Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 14:48:35 EST
Subject: Las Vegas Investigation Report.....
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Part 2 (Night)
Originally I had plans to hike on into red rocks Ice Box Canyon and Pine Creek Trail but there was a bad thunder storm up here kind of odd so we had to wait it out. I sat in the car in the middle of the desert toking up with Valerie and John till the rain let up.
It was still raining harshly and it was either call it a night or hike in an area of less rain so we returned to the Calico Basin Region of redrock. I felt bad cause this investigation was more about aliens, UFO's and vortexes rather then ghost. So perhaps next time I return we will hit other regions of red rock at night where many have seen some strange things over the years.
We parked at Calico Basin where it was raining a little less and started our hike. Right away we hit the trails and cut through the desert and rock formations. This was Valerie's and John's first investigation. They were nervous yet excited all at the same time.
I was pretty fatigued from the night before driving a couple hours to another ghost town I visited so climbing these steep trails really added to the fun of things. Eventually we reached the canyon where it split off into two different trails.
We took the trail which would lead us into red rock if we were able to make good timing. We hiked along this little creek flowing downward and the rocks were slipper from the rain so we had to be cautious.
As we got deeper into the canyon the fauna had changed there was a lot of trees, tumble weeds, cactuses, and other growth. It was a whole different ecosystem really and pretty hard at times to see what was around us. The canyon was actually an upward hike which looked like eventually it would go over the mountain and into the valley behind it.
As we hiked deeper I was amazed at some of the cold spot activity we had. Most of the area was warm accept a few places were like ice and it appeared they were moving around. With all the accidents, suicides, deaths etc here there is no doubt in my mind that ghost exist in this area.
We worked very very hard climbing many rocks and we had to be careful cause one wrong fall could mean us getting seriously hurt. So we took our time climbing various red rocks some climbs were harder then others as we looked below at the steep inclines and darkness below.
Eventually we found a little cave which we entered it. There was an area you could climb up into and probably camp if you had to. The cavern only led us out another end which would take us to this giant rock overlooking las Vegas very far away and the entire basin below. I had a night vision scope so I was able to see everything below us on the trail and in the canyon.
While we were hiking up here we did experience a few things one of them was we heard a whistling sound. I started trying to duplicate it and it would copy me. I thought that was pretty odd and it was just coming from over the mountains.
I also heard screams probably mountain lions but they were far away. If anything they were over near Ice Box Canyon where we were suppose to hike. Then lastly we heard this other beastly sound not sure what it was. As we hiked there we did hear many packs of hungry coyotes and t hose were close but we did not see them. So keep in mind the desert is not a friendly place although we did not see an scorpions or rattle snakes.
After resting on the rock for awhile I sensed out the cold spots grabbed a few ghost photos if I was not going to see any aliens I figured I would at least get the ghost to work with me a little.
Our hike back was quite pleasant but we took a different way in the canyon which was along this cliff. Eventually we found this crevice and I climbed up into it and onto a ledge where we found this rock that looked like a giant crushed face with eyes, nose and a mouth. I did not see any Anasazi rock paintings while up here but they probably were on other trails.
Eventually we made it back to some hilly desert area and heard frogs which was quite rare for the desert but they were croaking and nearby was also a pond. So perhaps the desert is not all that bad afterall.
After reaching the car we were in relief we wanted to do more but John had to go to work in a couple hours and the rain that night delayed us for a couple hours so we only got in one good area two hike instead of two. Perhaps when I return here someday I can put together a larger team and we can split off on the trails get more ground covered.
Hiking here helped me understand why people see strange things. There is a lot of caves, rock formations, canyons, crevices etc anything could hide up in this area. Sure there are animals but all the other things that you hear about up here really makes you wonder. The ghost could be from the ranchers who use to live off the land back in the 1800s.


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