History On The Deland Mansion

Ever spend the night in a real haunted house? I do not have alot of information on this mansion however it is one of the oldest houses in the Deland Florida area from what I been told it is one of the first houses ever built here. Back over 100 years ago the  plantations were built on  foundations that were built on brick pillars. The house is very large windows taller then 6 feet, double porches, double French doors throughout the house, an in ground pool, large wooden fences, a aluminum roof, old wood floors and many other architectural highlights. I found this home back in Feb 2004 as if it called to me. They say often that a house sometimes can talk or is alive. This house talked to me somehow it was if I knew where to find it and what to do. Back many years ago this house use to sit at an angle at Rich and Clara Ave on a large area of land across from the Volusia County Schools Administration building is. The lot today is empty where the house sat.  It was built for Clara Belle Rich first child born in DeLand by Captain John Rich who was one of the First pioneers here where at one time they lived in a log cabin. So from what I gather the first child born here and oldest settler once dined, lived, and perhaps perished in this house. This house at a later time was then moved on logs less then an eighth mile away where it sits today and where I reside currently. At the time the house was moved it was the only house on the street I reside on which was called Oak Tree Terrace. The name of this street changed and over the years newer houses were built around it. 

Right now the downstairs of the house is under restoration at one time I believe it was abandoned so the house suffered some vandalism and wear from the weather. Years ago one of the largest Oak trees in Deland stood in front of this house, with hedges, concrete stairs, even a screened in lower porch. But since that time so much has changed.

Right now I mainly use the upstairs but most of the Hauntings that take place inside the home take place downstairs. Although we have had some phenomenal activity inside the house something a paranormal investigator dreams of. Although we only have plans to stay at this mansion for a few months I thought it would be best to investigate it and create a journal for you to read and it will count as a place and an investigation of course since I am monitoring it often. 

I almost feel at home already being around the variety of ghost that roam the halls at night as being from NY and moving to Florida it was a big change and adjustment. However being in such a old house gave me a NY type of feeling. The house is surrounded by trees towering over 100 feet almost with every floor comes a creak. One of the other reasons I moved in this house was to bring the group a story staying in a real haunted house. This house has so much activity I could probably write a book on it believe me.

Some of the activity that happens here are apparitions on the lower roof, Shadows are seen here, 2-3 children, 2 men and a woman also have been seen around the house. Often though the ghost that are seen are checking us out and pretty much staying there distance. Although many other incidents have been noticeable here such as one night the toilet seat banging up and down, doors closing on there own inside the house, footsteps and creaks heard walking in the late hours of the night, feelings of being watched, moving ice cold spots, and furniture moving by itself. Is my southern mansion haunted? You bet I have had activity of all kinds here. A lot of the locals refuse to talk about its haunting I even talked to a family who lived here many years.

So enjoy the journal as rather then the ghost following me home from investigations these ghost already came with the house. My belief from analyzing the house is that an entire family haunts it. They seem to be curious as to who we are and they seem to be more active amongst my sons rather then with me although I feel them, hear things, Ect. Maybe at one time a family was murdered here or perhaps they enjoyed the house so much they stuck around with most houses comes a history of events some good some bad. Why is this house so haunted? What occurred here and even more so do the same ghost haunt the other houses around here? After all one of them was seen across the street in a abandoned house up in the window. So enjoy as I take you into one of the most haunted houses in Deland Florida.




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