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AngelOfThyNight News Is Now LIVE Come Check It Out


**Special Announcement"

AngelOfThyNight News Is Now LIVE Come Check It Out

Let me take the time to bring forth AngelOfThyNight News hot off the press. Our news site had been in the works for a couple months this was not something I put together over night. But we wanted a home that we could have a voice at and be able to publish articles that are going to impact our viewers. The articles will range from world news, sports, politics, entertainment, local here in the South Lake Carson area, paranormal and many other topics. This is also the home for my blog so some of my rants and gripes will be posted at the site as well along with business reviews. It is important that you bookmark but if not you can also subscribe so you can keep up with articles, blogs and postings at

Although our news hub is sponsored by The Paranormal & Ghost Society its an entirely separate entity it is not about the paranormal but on occasion I will write paranormal articles. It is about giving our viewers something to rest on get our readers thinking and raising self awareness. Allot of the public who comes to our news site will not always agree with us this will be a very provocative, outspoken and controversial news site. Their will be good exposure and bad exposure this is journalism. You never know I might go in with hidden cams then air the story that kind of thing. But we will be doing investigating and interviewing the great thing about it is on AngelOfThyNight News I do not ever have to reveal my sources nor will I.

Now you can register, comment and the entire news site is social media friendly. So you can share my articles, like them etc. Eventually I may bring in one or two more editors I generally try not to bring many people into my inner circle because I am perfectionist. But I also know that what I write is legit and the stoned cold truth. I will have my haters trust me that is the consequence you must endure when you are online and a public source.

I really meant to have this up and running in July. But see what happened is that for some reason the news site would not work on Windows Cpanel it was just to slow. I designed our news site myself took a couple weeks. The day we were going to launch it was freezing, not working properly and social media simply was not meshing well. So eventually I had to invest money hire someone to fix the facebook and google sharing errors then the news site had been migrated to a linux server so that it could be optimized to load in less then two seconds. So time and money was put into this so that we could bring our viewers something special.

It probably is the most innovative featured service we have offered so far as most of you know I am old fashioned our website is old school too. But when it comes to forums, php boards, blogs etc we want to bring our viewers features that are with the times such as making it social media friendly. So you can Register and you can comment on the articles I publish. I mean honestly I had allot of people requesting that I publish my writings more well this will be a means for us to do so and for all of you to enjoy them as well with the click of a few buttons all while enjoying all the perks that come with it.

I have not written anything yet I want everyone to have the chance to bookmark it and see it from its early beginnings. But sometime today I will post a few bad business reviews you may find them entertaining, perhaps an article or two. As a matter in fact I might post a news story then talk about that story for our viewers if It catches my attention like this one article about a child kidnapper who today was sentenced to jail time for killing two little girls.

Again my writings are to make an impact on society and the world. We have to use our voice in order to start a movement. I expect us to do very well and retain allot of viewers. I gave the news site a soft appealing warm and cozy feeling. So that at night you can sit back and enjoy our published articles with a relaxed approach. Allot of thought was put into our news blog I redesigned the theme myself.

So without further ado I give all of you AngelOfThyNight News make sure you share it you can subscribe or get notifications. Of course everything we do is better on a PC so if you have one view it from there if not it will work on the phones too. But we welcome you to check it out see the features, browse around, register, subscribe etc Each week ill ad to it could be one or two articles or a dozen  its hard to know.

My first article coming later today will be a very sad one but I have to write it as my first one I wont talk about it here. So with that in mind allot of things your going to find on our news site will be found here not on social media but only our news site. I will announce relevant articles and blogs via timeline on facebook, google, twitter etc like I do with anything else. But only our news articles will generally be found here so definitely sign on up for some news.

I want to thank all our viewers for there loyalty, support and for contusing to be a part of what we do here. I had a hard summer you see when I was homeless I designed our news site. It was a project I did to keep me busy perhaps sane but also to know that once I found a place I could do journalism out of rather then a cheap lousy motel the news site would be open for business and today is the day we launch. So it is a really good feeling because I spent almost all summer looking forward to this moment.

If you have any questions, comments etc I would love to hear them everyone. But I promise all of you I am on your side what we are doing here is remarkably going to help others. Now if I could help myself see better I swear as I get older I get more blind so please bare with me here lol. But here it is ladies and gents AngelOfThyNight News "The World Is Watching" lets get this party started! Also before you ask no I will not hold back and I will be merciless in my writings as this is controversial news you can count on. I ma excited and I hope you are too!

Lord Rick Rowe
Editor and Chief


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