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In Nevada? Warning Beware Of Chris Geigle News Article Attached.....


The good Lord said honesty shall set you free and alas the truth is exposed. Please take the time to read our news article and watch the video clip that goes with it. Yes its very lengthy but I hope to raise awareness not just with drunk drivers who play with other peoples lives but also to expose Mr Chris Geigle who thinks that its okay to harass, call people who help him out pieces of shit, drive into a tree, nearly off a cliff and go around bragging how they are some great ghost town explorer when in fact this far from the truth. Therefore I warned him that if he continues to verbally abuse me I would share the video and this editorial to bad so sad. I will never again put myself in a situation like the one I was in when I went out ghost towning with this clown and his wife thanks but no thanks I prefer to die naturally not in his clunker you call a truck!


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