go to bed and wake up to being bombed with hate speech? Lies? Libelous remarks? We all have names were all the same inside does not matter what religion, race or if your rich or poor what matters is what is in your hearts. Were all the same and we all will die but nor can we be destroyed.

Bullies try to destroy us from beyond the looking glass filled with their envy, jealousy and greed. Its like this if someone kidnaps someone would you let them into your child's home? If someone gets kicked out of a paranormal group for fraud do they deserve to make shows about other groups? The one thing missing is morals and ethics we must not lose our humanity to such darkness. We must be the light that quells the darkness by standing strong hand in hand against allowing such evil into our paranormal communities. Communities that help others and do honest work for all of you including me just as I give back.

I always supported my own work its taken all my funds even my life to do the type of work I do. I would never let any bully take that away from me that is how you become strong you defend yourself and your groups like they are your babies. Those that support your group post a little message and raise awareness to share the antibullying badges so many have worn or that I passed around.  Just as asking from the people that if you see it help us put a stop to it only all of you can be a force for a greater good. Nobody a hero just a group pf paranormal loving folks who defend our brothers and our sisters.

Sit down and imagine you see something illegal going on online say a mothers children in the paranormal community is having her kids exploited. Do the right thing do not allow or condone this none of us should. You will never be a bully for standing up to one instead you will be known as the person who did what is right an equal. Equality is something even in modern times so many of us struggle to obtain all because someone stands in our way of it. The bully never can confront themselves then when you expose the truth that is when they think that this kind of behavior is acceptable and from my soul I can tell you it is not.

We must as humans learn to that good people do not deserving being hurt over someone who is drunk all the time or another person who has done jail time for kidnapping. Then come into OUR paranormal community and think their actions do bare any consequences. In the wild west we have a saying that ever man is responsible for his own actions and if you make your bed you lie in it. Bullies have made their beds and now they are lying in it but in jail. They are being exposed in one case the pornography sent in one dealt with because we have some sick people who take pleasure off another persons pain.

The strongest weapon you have is raising awareness but do the right thing. Do your research first before you believe what someone else says. Only a bully would ever tell you who you can or cannot be friends with. If they do they are not your friends. If they are caught once just once posting a lie they have no credibility. If they have no evidence, website etc you must question the fact that maybe they are not a TRUE paranormal investigator but a wannabe who threatens other groups because they fear the lost of fame or self importance.

When will the ones who been hurt losing sons, daughters, moms, dads and some even losing themselves within stop. When will the madness stop? It will stop when some of us dare to go one step further then any other man. Only YOU can stop paranormal bullying and bring peace back to it. The moment you lose this battle is when you give up do not lose hope and never give up we define the greatness we can bring to the paranormal community. We are the ones who will make history nobody will ever remember the bully no matter how hateful they are seeing a massive golden UFO that all of sudden blast off into orbit is a life changing event not a bully sitting home trolling and obsessing over YOU! It truly is the real paranormal investigators making a difference and the oens who fight the good fight!

Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
Author PGS


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