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AngelOfThyNight Radio Is Back On Friday The 13th With "Hells Roast" It Is Going To Be A Devilish Time

The Show Airs 7PM PST 10PM EST CALL Only When We Are On Tour As We Are Currently Working With Other Talk Shows The Next Couple Of Years. Generally You Can Call THE SHOW AT 1-702-442-0903 Ext 188 or Skype Us At AngelOfThyNight

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To learn The Inside Story Of This Video Please Visit The Following Link: AngelOfThyNight Radios "Hells Roast" Visit The Inside Link To Find Out Much More In Depth & The Message Behind Ourcause! and as some of you know Stickam our sponsor is no longer in service so we will be either hosting from a local radio station or one of my friends media site that boast some of the top web programs in the world!


Two Episodes About Paranormal Bullying & Evan (Fraud, Bully, Children Exploiter, Defamator, Libler, Slanderer & Liar)

Title: Thank You For Tuning Into Last Night's Show......
Post by: AngelOfThyNight on October 27, 2012, 04:28:35 PM
Thank You For Tuning Into Last Night's Show......

Let me take the time to thank all of you who participated in last nights show. Our guest cams were full and the chatroom was booming. As much as I wish I could interact in my chatroom its hard to host and type at the same time. So were always looking for new chatroom host and I still would like to find a cohost although Samantha did find last night at least that is what I call her lol.  Honestly last nights show was just to come on out and party. I partied hard I do not even remember a few hours of the show I blacked out so if I repeated some things I blame it on the tequila.
Our next show coming up will take place Friday Dec. 21st Doomsday if its the end of the world i'll be the last face you will see lol. But I will also be bringing everyone holiday humor and a Happy New Years; as well as talking about all sorts of highlights that occurred in 2012 throughout the year on my journeys so it should be epic!
I honestly didn't get around to all my articles, skits etc from last night I spent more time playing the Bigfoot drinking game so our next show is going to be loaded with not only doomsday content but also allot of comedy. Later in the night I switched out batteries in my mic forgot to turn it on so I did host a portion of the show with no sound sorry lol. I am sure people enjoyed me talking on dead air making an ass out of myself lol. We didn't reach are 50 dollar tip goal so I didn't jump off the TV. But I do want to say everybody was great we had so many calls include Tammy, Molly, Mike Dijital calling in amongst many more. Katrina never made it to the show and we had a few really great questions. I would like to set up interviews for our next program so if you want me to interview you I generally do them early in the show before I get crazy. Below are some of the shows highlights.
Highlights - AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio Episode 77 "Boobash": Lord Rick's Pumpkin Flash, Triple Roast, Bigfoot Drinking Game, Jobs Peak, Bigfoot Blotter, Halloween Humor, Meet The Father In Law, Samantha's Sarcastic Joke and Much More!
I hope everyone enjoyed the show it ran 8 hours even at 3am I hated to go because we had on stickam a record amount of viewers watching it. I know its been awhile since I hosted a show but to see so many show up just lets me know we still have dedicated friends and fans. Our next show in December is going to be the grand finale not for good but I am already producing it as we speak so I will see everyone there.
Oh yeah I record and have all 77 episodes eventually I am going to burn each season on disc and make them available so that everyone can own everyone of them. Every episode is completely different all the way from stand up comedy to crazy callers to even being nearly arrested on my show to crazy paranormal blotter. You can catch last nights broadcast at although I didn't record it all on stickam like I said I blacked out so I am not even sure what it is I did for 3 hours or said which means that only a few hours of it was recorded. With stickam you have to manually hit the record button every 60 minutes and if you don't then it doesn't record so yeah. However at the studio I did record most of it as I always do just in case so that I can make the episodes available later down the road for those that want a copy to listen to while driving home from work in their cars or whatever.
Lord Rick

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