Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 14:48:35 EST
Subject: Las Vegas Investigation Report.....
To: ParanormalBuffalo@yahoogroups. 

Red Rock Canyon
I basically focused the investigation here in the Calico Basin Region which bordered red rock but its all the same area just so others make note of it. This investigation is in two different parts since I did a evening one and a night one. We will focus on part one first.
We started off having a picnic here at the picnic area. The boys were anxious to explore so we gorged down our food then headed on off staying at first on the board walk where we found some stone foundations of a rancher who use to reside here.
The skies were gloomy and the sun was almost behind the mountains. I did not have any lights or equipment on me. I just wanted to get in a hike to get a general idea of the area.
We hiked pretty far and found a small cave where some spring water was flowing out of it. If you were dehydrated this would be the place to replenish. My boys ran in the cave ahead of me and I managed to catch up.
We went inside pretty far and it cut to the left where it was a dead end. At one time I am sure it went deeper. I know there are a lot of caves surrounding Las Vegas as I have heard from Cory that there are a lot in this region so it was nice to find one that we could go into.
After our cave venture we climbed some giant boulders I had lowered my littlest off a seven foot rock and he dropped down. Then I climbed off and we hiked on this gravel trail in the desert. As we neared the mountains the trail became rougher as it became hilly and there were steep drop offs. We managed to almost make it to this canyon where these redrock formations area.
Those same formations can almost be seen anymore from Las Vegas. So I was pretty excited to be hiking out here. I felt pretty odd out here almost a sense like we were being watched. I didn't like the feeling very much but whatever it was perhaps meant no harm but we were not alone up these hills.
I hiked quite a ways and it was starting to get dark so we headed on back. The kids wanted to push on they were beast on this hike lol. We did see a rock climber hanging off a cliff and a few odd rock formations with tons of holes in them. Some of the rocks were bright red it was really a neat place. Not a lot of activity but then again we were tired from Bonnie Springs. The sun was going down and it was getting cold so we made it back to base and headed on home. It felt pretty weird out here but I could not wait to come back at night.