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Title: Pigzilla Breaks Disclosure Agreement With CBS Gets In Trouble.....
Post by: AngelOfThyNight on December 03, 2014, 08:57:38 AM
You truly are an agreement you know as well as I do that you signed a disclosure agreement and your going on the net blabbing your mouth like you always do. John Yoder is right this is not the first time you forge shit you do it all the damn time. The police would never give you any information on JRO that is not even her name you do not even have the right city she lives in so I know your now lying for sure. Your full of shit and your cops threats no longer work with me or anybody in this field. Your a hapless bitch and you have my word that the clowns including you are going to ever regret dealing with me. Little by little ill go through all the channels to make sure every last one of you gets justice through the legal channels, SSDI, IRS etc and your going to be fucking sorry you hear me? I hope you do because I do not have to lift a finger Evan has a warrant out for him besides the fact that I am getting ready to put a federal warrant out on him for sending lewd images to my son which you are partially involved too. You fuck with the bull you get the horns!!! No worries everyone if you see Leslie running her big fat pig of a mouth it just means you need to contact CBS's legal team. This is a breech in contract and no worries Leslie we wont sue you but they could.  Judge Judy might be a show but I was invited on there for small claims I had against a landlord many many years ago. So yes its real for the most part! However look at how this loser talks everyone even though its over and she lost she still is going after the guy. Making claims that he threatened to butcher the pig and how she is going after this and that person. Your a scam artist Leslie nothing more then that you scam SSDI, Welfare and anybody you ever get in contact with they call people like you LOSERS! Go ahead everyone read the delusional rants and weep! No worries your in just another heap of pigs shit and were all laughing!
Lord Rick






Title: Re: Pigzilla Breaks Disclosure Agreement With CBS Gets In Trouble.....
Post by: AngelOfThyNight on December 03, 2014, 09:08:32 AM
This is just another example of this Romans immature who is she to knock JRO when Leslie is a fat ugly pig with shit all over her face? JRO goes on cam then like a stalker Leslie screencaps the live feed posting images trying to say JRO is nuts. Well I have news for you Leslie deary your the one who is nuts with your illegal breeding and frauding the system your days are over doing that. Your the biggest nut job on the net even bigger of a crazy case then Evan seriously! Grow the fuck up Pigzilla!

See everyone this is what Leslie does is make fun of other peoples looks but the real truth is that Leslie is a fat, over weight slob that shoves shit all day long on her farm. I also been told she is a hoarder you figure out the rest Leslie claims JRO is stalking her but she is the one posting images on her facebook of JRO not the other way around!

Sure Leslie and you do not look nuts? You look like you just took a hot shit because you been called shady but Judge Judy lol

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